Petr Kavka – Practice 2013 #TBT by Ume

Petr Kavka – Practice 2013

#TBT, this week we have Petr Kavka and I’m realizing now 2013 was a good year for yo-yoing.

Petr Kavka is known for his signature slack style, and this practice video shows off this unique style and in a POV style. He has such a powerful control the string, and he’s able to make it do some of the craziest mounts and slacks I’ve ever seen, and with fluidity. Take the trick at 0:14, the way he just slings the string around and it just follows like it’s an extension of his body.

My personal favorite combo in this video is 0:59 from the beginning of the trick, the general construction of the trick itself is very different from any other player. He strings together some unlikely “basic” tricks such as the hooks and whips, but adds in complexity by performing those tricks in unusual circumstances.

He also provides shock value, such as the reverse gt rejection to ninja vanish. He finishes off the video by showing off the grinding ability of his cliff, and some crazy binds he created with this ability.

Petr Kavka has long since been inspiring my own yoyo style, and this POV video certainly helped me realize how to construct my tricks in more unusual ways. Thank you Petr!


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