The 2015 New York Yo-Yo Slam

After lots of planning, consulting, and head scratching we have finally completed the first episode of the Yo-Yo Slam.  The New York Yo-Yo Slam was a blast and the show turned out better than we hoped.

Huge thanks to everyone who worked on this show.  Especially our host, Mark Hayward, our Judges, Daniel Dietz, Jumario Simmons and Joe Showers.  You will see a lot of them on the show, and see what a great job they all did.

We also got a lot of really positive feedback from the players who really seemed to appreciate the feedback and constructive criticism that the judges gave them.

Also big thanks to the behind the scenes people, Producer Sam Green, Director Paul Gorman, and his whole crew, and of course our sponsors that helped make this possible.

We’re still working on a distribution plan, but have released it to the public on Vimeo.  It is also on Roku, a worldwide online cable service with 20 million viewers.  If you are on Roku, the New York Yo-yo Slam is released through MaddygTV under sports.  It will also be on some local CBS affiliates in Pennsylvania (we are still working on NY), check local listings the second and third week in November. We are talking to a couple of larger stations about getting it broadcast on a national station.  But lots of details and money still need to be worked out.  I think it is a successful formula for getting outsiders interested in yo-yos. The exposure is already better than most other contests, and certainly the format has much broader appeal than the way we used to run these contests. We are talking to some energy drinks about sponsoring, and if one of those comes through, we will be in a great position to promote yo-yoing on a scale that hasn’t been done before.

It is almost an hour long, so you may want to get some friends and popcorn and make yourselves comfortable.

As many of you know, we are running the PA contest the same way in Erie on Nov 21st, already it is looking to be bigger than last year. We will be filming it for TV the same way.  So all competitors will need to sign releases, if they are under 18, they will need to have it signed by a parent or Guardian.  All players will appear on the show, although because of time restraints, some may only appear for a short time.

Enjoy the show, thanks again to everyone who helped put this together.  I hope to see lots of you In Erie on the Nov. 21st.

New York Yo-Yo Slam 2015 from mitch silver on Vimeo.


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Mitch is the Editor-in-Chief of He is also the owner of YoYoSam, yoyo Zeekio, and Bahama Kendama. He is avid yo-yo collector and skill toy enthusiast in a BIG way.

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