Mr. Mateo’s Impressive Fast-Paced Style – by Ume

Mr. Matio is well known for his fast paced technical style, and this video is a great showcase of his unique picture tricks as well as his speed combos. He and his friend created this beautifully shot video with some insane tricks with some even more insane concepts. Such as at 1:30, the series of quick set of hops into the Eiffel, or at 1:43, the quick horizontal combo. Then they show off a quick few short but very memorable picture tricks from 1:58 to 2:11 and then hits us with that crazy ladder mach 5, and blew me away!

He definitely knows how to time a video and he knows how to make a lasting impact.



Ume writes a social media column for Yoyoskills.  She can be reached at


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