Bahama Kendama’s Latest Aluminum Kendama is Truly Something Special

Bahama Kendama has teamed up with Grunt Anodizing to create this amazing kendama!

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We’ve seen Bahama Kendama continue to promote their line of Aluminum Kendamas and to continue to develop them to make them better and better.   One of the early models required a hex wrench to tighten the Sara to the Ken, which kept coming loose.  That combined with the sharp edge that kept cutting the string made it a real pain.  You had to be a die hard aluminum kendama fan to put up with it.

A couple of versions later finds the Sara permanently affixed to the Ken.  No more loosening.  A beveled string hole and the use of a much thicker string made the kendama very playable, the string lasts longer and it’s easy to replace.  The string still has a short life, depending how hard you are on it, after all the tama weighs an insane 9 oz and feels like a medieval mace.

The next logical step in the evolution of this insanely heavy kendama was to bring some color into the mix.  So BK came out with several anodized versions.  One that was flat black did really well.  Then a shiny dark blue, and a few splash designs that were surprisingly nice.  The great thing about anodizing is that unlike a painted kendama, the anodized finish doesn’t ship.  It’s in the metal, and unless it’s gashed or really dug into, the color stays.

So this brings me to the latest version of the BK Aluminum Kendama.  They teamed up with Grunt anodizing, which is making some the very coolest and most revolutionary styles of anodizing anywhere, and came up with what I think is the coolest looking aluminum tama in the history of aluminum tamas.  Anodized swirls.  Comes in a dew different versions and is simple awesome – and the design doesn’t chip!

ALGrunt (30)

This is something truly special in the world of kendamas.  We’ve seen nothing else like it.  It’s fun just to look at!  It comes a few different color combinations and costs about $160 at  They expect other retailers to be carrying them soon.

Keep up the good work BK.  Can’t wait to see what you make next.

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