Terrapin X-Wing Bearings

For the last few months, John has been selling a few variations of his fantastic ceramic bearing on ebay. I have had the pleasure to try almost every iteration of them. After months of tweaking, testing, and working with other bearing makers to ensure no patents were violated, John has really come up with a great product.
The Terrapin X Wing has a flat edges and a stepped center groove to keep your string in the center of the bearing. The step is actually a CNC’ed groove, and it is done with precision. Then John chemically treats the bearing with some kind of voodoo. He explained it to me, but it was all chemical science pokemon magic. The result in a fantastic fusion of long, smooth, and consistent spins.
The bearing come in two flavors, a Steel ball (S/S) that thinks they are Ceramic, and a Ceramic (S/C) that think they are fighter pilots. I can not stress the impressiveness that these bearings deliver. They are a MUST try. If you have a favorite bearing already, these might just change your mind, they are THAT good.

You can ONLY get these bearings from John. His Ebay ID is fjh123 and he can also be found on the YYN boards under the same name.

11 thoughts on “Terrapin X-Wing Bearings

  1. David

    Very interesting but do I have to bid in ebay to get one of those bearings? No sense. Why not “Buy it now”? Maybe I’m wrong…


  2. Ricerocket

    I have tried the S/S and the S/C. Dr.Yo-Yo is spot on. they are amazing! I put one in my Boss, and it hasn’t stopped spinning yet!! :)


  3. David

    Thanks Chris for trying it, I’m willing to test them. I will send an email to John, same as captainhunter in Canada, there is no shipping to Spain.


  4. Jared

    I’d have already bought one if he would just get a price on them and put them up as buy it now ^^ It’s really a pain to have to go through bidding on a bearing. I think we’d all prefer to just see a price, even if that means we can’t get them for quite as cheap!


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  6. alfredomascali

    David, you are wrong… I live in Spain and have both bearings: ceramic hybrid and stainless steel… both are great, maybe the best bearing around… havent tested the new yoyofactory ones, but for sure terrapin are the best bearings in my case.


  7. David

    There’s no shipment option outside US, that’s why I was thinking to email John. It’s good news they deliver overseas, thank you Alfredo. I don’t really like to bid for a pair of bearings though, maybe in the future.


  8. John

    Hi, I usually sell direct to previous buyers off eBay, they know what they are buying. If you check my eBay feedback history you will see they are the highest bidders. I don’t want past buyers to bid beyond what I think the bearings are worth. In one case a bidder won the S/S for $31. I sent him two. They are up now as a B.I.N. As I step up production I will put others up as well. I ship everywhere. Contact me: fjh123@terrapinx.com Thanks for the interest….john


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