The International YoYoSlam August 3rd in Cleveland


I’m thrilled to announce that the first ever, International YoYoSlam, will be on August 3rd at 1:00pm in Cleveland, OH.  The first day of the World Yo-Yo Competition.  Just to be clear, this is not part of the World Yo-yo Competition, it is an entirely separate event that is being held on the first day of Worlds and in the same venue.

Here’s a quick overview of the YoYoSlam.  As always, all scoring is subjective and decided by a panel of three judges on a simple 1-10 score, and scores are delivered immediately after the player’s routine.  We have eliminated audience scoring, as it was slowing down the event and created some skewed results.

There are two rounds, a one minute round followed by a two minute final round.  Round one is in alphabetical order, round two, players will go in the order they placed in the one minute round, the highest score going last.

This time we will be focusing more on the players.  Doing short profiles of a few players and really getting to know some of the best and most talented yo-yo players in the world.

As with previous YoYoSlams, (which you can view at, our final edited version will have the format of a TV show.  It is our goal to create a fun contest with amazing talent, and organized in a way that will appeal to a general TV audience (not just yo-yo players).

It’s our goal that this YoYoSlam (our third), should get picked up by a smart cable channel and expanded upon into a series.  While we are not there yet, the lineup we have will make for a great contest and great viewing.  And hopefully spark the interest that yo-yoing deserves.

Players will play for bragging rights.  This is intended to be a fun event for everyone involved.  But all players will receive some nice gifts courtesy of some of our sponsors.  They also have a chance to be profiled on the show.  And most of all, it should be truly epic having so many amazing players competing in this fast moving format.

A big thanks to Steve Brown for helping us to bring this event to Worlds 2016.  Thanks to Palli Gudmundson who has done an amazing job of getting top tier players involved.  So far we have:

Ben Conde, Andrew Maider, Michael Kurti, Sebastian Brock, Sora Ishikawa, Paul Kerbel, Petr Kavka, Shu Takada, Rei Iwakura, and Patrick Bogerding.

With more to be added in the coming days.

Thanks to our sponsors, One Drop, MonkeyFinger, iYoYo, YoYoOfficer, yoyo Zeekio, SpinGear and of course YoyoSam.

We will be posting updates between now and the event.  This will surely be something everyone will want to see.

For more information, contact the event coordinator at






Mitch is the Editor-in-Chief of He is also the owner of YoYoSam, yoyo Zeekio, and Bahama Kendama. He is avid yo-yo collector and skill toy enthusiast in a BIG way.

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