2016 WYYC: Highlights

2016 WYYC: Highlights

YoYoSam was the crystal sponsor of this year’s 2016 World YoYo Contest. YoYoSam is located in Fairview PA, just about an hour and 20 min from downtown Cleveland. When I first heard that the WYYC was going to be in Cleveland, I was both exited because it was so close to YoYoSam and also a tad nervous for many of the folks coming from overseas to see… well… Cleveland? Poor Ohio get’s such a bad rap, and I feel bad for judging it so harshly really knowing very little about it. But aside from everything downtown closing early and opening late, I really enjoyed the parts of the city I saw. It was fun being around town to have random people ask you, “Hey, are you doing that yoyo thing?”

Indeed I was. The international Slam got some great folks involved. It was a great way to kick off the contest, with names that we all know and love, and don’t get to see enough of during the actual contest. I could watch Sebby for days, so it was great to have him involved in that type of format. I think the whole Slam got things rolling right away, which I know spectators appreciated. Often things can build so slowly, and you just get too tired by the end of it. (Too tired??? What am I 50?!) No, but it’s true, I try and look at these events from every perspective. From that of the players, the yoyoers, the parents, and just the folks that wonder in.

Don’t forget about the parents! They bankroll a lot of the operation so I think the least we can all do is be considerate of their time too. I think Steve Brown did a great job. The whole event was well organized, and consistent fun. They did a good job moving such a busy contest forward.

So highlights? Proabably the most common question at the YoYoSam table was “what’s the best selling yoyo at the show?” That was an easy one. The Rush.
I lost count as to how many we sold. All of them. (We’ve got more on the way, don’t worry) The prism still seems to sell quite a bit too. That yoyo has really withstood the test of time. iyoyo did really well too! I’ve only just learned about iyoyo, but my guess is we’ll see more and more of them in the coming months!

Favorite performance?

His performance was such an awesome change of pace from the rest of the contest. Easily my favorite.

What did you want to see more of?
AP. I liked a couple of them. I wanted to see more. I think they should be celebrated more because I think then we would see more good performances. It’s a nice crossover into the performance world. It creates a really fun atmosphere for a wider variety of folks, which I think is essential to remember the importance of pleasing the general public too. YoYoers are easy to please, they just want to yoyo. Period. Thats why yoyoing is so great, because that is all we need.

Anything bad?
I was exhausted. But honestly, the World YoYo Contest 2016 was incredible.

Thoughts for next year?
Iceland isn’t really that far, but I’ll be interested to see how that type of place effects the contest. I suspect it will be kind of like a destination wedding. REALLY REALLY fun, but far less people. Which, is okay. I think that the contest will feel quite different. I think that’s the point of moving the contest, mixing it up is a really healthy thing to do. It’s our main thought with the yoyoslam format, just change things up and build from a new foundation. Great things can come from that type of platform.

All in all It was a great event. It’s always great for a primarily online business to connect with customers IN REAL LIFE. With a new website, the new logo, the crystal sponsorship and the internation yoyoslam it was an awesome culmination of new things for yoyosam.

Although, Japan kicked our ass.

p.s. Can we bring these back already!?

Was there any diabolo?


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  1. February 13, 2017 @ 2:22 pm Randy

    Great article, loved the video you shared about Zach Gormley, definitely a nice change of pace!


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