Tregleri – A New Wearable Skill Toy

Tregleri seems to skirt the line between a fidget toy and and a Skill Toy. It wears like a necklace and comes in a variety of styles. Their least expensive are raw steel, and the more expensive are copper with a patina finish. Plusd a painted version, Powder Coated, and even a glitter style. The idea is simple, make a fashion statement and then just unsnap it and play.

Developed by Zeekio, one of the more inovative skill toy companies, Tregleri seems to be riding on the heels of the begleri craze. Begleri having two weighted beads, and Tregleri featuring three. But they play and look very different. Tregleri are a differnt kind of skill toy, the fashion component seems to be very prominent in their product line. Although for the skill toy purest, the simple steel version may be a better fit.

We’re not sure if this fashonable skill toy will find a large market. But definitely a different kind of toy worth taking a look at.

Tregleri are made in the USA and have a Patent Pending.

You can find Tregleri at

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