OneDrop Drop’s Dingo Details

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Dingo Rainbow

Dingo and Sovereign

and Dingo with the M1

Here is what we know: From David

1. It’s a mini/pocket yo-yo
2. Fully out of aluminum
3. Modern guts: large bearing, flow groove response
4. Very playable
5. Affordable

8 thoughts on “OneDrop Drop’s Dingo Details

  1. nick

    normally i don’t like undersized, but i am very interested in this, i might get two yoyo’s at nationals. and if there are for sale, at a fair price i will probably get one.


  2. Kyle Dixon

    Yeah I want one of these. Its mini, but it looks like it does not hinder play.


  3. robot moon

    no i might have to get one of these. i get the same feelings from this wheel that i got from the shuriken.

    and those feelings are good.

    plus its sort of modified in terms of shape.

    yeah i want this thing.


  4. Dude

    i emailed David and he said it was going to be around 50$ i dont no when it is going to come out though. ill ask him


  5. sleepr


    -46 mm diameter
    -smaller than a 35 mm width (David said smaller than a Busine$$)


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