How to deal with Yuggles

Ahh, Yuggles.  You all have met one.  They come in many shapes, sizes, ages, and in many different variations.  You’re yoyoing in the mall, and a late 20’s guy walks up and demands you walk the dog, insists there must be “some kind of motor” in there, and tells you that ball bearings are cheating.  A child stares at you in amazement while the mother pulls him trying hard not to look.  A lurker watches you from afar, too afraid to come up and ask you questions.  There are good Yuggles and bad Yuggles out there, and with the interest in yoyoing steadily building, yoyoing in the public is sure to bring you an encounter.  On the forums, there are a lot of threads talking about encounters, and how to deal with them.  Having yo-yo’ed for 12 years in public, performing and doing demo’s, these are the best ways I have found to deal with some of the more common Yuggles with the purpose of bringing them into the world of yoyoing.

The Old Veteran

This guy played with the real thing.  Duncan Good Boy with an Egyptian Cotton string.  He will tell you of a time when he won his school’s Duncan Yo-Yo Contest, and will ask you if what you are playing is a Duncan.  There is a lot of very good conversation here, and the worst thing you can do is ignore him.  The Old Veteran is a wealth of information and history of the sport. Listen to his stories, and tell him the changes that have happened.  Not only could you find yourself learning something, but you could also really make his day, spending time talking about nostalgia and his youth.  One of my favorite stores from an old Vet is from an actual Vet.  My best friend’s grandfather in law used to meet girls at the USO show when he was in military service by yo-yoing.   My recommendation is to listen, share, and then show him the new technology behind the toy he remembers and you love. Even better, if you have a responsive yo-yo with you, let him try. He might surprise you!

The Wide Eyed Child

These kind of Yuggles are the best.  To them, you are a yoyoing Master. You are showing them something they have never seen before.  The important key is to not explode their head.  Keep the tricks mostly basic with lots of picture tricks.  Little boys love seeing the trick Rocket Ship (aka Eiffel Tower), and little girls love tricks like Star.  At this level, they really are only impressed by what they understand, so showing a wide eyed child the latest slack trick isn’t going to do it, then need to be able to relate.  A VERY popular favorite, if you are using the right yoyo, is to walk the dog into their shoes.  They think it’s hysterical.

The Lurker

You know he is there. He knows you know he is there. You can’t always locate them in the crowds, but you know you have a Lurker when you are doing tricks, and you feel like you’re being watched. You just know. If it is bothering you, move to another spot, but honestly, most of the Lurkers are really just curious and have no idea how to approach you. There is not much you can do with Lurkers except put on a good show. If you DO happen to make eye contact, they will likely look away really fast. If you have the opportunity, the best thing to do is to dig up the responsive spare you keep in your bag (highly recommended to always carry a spare) and let them try. Tell them where to go to find more information but don’t expect much conversation. Lurkers are not usually up for conversation, they just don’t have it in them.

The Soccer Mom

You can hear them coming. Strollers, kids yelling, talking on the phone, attention divided. These Yuggles can be scary sometimes but for the most part, they just need a break. They see you yoyoing and rush up with multiple kids in tow, some of them still on the bottle, and are so thankful for a respite of 5 minutes as all of her kids are focused on you playing and doing tricks, keeping the kids attention just long enough to finally take a long drag of her coffee, take a deap breath, and then go about her day. If you can catch a conversation with her as she repeats to her kids “Look at that!” in a kindergarten teacher tone of voice, let her know where she can find out more info about yoyoing. You could have just introduced the world of yoyoing to the next prodigy.

The “Hecka Cool” kids

This is a very common Yuggle. They use words like “Hecka”, “Wicked”, and “Raddest” and have most likely already deeply involved in a extreme sport like Surfing or Skateboarding. The “Hecka Cool” kid is the easiest to talk to and will approach you without any hesitation. The two variations here are the kid that comes up to you wanting to talk about yoyo’s, and the kind that want to tell you that you’re lame. In both cases, the BEST thing you can do is let them try. This is where a spare comes in handy because the first thing they will do is Walk the Dog so be prepared. Also relate yoyoing to whatever he is in. Does he skate? Ask him about skating. If you show interest in his sport, he is more likely to show genuine interest in yours.

The Demander

This guy wants you to do a specific trick, and he is not going away until you do it. This Yuggle would tell David Blaine to “Do that Trick with his Thumb”. He just does not get it. You could be doing the most awesome tricks ever, but if you don’t do the “Baby Cradle Thingy” and “Walk the Dog” then he is going to mock you. Incessantly, and loudly like a Drill Sergeant. If you’re using your prized metal over concrete, an arm grind will suffice in place of walk the dog, but you have to do something or he WILL NOT leave you alone. The best way I have dealt with this kind of Yuggle is to pull out my spare (Currently a Velocity set to responsive) and show him how to do a trick or two, and then tell him where to buy one. Patience, with this Yuggle, or he could ruin your otherwise enjoyable throw time.

These are the most common types of Yuggles I have encountered.  Just remember, if you are yoyoing in public, the public is going to watch you.  If you want to be respected and to have a good time, you need to remember that most people have never seen anything like what you are doing.  They are going to be curious.  With these guidelines, you can increase your chances of bringing a new member to our community,  or in many cases, get a paying gig to display your talents. would love for YOU to tell your stories of Yuggle experiences below in the comment sections.

Written by Chris “Hecka Cool Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen

Edited by Dustin Gunter, who now has hives from coming in contact with the word “hecka”.

27 thoughts on “How to deal with Yuggles

  1. Josh

    Somehow, someone at my school (high school) found out that I throw. He then demanded I show him after school. I showed him a few tricks, and he insisted on showing his friend.. so the chain started

    I prefer not to throw in public, but sometimes it’s not too bad to show off a trick or two.


  2. Isaac

    Alright, that does explain it. I just didn’t know if you were adverse to saying “hell” or something ;-)


  3. Jeromy Kasner

    I dig the old school skateboards, In my area I seem to be the only one throwing. I do love the little kids they make throwing worth it to me. If I get the time I throw a Top and put it on their hand, the eyes just light up. Taking time to share and teach makes it all worth while. And I usually have a give away with me, they can’t believe I gave them a yo-yo. I think that is what the sport is about.


  4. Kyle D.

    I let the 10 year old son of my Mother’s highschool friend play with my PGM for 6 hours. I told him where to buy a Kickside. I got an email from his father a week later saying, “My son can not put the yoyo down. He is the happiest I have ever seen him. Thank you.”

    Best day of my life.


  5. Cole

    Today I was yo-yoing in a mall and a mall security guard said I had to stop yo-yoing because it was dangerous. He said I could only go up and down. Great guide!!! Good job!


  6. Max

    The best way I have dealt with this kid of Yuggle is to pull out my spare

    kind not kid, somthing i noticed sorry i hate when people do this but it was distracting.

    I always get demanders and Hecka cool kids, the lame ones, but they dont yell that at me =/. thanks for the guide! and i love the name


  7. James!!!

    I live in So. Cal.

    Most people I see are the lurkers. Like, whenever I look at them they turn the other way as if they are too cool to look at me. It is kinda cool to know that people reconize you though. They almost never approch me though.

    I hate it when some dude walks up and demands you to do walk the dog. I just say naw, its a metal yoyo, it will mess up the yoyo. Well, can you do rock the baby!?! Yes, but I really don’t like that trick, it is old school. It is kinda lame now. I can do other tricks. Though. (revolutions) Most of the time they go thats cool. And then quickly leave before I can say anything else. And then others are all like. Well, can you do rock the baby anyway?!? Just do walk the dog! Can I try it?!? Is that a trick yoyo? Is that metal?!? Oh, it has a ball bearing, so it is a trick yoyo! The only reason you could do those tricks is because of that cheater yoyo! Can I try it? Why not! Blah blah blah blah!!! One time I had to fake going to the bathroom. I stay patient and as nice as possible but it can get annoying. Most of the time these are guys in their 40s.

    I like the veterans though. I met one at the vet when my dog got an ear infection! lol! He said,” Well, back in my day, we had people come over to the school and yoyo with 3 on each hand! They would make a living on it goin around to schools and selling yoyos!” He was like pushing 90 years old.

    I have never really seen a soccer mom that often though. Most of the time they just blaze past me yelling at their son STOP hitting your brother!!! lol!

    I experience the cool kids everyday at school! And not in a good way ever. They call me names I can not repeat! I don’t think I have ever seen a nice cool kid come up to me and say something positive becasue I yoyoed. It is pretty sad.

    I also experience the wide eyed child every day at school. Because the the kids my age are too cool for yoyoing, I teach the younger ones. I am in 8th, I teach the 6th graders. Like 5 6th graders came up to me and thought my yoyoing was soo cool! So, I teach them everyday now! They are getting better. So far, the best one can do a trick I taught them that I made up a long time ago called X it. And, buddhas revenge. I have taught them for about 2 months now. I get teased for hangin with 6th graders constantly but I don’t care. It is fun!

    Nice post Dr. Yoyo!


  8. Miguel

    I remember i was yoyoing in my school and some of the guys that think they are cool but are not said that there was one trick that i couldnt do which was a trick they made up called basag yoyo(filipino for break the yoyo) Thos guys are just jealous at any case i just ignor them with the wide eyed kids i had alot of experience with those with the moms in a nursery teachy tone hey that is a yoyo. The old veteran yes they are my favorite i met someone that was like 60 something they said that befor since this was the philippines there was barely any duncans all we had was the coca-cola yoyos they remember some guys with yoyos in both hands and befor that was increadible then i showed hime some counter weight tricks and he was blown away hehehe that was an awesome day.


  9. Sicyo

    I laughed out loud all the way through this post & the comments. :)

    I’ve been known as that yo-yo guy since I was about 12. The ones I hate the worst are the group of like 5-7 that mobs you. One asks you questions and the other reaches for some of your stuff…

    That hasn’t happened since middle school though. Nowadays I usually get the small crowd of adults that ask to walk the dog and get an arm grind instead. I want to learn more advanced tricks that end in picture tricks. I find that’s the easiest way to bring people up to your level.

    When I started my new job, I told them I yo-yo’d and they’d always want a show, even the CEO. I’d always start out with slow stuff, picture tricks. Eventually, people familiar with my yo-yoing would swing by and say “DO THAT ONE AMAZING THING” right in the middle of my transition.

    I don’t think I’ve had a negative reaction to it since my early teens. The world may be evolving after all :)


  10. Big Ole Pimp

    This is such a good article. I made my family read it. Great job Chris “hecka cool YoYo Skills” Allen.


  11. Graeme Steller

    My Fav YYS Post in a while…

    The Crowd: Whether it be on the streets, in your school, at home, or at a party, your yoyo is bound to draw some crowd if there is enough people. Make sure that you involve as many people as you can. Do a yoyo trick right in front of a little child, and then move on and yoyo in front of a lone college kid right next to him. You have to make sure you keep the crowd. In a crowd, people don’t usually demand much, but there is usually one hot shot, that will demand you do something again for him, and when he asks, make sure you blow him away. After that, you’ll own your crowd.


  12. Adam Sencer

    well I was walking through the boise farmers market having a wonderfull vacation with my cousin. we stoped in the middle and both started yoyoing and just hanging out. all of a sudden a HUGE man walks by with his favorite hot dog and 7-11 drink, cocks his head to the side, and in a very loud voice tells the whole world: “hey look a yoyo man”. then he just turned and walked away.


  13. Stargazer(Dylan

    My dentist actually happened to be an old vet. It’s pretty awesome I’v been in the dentist office quite a bit over the last two months and I’d always show him tricks. Last time I was in (for my last appointment) he asked my address and told me he would send me one of his old yoyo’s. A day ago I got it in the mail, an old wooden duncan in mint condition with it’s original case and original 1955 trick book. Freaking awesome.


  14. MadDog

    Well my favorite story is one time I was at Walmart, and there were these two guys, in their late teens or early 20s, and I walked buy, and they stopped dead in their tracks, they were pumped, and when I had to keep walking after a few minutes one of them yells “I’m going to the toy section!” at the top of his lungs.


  15. Splugen

    The Old Vet Grandfather-in-law from the post is my grandfather in law! That guy’s a hoot. That guy had the yoyo as a pickup line technique down to a fine art. :)


  16. Adam H

    About two weeks ago iI was getting some stuff for my trip to Utah so while I’m waiting i get out my yoyo and just start the guy who asked if he could try said when he threw it, this is not a normal yoyo is it? I got a little kick out of that.


  17. Anthony A.

    Awesome article!, very useful. I live in Perú and I think I am the only person who yoyo in my country, so when i start yoyoing in any place the people stop for a few seconds to see. I try to do my best tricks in that moment, but after a while is very anoying, I love yoyoing for me, not too much for other people.


  18. Gert

    Some kids from school annoy the s*** out of me.They walk up to me and say: what is that?It’s a diablo right,it isn’t a yoyo.
    Me:No its actually a yoy..
    Kids:NO ITS A DIABLO!!!


  19. Ryan

    Great article i like the yuggles around where I live because most of them go to my school and one of my favorite times I was asked to yoyo the kids actually cleared maybe a six foot space in a crowded highschool hallway also one time someone from my school yelled out their car window to tell me to yoyo at a random street corner while they were at a stoplight and I was waiting to cross


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