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Back in January, the first pictures of the raw DreamYo Wing surfaced. The shape immediately caught my eye. It had thin outer rims and a step about two thirds into the gap. It looked awesome and I put it on my wish list from July YoYo Santa (He exists, I swear). You can probably imagine what a pleasant surprise it was when Dream-Yo contacted me for a review unit. I knew very little about the company, but when a package arrived on my doorstop from Hong Kong, I knew that it must be The Wing. (The big DreamYo Sticker helped also.) I had seen pictures, drooled to the point it was becoming a social problem, and now I had it. The DreamYo Wing was here to put through the process the review cycle.

Manufacturer Dream Yo

Shape Butterfly / Wing

Weight (g) 64.00

Width (mm) 40.00

Diameter (mm) 52.00

Gap Width (mm) 4.30

Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187

Stock Response System Silicon Sticker

First Impression:

That first day I got the Wing, I gave it a few throws. Wow. I could not wait to get this yo-yo into a review session. It sat on my shelf for almost 4 weeks as I pumped out one review after another. I would glance over at it, gazing longingly. Finally, last Monday, I finished my review of the California by YoYoFactory and it was time. My heartbeat had to have palpitated as I fumbled with the clear box, making sure I did not maim the sticker. I could not get over how bright this yoyo is. It just seems to catch the light better than it should. It is kind of a pastel green, but it really catches the eye. The laser engraving is pretty nice. It is centered perfectly on the hub wall and features a ring with the words Dream Yo on a downward slope, an pair of wings in the center with the word “Wing” joining them. To the right of the wings is the DreamYo Girl doing her best Vana White impression. The Wing comes with a pair of Weight rings. Together they are about 1.3 grams. For the review, I used the unit without weight rings. The entire yo-yo had very clean lines. Every slope change is defined, and there are no curves except where the hub is.

Comfort and Tech:

The feel of this yo-yo is breathtaking. DreamYo says it is the anodization and beadblast process they use, but the Wing is very slipery in the hand. The 40mm wide shape hits the palm just right and he catch zone has enough room to fit my throw finger with enough rim space to rest my side fingers. It feels a bit fragile and “Raw Egg” ‘ish. At a 52mm diameter, the Wing falls into what I consider the bottom scale of a medium size throw. Not small enough to be undersized like the 50mm 888 and Project, but no where near big enough to be full size like the hand filling Freehand. All in all, the Wing may look like a bunch of corners but felt very at home in the hand. There is no IRG groove. It looks like DreamYo chose to have more rim weight and kept the inner ring area filled in. Honestly, I don’t think I will miss it. I would rather have rim weight than an IRG lip. As you get close to the recess, the response area juts up and then flattens out. This little platform wides the gap just a bit. The response on the Wing looks exactly like the response you would find on YoYoFactory yo-yo. It looks like it might take CBC pads and/or silicone. The bearing seat is nice and tight. The bearing stays in place when you open up the yo-yo, but pops of the bearing seat pretty easily. Speaking of bearings, the one that comes with the DreamYo Wing is very smooth and quiet. I know that finger flicks don’t tell you much, but man can this thing move. I could wait to get it on a throw.

On a Throw:

Holy Global Warming Batman! This yo-yo is HOT. First throw after all those weeks of waiting was like a cold ice tea on a hot valley day. The Wing was much faster than I expected. After a few timing adjustments, I was spinning fast and true, combing complex trick segments without the faintest hint at a tilt, and long long spins. Wing is a perfect name. It glides though the air and the rim weight gives it a very solid feel. In the hand, the Wing felt a bit light, but on the throw it is very solid and stable. The response and 4.3mm gap were able to handle multiple string segments, wraps, and transfers without snagging. Even with at the end of the spin, the Wing gave clean snappy binds. Every throw was met with a smooth, clean, vibe free spin. Of the few horizontal tricks I know, I was able to pull them off pretty accurately thanks to the extremely stable design. The Wing just sits there, a perfectly stable gyro. I think as fantastic the Dream-Yo Wing is with string tricks and combo’s, it shines the brightest on grinds. The finish Dream-Yo used is just phenomenal. The Wing glides up the arm with no hint at vibration. I did attempt an IRG and without forcing a dramatic tilt, it was just not happening. I don’t really care though, the Wing is so good I don’t even miss IRG’s.

Final Thoughts:

With so many yo-yo’s coming out of the SouthEast Asia area, and the popularity of the yoyos in Japan and that whole area, there is a lot of pressure on yoyo manufacturers to create a good throw. I think that DreamYo exceeded all expectations with the Wing. It is a great yo-yo, and once it is released there is absolutely zero reason for it to linger on the stock shelves. Expect this yo-yo to move quickly, it is that good. I am not the only one who thinks so by the way. I took it to the Chico Yo-Yo Club a few weeks back and EVERYONE sang its praise. It is a great yo-yo, and will absolutely see heavy play in my personal collection. Not available in stores at this time, but when it is released will be in the $99 price range.

Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen who always waits near in the Yo-Yo Orchard every July for the Great Yo-Yo Santa

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Chris "Dr. Yo-Yo" Allen is the creator and founder of He has been yoyoing for over 25 years and has a passion for the industry.

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