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David, Shawn and Colin called me up recently asking me if I wanted to try something.  Something new and exciting.  Something amazing.  I of course said yes, and three days later in my mailbox was the newest yo-yo from OneDrop Design.  It was small, purple, and had a note.  “Metal for Everyone, the M1”

First Impressions

When I went to crack open the one drop box, I noticed the specs sticker.  A Very nice touch.  You get to see the color you are getting through the peek hole, and all the specs of the yo-yo.  I was excited as I peeked through the hole and saw this bright purple beauty staring back at me. Immediately, I was overwhelmed with excitement and freed the M1 into my hands.  This yo-yo is not Soda Blasted like the Project, but the finish is still extremely smooth, not grabby and is accompanied by brilliant anodized colors.  This purple M1 is one of 5 colors, all set to launch at the same time.  The one the OneDrop guys sent me was an Anno Sample, and other then a few marks on the face of the yo-yo, I could not tell.  The color is vibrant and bright.  As far as size, It is as the same diameter as a project, with a slim design.    I have to say, the size of the yo-yo intimidated me.  I have huge hands and a hard throw and have not had much luck with the Business, which is virtually the same size.  Apparently I had nothing to worry about here though because after the first throw with the M1 I fell in love.

Comfort, At last my arm is complete again

Do you like the Project?  The Angles, slight curves, soft texture, it is all back.  The width is the big difference.  The M1 hugs your palm.  It is the perfect width to rest the edges between your pointer and middle fingers, while hugging the meat at the base of you thumb.  The yo-yo just feels like it fits.  If you ever imagined that your hand is just missing something, then you need a M1.  Holding this yo-yo is like holding a treasure hunt.  It is exciting, suspenseful, and does not disappoint.  You can’t wait to throw it, and you can’t wait to hold it again.

The Tech of it all

Just like the Project, the M1 parts are simple, yet elegant.  The halves are held together with nuts pressed into a recess, in which the axle screws into. On the Project, OneDrop used black rubber bits to hold the nut in a hex nut capture.  On the M1 the hex nut is pressed into a circle and made permanent.  Once again, stripping yo-yo’s is not a concern.  To quote David from OneDrop, “The nut is pressed in and has no chance of stripping and no worry about over-tightening. It’s totally bomber.” One Drop has decided to come back to silicone response pads that are very similar to vapor pads, and they work with precision, offering snappy binds and seriously unresponsive play. Also back is the 10 ball bearing.  The gap is the same size as the Mark Mont, and offers smooth, play, stability, and clean play and binds.

On a Throw

On a standard throw, the M1 rewards the thrower with smooth stability and no vibe.  The M-1 is wobble free right out of the box, no tuning needed and feels especially solid when thrown.  An expert thrower can really feel the yo-yo glide and fly through the air.  One thing the M1 has over every single slim line is stability,  With other slim lines, the slightest variance off plane and you start tilting.  The M1 defeats this with a progressive design and the perfect ratio of rim weight.

Play Time

Progressive gap size, soft to the touch smooth finish, and top of the line response system make this yo-yo not only pocket-able, but also a serious contender.  It’s extremely fast on the string, and thanks to a slim profile, it is small enough jam out of the nooks and crannies that chop and ladder mounts create. The soft finish gives the M1 a smooth grind surface and unlike the project, the M1 has a slight IRG lip that gives players the control of a project AND a thumb grind ring!  I threw a Duncan red bouncy for 5a on the M1, and I have to say that despite it’s size, the M1 plays freehand style fluently.  It is so natural it practically defies conventional yo-yo conjecture.

Final Thoughts

The shape is hand pleasing, especially considering the size.  It is virtually the same size as the other small profile yo-yo’s, but outplays them in every aspect.  It glides, grinds, weaves, chops, and flops just like you would expect from a high end Yoyo.  It is a serious contender for pocket and competition throws.  Well balanced, well designed, and well crafted.  It immediately has become one of my main throwers.  OneDrop hit the nail on the head, and with thisnew product line, has proved that they are in the Yo-Yo industry for the long haul.

You can see OneDrops hard work at

Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” AllenYou can Purchase the M1 at:

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  1. April 18, 2009 @ 4:52 pm Rich

    Killer review. deffinitly talked me into buying one yesterday…just trustin your on the money.


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