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Before the use of computers, the word Icon had a completely different meaning. An icon was a visual representation of an idea, or culture. To say something was Iconic was to say that something was a representation of an idea or location; Such as the Statue of Liberty, the Eifel Tower, Chuck Norris or Neil Patrick Harris. HSpin, a company known for unique designs and impressive graphics, has been the long time sponsor of Stefan “Magl33to” Benjamin, and has finally honored him with a signature yo-yo. The ICON has been in development for a while and after an unveiling at the European Yo-Yo Meet, feedback has been rolling in.

First Impressions:

When Magl33to showed a sneak preview of the Icon on his blog, I think everyone collectively took a deep breath. HSpin has put out a few yoyos that have been great performers, but for some reason has not captured the attention the Pyro had. Here we have a design closer to the traditional shape, bead last finish, and an incredibly too good to be true sub $60 price. It is almost too good to be true.
The Icon came in a pair of customized ankle socks. These ones look a bit better quality than the ones that came with the Beysick. Once out of the socks (which is epic packaging by the way) the Icon is quite a sight. The model I have is the gold color. On one side, the Icon identifies itself as a signature yo-yo and part of the H-Spin Core series. On the other side is a cool animated “I” with a crown on it. It is not an overload of graphics, but just enough to identify the yo-yo and look keep the simplistic look. The finish is smooth and gives it a nice soft look to it.

• Weight: 65 grams
• Width: 40 mm
• Diameter: 54 mm
• Gap: 4 mm
• Bearing: D-Sized Steel Bearing

Comfort and Tech:

The ICON is another full sized to the traditional curved gap shape. The last full sized traditional curved gap yoyo that HSpin I had tried was the Good and Evil 4 which… left me wanting. The ICON though seems to be a giant step in the win zone. The 54mm diameter and 40mm width sit in your hand very well. The gap keeps your middle finger off the string and there is enough room on the rim to place your pointer and ring fingers. The rim is curved also, which is surprisingly comfortable, hitting the sides of the thumb pad. The bead blast finish is smooth and consistent, and though not masked in the recess area, is polished to reduce the amount of string eatery.
Inside the recess is a slight shcmoove groove to reduce sting friction and a recess groove that HSpin says is able to take flowable silicone. I kept the stock red silicone pads in for the week. The bearing seat pretty standard. The bearing has a snug fit but not enough to be to tight. Since the D Sized bearing are less common here Stateside, having easy accessibility to the standard steel bearing for cleaning is important. Inside the cup is a very subtle rim lip. It is subtle, but it is there.

On a Throw:

I don’t want to put the ICON down. The Icon has an impressive amount of balance and stability. Some basic shaped yoyos have tilt problems when you are in the middle of a long string segment. Not with the ICON; stable as a tree trunk. The wide bearing opens up the gap to a moderate 4mm. Not the widest gap available, but the ICON did not snag and provided a tight bind every time regardless of the string I used. I also had nice long spin times with no vibration, pulse, or wobble.
At 65 Grams, I expected the ICON to be a bit floaty and I was right. Not floaty in a bad way, but floaty in an awesome way. It seems to telegraph where it is going to be so you don’t get any unexpected movement, and even on a gyro flow, it spins true and consistently. The 40mm width and open gap makes the ICON an easy target for whips, hops, and transfer catches. The schmoove rim seems to do a really good job of rejecting the strings on demand.
The bead blast finish grinds extremely well. The ICON floats on a finger grind without the uncomfortable heat some grinding surfaces have. With just the slightest movement, the ICON can go from a float to a climbing grind. The ICON is impressive for all the right reasons.

Final Thoughts:

Do not be fooled by the bargain price. The Icon is no slouch. It has the stability and performance of a full priced metal. The bead blast finish is phenomenally smooth, and the ICON can handle everything you can throw at it. It is remarkable that HSpin has put this yo-yo, a yo-yo that deserves premium placement and pricing, into the Core series. It is more than a bargain at $59.00. It is a no brainer. Well done Magl33to and HSpin. This yo-yo is my favorite HSpin has released thus far.

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Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen who is shocked and horrified Hollywood is making another Step Up movie… in 3D.

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'Product Review – The HSpin ICON' have 3 comments

  1. July 26, 2010 @ 9:54 am SpdRcr

    Great review! I have had mine for a few weeks now and am still in awe of how well it plays. It favors suicides (kinda an awkward comment if out of context) and floats through transfers. I cannot recommend this yoyo enough; it plays like a champ and carries a remarkable price. I honestly believe that this is a new standard of quality for the price point.


  2. July 26, 2010 @ 4:42 am wilson

    the gap on the yoyo are to small. i need 4.5 to 4.75


  3. July 25, 2010 @ 7:59 pm SR

    Wow. Nice review! 60 bucks sounds pretty cheap… nice.


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