Hard Knock Series yoyo by Dif-e-Yo

Hard Knock Specifications:
Category 1 : Mil-Spec type III Hard Anodize Finish in Black
Category 1A : 001″ Penetration / .001″ Build up
Category 2 : Lasered Graphics
Short ½” axle and low profile logo stud

Introducing the 2nd Release from the Hard Knock Series to be Released at Worlds 2010:

This yoyo is a Revision 1 Over Haul of the 2003 Dif-e-Yo WIDE LOAD
The Multi Oring weight system from the Wide Load Collector model has also been Revised and incorporated into this Over Haul design.

The REV-1 OVER HAUL weighs 64 grams when running empty.
It can also Haul a combination of 2, 4 or 6 rim weight Orings allowing the player additional weight choices.
4 of the orings fit in the outer rim diameter and weigh 1.6 grams each
2 slightly smaller orings fit near the center of the yoyo rim diameter and weigh 1.5 grams each

Optional Weight Specifications when Hauling Orings:
Empty Load weight is 64 grams
Hauling 2 outer Orings the weight is 67 grams
Hauling 4 outer Orings the weight is 70 grams
Hauling 6 Orings the weight is 73 grams

Diameter = 2.100″ /  53.340 mm
Width = 1.600″ / 40.650 mm

String gap with Patented Dif-e-Yo KonKave bearing = .177″ / 4.5 mm wide

Response System:
.045″ deep pad pocket :
uses .555 Dif-Pads or .555 pads of choice.
Stacked one .030 thick and one .015 thin each side = Flush pad response

Alternate Response System:    Flowable Silicone



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