Product Review – SpinTop – Titti (Tweety) by Strummol8

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Spin Top Review: The Prototype Titti by Strummol8

Written by Josh Parker


Strummol8 is an Italian spin top manufacturer run by Maurizio Petruccioli. By my count Strummol8 has three tops under his belt. His first top was called the SpinTopBeast (or STB) and it was basically a beta test. His second top he called the Side Effect which had a proper release on Euro-Yo earlier this year. The Titti (pronounced “Tweety”, like the cartoon bird) is currently a prototype design and the first to feature a hybrid of plastic and aluminum. Ideally all the weight in a Spin Top will be on the crown and on the tip and this hybrid design emphasizes that crown weight by using light delrin plastic for the main body and a heavier aluminum for the crown. And the tip is made from hardened steel which gives weight and strength to the point that is at greatest risk of damage.

First Impressions:

The Titti showed up on at my house on my day off, I had lots of chores to do but once I opened the box I knew that I wasn’t going to get any of them done. When I saw the first picture of the top on Maurizio’s Facebook page I thought that it looked cool, but felt like the joining of metal on plastic would probably cause a vibration or a looseness at the joint but on the first throw I was gobsmacked by how wrong I was. The top is stable and amazingly smooth. I called my friends over to let them play with it and we got on the discussion of what material the crown is made from because when you flick it the material sounds like ceramic. I had a conversation with Maurizio about it and he confirmed that it is in fact Anticorodal Aluminum. After about an hour of playing the top with the bearing setup, I decided to convert the top to the fixed tip setup which is my preferred style of playing. The conversion from bearing to fixed is pretty simple, and just requires the addition of 2 washers around the axel on the inside of the top and it is the exact same process used on the Side Effect which I made an Instructable for earlier this year.

  • Material Delrin Plastic/Anticorodal Aluminum
  • Tip Material Hardened Steel
  • Tip Style Ball Bearing/Fixed Tip Convertible
  • Weight 90 Grams

Comfort and Tech

The Titti has a unique hourglass shape as a result of the two materials joining together, but that groove ends up making a pretty natural place for your thumb to side while you’re throwing the top. The tip is made from a hardened steel and initially has a pretty sharp point that dug a few layers of skin off of my palm before I sanded it down. But the hardened tip has the added benefit of being nearly indestructible which I tested by throwing it on my concrete driveway.

On A Throw:

This top feels really good in the hand and on the throw. I found it very easy to grab the tip with the string for a rollercoaster regen and the top does a very good job of staying on the string when doing more advanced tricks like the corkscrew. I am most impressed with how easy it is to correct this top in your hand. I have found that bending the top is just as easy as correcting the top and everything this top has going for it makes for emphatically amazing playing experience. The only bad thing that I have to say about this top is that it is not very forgiving on the throw, but I will say that it is more forgiving than the Side Effect. This might be just me and my bad throws, but probably one in every five of my throws just unravels as the top goes flying across the room. I’m certain that the better top throwers among our readers would not experience this at all.

Production Changes:

Now this is just a prototype and not a finished design, some changes that we can expect are a more open top similar to what the Side Effect has. This will drop the weight of the top by 8-9 grams, it will allow for thumb grind type tricks using the inner rim but the most exciting thing that it will do is that it will allow the possible addition of a second tip. Strummol8 has been developing an insert to add a second tip to the top of the top (is this getting confusing for anyone else? I think we need to call Dr Suess). The other change that you can expect from the production run of the Titti is a variety of annodized colors on the aluminum half by the same annodizer that BIST uses.

Final Thoughts (Vision for the Future):

Top throwing has never gotten the attention that it has deserved in my opinion, but now we have a few fantastic people making fantastic products for the small world of top throwing and that means one thing, it’s time for the world of top throwing to get bigger. Yo-yoers and top throwers have always had a complementary relationship, but here in 2010 there are far too many yo-yoers that can’t find a decent top to buy let a lone practice on. Enter Strummol8, the SPYY of spin tops, the Crucial of Trompos, the BIST of Trottola, making high end spin tops for the beginner and the advanced player rolled into one. Top throwing is happening, and I hope you’ll pick one up and join the fun.

The Titti (Tweety) will most likely be carried at so keep an eye on their SpinTop section.

>>Written by Josh Parker


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'Product Review – SpinTop – Titti (Tweety) by Strummol8' have 6 comments

  1. September 10, 2010 @ 4:43 pm yoyoer

    Y r u putting swears on your website? I thought it was family site.


  2. September 10, 2010 @ 1:01 pm Josh

    Neff :
    Great review Josh! Glad you are on board at yoyoskills. You are right, the Side Effect (black) or Giulia (Julia, white) can be unforgiving if your boomerang throw isn’t perfect. It is the nature of the Delrin – she’s slickery! Keep the button below the wind, and keep your pull perpendicular to the top’s axis.

    That’s exactly what it is! I tend to throw more of a check mark, but it just doesn’t work with the Side Effect! Thanks Neff!


  3. September 10, 2010 @ 7:18 am Neff

    Great review Josh! Glad you are on board at yoyoskills. You are right, the Side Effect (black) or Giulia (Julia, white) can be unforgiving if your boomerang throw isn’t perfect. It is the nature of the Delrin – she’s slickery! Keep the button below the wind, and keep your pull perpendicular to the top’s axis.


  4. September 10, 2010 @ 4:26 am alfredomascali

    I will try this one next week (it’s on the way to me) but after playing the STB and Side Effect, I can say Maurizio makes the best tops in the world… only my two cents! XD


  5. September 10, 2010 @ 3:51 am Strummol8

    Thank you Josh, more draws, more tops, more skill toys, more fun. This is a promise ^_^



  6. September 9, 2010 @ 9:26 pm brian melford(bmel)

    where does he sell his tops, i just got 2 imperial tops and a blizzard, im ready too master spintop


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