Product Review – How to be a Yo-Yo Ninja – DVD by Duncan

Yo-Yo Ninja's are of course the most feared of Ninja clans

Anyone who has been teaching  kids how to yo-yo for any amount of time knows how hard it can be sometimes to describe the most basic tricks or concepts to a new beginner.  Having 30 kids surrounding you all asking for a different trick when you only have about a minute each with them can be frustrating  but when they learn the trick, it is all worth it.  I have been teaching kids how to yo-yo for close to 14 years, and have found the biggest challenge when teaching are the simple basic concepts that we as yoyoers doy instinct.  This is where video instruction comes in handy.

The “How to be a Yo-Yo Ninja DVD has a run time of 60 minutes and explores the full range of the yo-yo experience.  From the very basic concepts like how to string your yo-yo to Milk the Cat and Lacerations.  The instructions are well thought out and are easy to follow.  After fighting the trick Boingy Boing for nearly two decades, Brandon Jackson’s practice method immediately made sense to me.  If I was still struggling with Boingy Boing this would have cleared it up immediately.

The DVD also covers Picture tricks, 1a, 2a, 3a, 4a, and Freehand.  Between each chapter are rewarding and  entertaining montage videos, blooper segments, and some very nice previously unseen highlights from the recent Heritage Tour. The video quality is superb.  The big band and easy tempo music by Asian Man Records matches personality of both the video and Duncan Crew perfectly. All yoyoing is done against a pitch black background making the yo-yo, string, and bright red Duncan shirts really pop.  Every trick is clearly narrated with entertaining one-liners and a few inside jokes.

This is a great DVD.  Not only for beginners, but for experienced players as well.  It is entertaining to watch and teaches quite a few tricks that even advanced players night not know.  More than anything, you get to see how laid back and fun the Duncan Crew is.  These guys truly enjoy themselves.

Staring Takeshi, Red, Jack Ringca, Brandon Jackson, Hank Freeman, and Drew Tetz.  Cameo appearances from a good segment of the Duncan Crew.

A good portion of the tricks are available on Duncan’s Youtube Channel but the extra features on the DVD and high quality of the videos make it worth it. (Red doing dual Freehand Windmills made me gasp)
In nearly every online yo-yo store right now!

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  1. February 14, 2011 @ 12:02 am Brandon Jackson

    A couple of points:
    1) The tour footage was actually from the 80th Anniversary Tour, not the Heritage Tour.
    2) The credit for the boingy lesson should go to Ian Poh of Duncan Crew Singapore. I stole it from him haha.


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