Hyper-Infinity | Motorized Yo-Yo

Remember the motorized yo-yo post that raised SO MUCH controversy? Well the Sy-Blog found this picture on facebook of a new Hyper-Yo-Yo called the Hyper Infinity. Anyone want to translate for me?

6 thoughts on “Hyper-Infinity | Motorized Yo-Yo

  1. sheeno88

    the yoyo could acttually come back to your hand using the special string that it comes with…..to me, that’s pretty lame….lol
    and also, the spacer is a gear, which makes it spin, and the rubber friction sticker type-thing gets caught on the rubber tube on the string, so that it can come back to ur hand…. hope that helped…. lol


  2. Aaron

    it looks like a somewhat fun thing to have, but they had beter ban this thing from competitions!!


  3. bravo

    This is a yoyo with a spin motor. I bought one and yes…here is my comment. It is the most stupid yoyo i ever had. Balance is bad because you have to place 2 size AA3 batteries on one side. Plus the string has this tube which interfere with the smooth movement of the string…its like having a knot on the yoyo string so you can’t do any trick.


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