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Somewhere along the line, the Yo-Yo industry went from a market flooded with plastic yo-yo’s and a few select High End Metals, to a market Flooded with High End Metals and Plastics.  This does not make choosing a yo-yo any easier.  
Currently, the $ 20-40 plastic market, also known as High End Plastic, does not have that many entries.  The Velocity has already proven it’s staying power, the FHZ is a classic, and YoYoJams HG series was a fan favorite before the cost of production shot up.  We have Two new entries into this market though.  The YoYoFactory Grind Machine, and the YoYoJam Legacy.


Name: Grind Machine
Designer: YoYoFactory
Weight: 63 Grams
Diameter: 56 mm
Width: 41.8 mm
Gap Size: 4.34 mm
Response: Silicone Sticker
Price: 28-29 US/44-45 US

Name: Legacy
Designer: YoYoJam
Weight: 68 Grams
Diameter: 55.3 mm
Width: 39.6 mm
Gap Size: 4.34 mm
Response: Flush Silicone ORing
Price: 24-25 US

First Impressions 

The Plastic Grind Machine comes in YoYoFactory’s extremely well designed product packaging.  The YoYo looks solid, and familiar.  It has more of a beefy appearance then traditional YoYoFactory yo-yo’s, and in your hand feels very similar to the FlyMaster in 1a configuration.  The material immediately reminds me of a FHZ, hard polished plastic.  The weight ring doubles as an IRG, creating an attractive area for the YYF’s branding of the yoyo, and the removable rubber rings tell the player “Hey, You can play me how you want,”    
The Legacy comes in YoYoJam’s traditional box, but blows you away with super intensive Foil backed graphics that really pop out at you.  With a similar shape to the Dark Magic, the Legacy is extremely familiar in you hand.  The plastic is almost soft with how smooth it is, but is resistant to scratching.  It feels almost like a true Delrin, but is actually Celcon, which gives it s smooth and slippery feel.  The art on the Foil Caps almost look 3D as it internally shadows itself when viewed at an angle.  
Winner: Tie – Both yo-yo’s come at you with different aspects.  The GM says “Classically, Less is more” while the Legacy says ‘Party over Heeaare”


Comfort –

The Grind Machine is meaty.  Just a hair wider and with a slightly bigger diameter, the GM hits you in the hands slightly uneven.  The Meat of you thumb is the part of your hand most likely to hit the yo-yo on catch, and the Grind Machine just down not sit evenly on that cushion.   On a throw, the GM is vibe free and the mere 63 grams fly around at speeds that rival a Skyline, but in your hand it is clunky and unforgiving.  The plastic is a bit gripy after hand perspiration sets in, making grinds a little more complicated.  On a humid day, the Grind Machine may suffer from the same problem the FHZ’s have, that being stickiness.  
The Legacy, just a hair thinner and with just a slightly smaller diameter, has a much more dramatic curve in the catch zone profile.  Because of that extra space, it rests comfortably on the meat of your thumb and when caught, hits both sides of that cushioned area.  On the string, the Legacy plays much like a Dark Magic, so much so that you almost wonder if it is the Dark magic in disguise.  The Celcon provides a slick cold surface that ignores your hands chemicals and grinds regardless if you just stepped out of the shower.
Winner: Legacy -This is very subjective to hand size and preference, but I am a texture fanatic.  I am not a fan of gripy materials.  I also have big hands, and a smaller handed player may have a different reaction to the GM and their hands then I did. 


The Tech 

Both yo-yo’s use a recessed Silicone Sticker.  Both yo-yo’s use the same size bearing.  Both yo-yo’s hide weight modifications inside the yo-yo instead on the outer ring. This leaves only one area left for the “Tech” side of the review, Hubstacks.
The Grind Machine brings you the possibility of adding, or buying stock, Hubstacks on a plastic yo-yo.  While yes, the Legacy can take Synergy Rings, the YoYoFactory Hubstachs have already solidified how Side bearings should play, and the Synergy Caps just aren’t there yet.
Winner: Grind Machine – Hubstacks, or the possibility of hubstacks push the GM over the edge for the win with an assist from removable weight rings.


The Throw 

The Grind Machine is fast, smooth on the string, and eats gap tricks for breakfast.  You won’t find another yo-yo balanced enough to take and use hubstacks.  YoYoFactory hit the nail on the head with the weight, and to see this yo-yo really perform, using a Bouncy Ball, standard Duncan size, counterweight really completed the feel.  This yo-yo was made for 5a, and is great for 1a as well.  The recessed pads give tight binds, and the yo-yo snaps and pops like it is performing for you.
The Lecacy, despite it’s weight is a fast mover as well.  It did not feel well balanced using a common Duncan ball as a counterweight, but as a 1a player, the Legacy hugs washes and rejections, keeping it’s position and resisting the tilt.  The weight feels like it is actually outside of the yo-yo while spinning, almost like it is pushing the weight out, beyond the spin.  The recessed silicone pads and the gap are almost identical to those found in the Grind Machine, giving you similarly tight binds.
Winner: Grind Machine – While the Legacy feels slightly better during 1a play, the Grind Machines 5a flexibility to balance better with a common Duncan Die give it its edge. 


Price –

Grind Machine is 28-29 without hubstacks, 44-45 with hubstacks and comes with new YoYoFactory spec bearings and white silicone pads.
Legacy is 24-25, and comes with the standard but cleaned YoYoJam Bearing.
Winner: Legacy by a hair– You just can not beat the 24 dollar price point for a Celcon yo-yo.  Even with the regular bearing, it is still a steal. Even though the PGM comes with all this extra tech, the 24 Dollar price point is just too vaulable.


Final Thoughts

We have two solid yo-yo’s at a rock bottom price point.  The entry of these great yo-yos into affordability land is only going to increase quality in future lines.  In the end, both yo-yo’s have strong and weak points, and ultimately come out to a Tie.  If you want a shiny great player, go Legacy.  If you want a Light Plastic with Hubstacks, go Grind Machine. Personally, I think you should get both. They both give you a unique play style, and should add good range to your colelction. 


YoYoFactory and YoYoJam both sell to stores around the world and are available at the stores linked on theYoYoSkills.com front page.


Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen



Chris "Dr. Yo-Yo" Allen is the creator and founder of YoYoSkills.com. He has been yoyoing for over 25 years and has a passion for the industry.

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  1. May 2, 2009 @ 1:31 pm Splugen

    Delrin and Celcon are slightly different products. Delrin is an acetal homopolymer made by the DuPont company, while Celcon is an acetal copolymer made by several companies, and also marketed under the trade name Ultraform.

    Though slight, there are differences between the two resins. Delrin exhibits higher impact and tensile strength, while Celcon has better demensional stability due to low crystal content compared to Delrin, and it is less porous when molded than Delrin, which is probably why it gets picked for molded yoyos so often.

    They are often interchanged, but it’s definitely more than just a brand name thing. Does it matter much for yoyos? Probably not. But ask all of these amazing machinists if slight differences in machining tolerances aren’t huge to them.

    Food for thought.



  2. April 27, 2009 @ 7:54 pm Sumna

    great review, i just started using my PGM for 5a and it really is a great 5a player, im just getting into 5a but i have used my peaks and other metals but none are anywhere near as good at it as my PGM.


  3. March 28, 2009 @ 3:28 pm stevedave

    just saying… celcon and delrin are the same material, one is just for commercial use and one is for industrial use. it’s like a name brand thing 🙂 thanks for the review though, it was good


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