YoYoFactory “2.0”

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Pictures by YoYoFactory

2.0 by YoYoFactory

  • Weight – 63.3 grams
  • Diameter – 50mm
  • Width – 40mm
  • Gap – 4.6mm
  • Large Bearing

According to YoYoFactory.com, these will be only available in physical retail outlets.

11 thoughts on “YoYoFactory “2.0”

  1. Andy Schultz

    I’m curious, what’s the benefit (if any) of only releasing these in physical retail stores as opposed to releasing them online as well?


  2. Christian P.

    ^^That will get kids introduced into yoyoing when they drop by Toys-R-Us or WalMart or Target. We can say it’s a competition for Yomega and Duncan who has been doing that for such a long time.


  3. KX

    ^^Only if it actually makes it into stores such as Toys-R-Us or WalMart or Target. I’d love to see good yo-yos in such stores, but as of right now, you’d be lucky to find even a Duncan.


  4. bk

    “I’d love to see good yo-yos in such stores, but as of right now, you’d be lucky to find even a Duncan.”

    QFT. It’s pretty pathetic. And if the store does have a Duncan it’ll be one of their terribly made butterflies or imperials.


  5. Christian P.

    Alrighty. I’ll take it back. YYF said it’d be in more specialty stores. Like let’s say…. A2Z in Massachusetts, the Redondo Kite Shop and maybe even Fatlace up in the Bay Area.


  6. Dennis B.

    I think it’s pretty cool they’re limiting sales to physical stores. It’s nice to see something exclusive to stores offline. They should do pretty well though it’s not a very appealing throw to me personally.


  7. Joe

    These are available at physical stores as well as online from physical stores. yoyojoes.com, for example…hint hint


  8. Dr. Yo-Yo Post author

    Joe, I don’t promote stores like yoyojoes.com. No one should expect me to mention yoyojoes.com when talking about physical stores like yoyojoes.com


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