PRODUCT REVIEW – The Evil-Yo by Monkeyfinger

You can take nearly any situation, add a monkey, and it immediately makes it better. You want to shoot rockets into space? Let’s throw in a monkey. Is there a seriously frightening disease threatens to overtake humankind? Go find the Monkey. Character in a prime time hit TV show about New Yorkers no connecting with the audience? Give him a monkey, hilarity ensues. Monkeys are interesting to watch and observe, and while they can be cute and help a street rat save the princess, some can rip your face off. Those are the evil monkeys. Monkeys who hide in closets, take over the world, and throw feces at you through the zoo bars. Sure, monkeys can be awesome, unless they are…. Eeeeevillllll. *teeth showing pinky smile*

First Impressions:

Quite the package that Monkeyfinger has put together here for the Evil-Yo. The “Return Top” (which I will from now own refer to as a “Yo-Yo” since I am not Canadian) was strung up with a yoyoGstring premium thread, wrapped in a black bag with an alternative paisley pattern. In the custom printed box are two Monkeyfinger stickers, two yoyoGstring stickers and a “Made in Canada” tag. For a new company working on their first release, I have to say I am very impressed. Most new companies focus on the yo-yo only for their first release but Monkeyfinger has really taken the extra step.
I rolled the yo-yo out of the pouch, and stopped to rub my eyes a few times. Once or twice in my life, my sight has gone all orange and I can’t distinguish colors correctly. Granted both times I was in extreme pain due to broken bones, but it has happened. This yo-yo is a mixture of pink, orange, red and black splash in a nightmarish randomness. It burned my retinas. I love splash finishes, and I love bright colors, but this is an overload. It looks like it jumped out of an 80’s music video and was beaten to near death by Party Rock Anthem dancers. Alright, it is not that bad, but falls outside of my personal color wheel. My daughter on the other hand loves it so all that really means is that I am an old fuddy duddy.

Comfort and Tech:

  • Diameter: 52.5 mm
  • Width: 42 mm
  • Gap: 4.25
  • Response: CBC pads, accepts flowable silicone
  • Bearing size: C-centertrac
  • Weight: 66 grams

First thought when I saw the shape: “That is going to feel awful in the hand.” First thought when I held it: “Wow, this is kind of nice!” The 52.5 mm diameter and the 42 mm width hit the palm in all the right spots. It measures much larger than it looks. I would have thought that the Evil-Yo was undersized, but at 52mm diameter it falls a bit outside the “undersized” range. If you can’t tell from the pictures, the Monkeyfinger has a deeply concaved wall in the catch zone. This extreme catch zone shape makes for an eye bulgingly huge gap. The outer rim is a two stepped shape. Inside the cup is a stepped grade headed up from the wall to the inner ring grind from the rim. On the inner wall is the Evil-Yo logo and script. It is a bit hard to see against the brighter and loud colorway but is a pretty cool design.
Inside the response area is a pad response, standard bearing seat, and a CBC Center Trak bearing. The height of the bearing seat positions the gap at 4.25mm. Combine this with the huge catch zone and the string centering Center Trak bearing and you have a very large and open platform. The finish pretty smooth. It is nice to the touch but I don’t see any evidence of masking around the bearing seat or response groove.

On a throw:

Have you ever been served a piece of food and going by the look, and smell, you didn’t want to eat it but one bite and you were hooked? Yeah, it’s like that. I didn’t expect to like this yo-yo at all. When I handed it to a sponsored yoyoer who will remain nameless, gave me the quote “I really wanted to hate this but I love it.” The Evil-Yo is devilishly smooth, rock solid, and has an extremely well balanced play feel that you would not expect from a yo-yo that is mostly rim weight. The Evil-Yo plays fast and solid but has a personality on the string. When I say personality, I don’t mean vibe, wobble, or tilt; I mean performance cockiness level of personality. The inverted catch zone pushes the string to the center quickly and accurately. Some yo-yos tilt when the string misses the center gap but not this one. The Evil-Yo rolls through tricks, daring you to push it further. It whips through transitions and trick segments and as long as you hit your mark it will hold up its end of the deal.
Grinds were something else. The way the catch zone is shaped lends itself to finger grinds perfectly. I worried that the finish was a bit too rough, and Ray even warned me that the finish might take out the string. I checked the strings regularly and thought I was good but about mid-week *SNAP*! The Evil-Yo rips through the string and bounces extremely hard on my slate tile floor. It was a hard throw. It hit the ground harder than Thade slamming into Marky Mark. It bounced about a dozen times at full spin, off the wall and the slate, and slammed into the front door.
I picked it up, took a nail file to the response area, and much to my surprise the freaking thing still spun vibration and wobble free.

Final Thoughts:

Alright, so my biggest write ups were the colorway and the finish. Ray told me that they caught the finish around the bearing seat issue shortly after they sent me mine. As far as the colorway goes, it is pretty awesome when it spins. I understand that Monkeyfinger has a few solid color Evil-Yo’s out there. I can’t really ding them on the colorway because as they say “Beauty is the eye of the monkey holder…” or something like that.
Fact of the matter is, this yo-yo played way, way, WAY better than the expectations I had on it going in. I also applaud the fact that it took a severe beating with large gouges on the rim and still played like it was fresh out of the box. Monkey poop stains or no, that is impressive.

~ $120 at the Monkeyfinger Website and HSYY

Written by Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen who finds monkeys very scary, especially brass monkeys, those funky monkeys…


Chris "Dr. Yo-Yo" Allen is the creator and founder of He has been yoyoing for over 25 years and has a passion for the industry.

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  1. August 19, 2011 @ 11:09 am captainhunter

    Been a huge fan since the first drawings… one of the few yoyo’s I’d like to have a second of!
    Way to go Ray and Tawd! Monkeyfinger is strong!


  2. August 3, 2011 @ 8:13 am Willyo

    In the specs you wrote it has a 52.5mm Diameter, then later on you say it has 54mm diameter. “It is nice to the tough” do you mean touch? Great review by the way as always ; )


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