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New budget yo-yo from YoYoFactory

Price – $21

I saw these at Cal States in March but wasn’t sure if it was ever going to be released. This is an incredible price point

YYF JK Stats:
Diameter: 49.98 mm / 1.96 inches
Width: 38.34 mm / 1.51 inches
Gap Width: 4.51 mm / .17 inches
Weight: 64 grams
Bearing Size: Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: CBC “Slim Pad” Size 19mm OD

Picture and Specs from YoYoExpert.com

15 thoughts on “YoYoFactory JK

  1. J_scap

    Oh hello Aoda Dancing pearl. Oh what’s that? You got your name changed?!?! And lost some weight?!?! AND changed your outfit?!?! AND are charging a higher price?!?! Well I feel like I don’t know you any more, goodbye.


  2. yoyomad8

    I was very disappointed with the quality of the JK I received during the BombSquad pre-Cal States giveaway. It had a very nasty vibe and there were a few dents all around it. A few other people around me didn’t have as bad of luck as I did, but for my standards (which have been influenced by the ususally great craftsmanship of YoYoFactory), the yo-yo was poorly manufactured. The quality was very low for what YoYoFactory is able to produce. I’m not sure if they made any changes regarding this for the upcoming run. I understand that this yo-yo is very inexpensive, but the ratio of cost to quality didn’t quite match up for me. I would be more willing to spend more money on a higher quality yo-yo in this case.


  3. Kanah

    I drove all the way to Sacramento from Chico to get my ‘grab bag worth more than $20′ from the Bomb Squad event the night before Cal States (which I drove back for). I payed $20 dollars for mine and $20 for my girlfriends, when I opened them up I found 2 equally vibey yoyos with machine marks all over them. They were also responsive due to the incredible amount of lube inside one of the poorest quality bearings I’ve ever seen. The bearing broke apart when I tried to take it out.

    On the up side I sold a drunk guy a JK with an upgraded bearing for $20 at Cal States, he seemed pretty stoked about it, and I got to pay for parking :)


  4. SloppyBinds

    I heard that they are 88% aluminum and 25% melamine which would totally account for the vibe and what appears to be laser engraving. Trust me. Weren’t no laser cats here, breh.


  5. Christian P.

    Just Kato! :D.
    I am aware that this is an Aoda yoyo, as they did the same with the SuperWIDE. But I’m sure there are also a few differences like weight or something.
    Outsourcing to the best.


  6. J_scap

    the aoda miracle is 2mm wider and weighs in at 71 grams, I’m not too sure about the super wide but the only thing I know about that is it’s 2mm smaller than the miracle.


  7. gary

    hey bro’s.

    Bought a production JK for the hell of it. I have experienced none of the problems yall have.

    I Love It!! Unresponsive and super smooth. The small size, catching me off-guard at first, actually is quite hefty and fun to play with. Slacks, lacerations, whatever, it does it all with aplomb. Also enables me to hone and get better at chopstick combos.

    The finish on mine is slick. Not 100% smooth and perfect. but 90% serious. If you knock it against something tho, the metallic paint does come off.

    However for around 20 bucks, you really cannot go wrong. For the record, I enjoy it more than my Northstar, but less than my Protostar.

    Obviously this is comparing apples and oranges with the finish, size, weight, materials, so it’s really just my opinion on how it enjoyable it is to play with.

    (fyi Protostar is insanely awesome, and all I really need for 1A, barring hubstack stuff)

    Best bang for my buck since the yellow, orange, and gray FH1 way back when lol.

    I’m going to order a few more JK’s. and that’s No Joke.


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