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In the world of yoyoing, 4A is one of the most entertaining styles to watch. The level of difficulty of some of the tricks that players are pulling off today is just mind-blowing. And when the subject of “mind-blowing 4A players” come up in conversation, its more than likely that Team YoYoJam’s Ben Conde would come to mind. Ben pulls off the most insane tricks you will ever see, and when I found out that YoYoJam was creating a signature offstring yoyo for him, you bet that I was quite excited to try it out for myself. If its for Ben Conde, you know its gonna be BIG.
Go Big to be exact.

First Impressions:

I took the Go Big out of its box and the first thing I noticed was that it had a very similar appearance to the YoYoJam Aquarius, which was the most common 4A yoyo of choice a few years ago before it was discontinued. Upon picking it up, I noticed that the Go Big seemed to feel a bit more solid than the Aqua, as well as a bit heavier. The Go Big has the nice mirror sidecaps that many of the newer YoYoJam product line features, which makes for great stage visibility in competition. Just looking at the yoyo, you can tell that its made for a 4A player, by a 4A player.

Comfort and Tech:
Weight-80.4 grams
Width-47.17 mm
Diameter-72.69 mm

In the hand, the Go Big sat quite comfortably. There is a slight rise where the rubber meets the plastic, but it isn’t too noticeable. The shape is well curved without any sharp edges that would feel uncomfortable. The rubber felt very much like the rubber you would find on the Aqua. Not too soft, not too hard, pretty much the perfect balance in between. [editors note: the Go Big is a YoYoJam Pinnacle with Rubber offstring rims]
Upon taking the yoyo apart to check out the insides, I noticed that the Go Big seems to use a slim size C bearing. It made me wonder if this would cause the yoyo to have a tendency to travel forward on a throw. I also noticed that the Go Big uses YYJ Silicone O-rings, which is quite a bit different from the Aqua or the Yoyojam Fiesta which both used a thin gap/circular cut-outs in the plastic. This is definitely a much more modern 4A throw.

On a Throw:
I put the Go Big through everything I could throw at it.
First of all, the throw. I am very particular about my 4A yoyo’s set up, and I usually prefer to have my throws to have a bit of “kickback” on a throw. Some 4A yoyos have a tendency to travel in a forward motion on a throw, while others will have a tendency to travel back towards you a bit. I like finding a happy medium in between.
The Go Big falls into the category of “forward traveling” 4A yoyos for me which required me to adjust my throw a bit. I have been throwing Duncan Hayabusas for a while that actually have quite a bit of kickback, but once I got used to the forward throws I found the Go Big to be a really nice player.

It took a bit of breaking to get the Go Big’s bearing playing how I wanted it, as without the broken in bearing the yoyo is quite responsive. But once I got the bearing broken in, it was smooth sailing from there.

The Go Big spins very smoothly without any hint of a vibe. On the string, it handles railing tricks with ease. Bounce tricks work quite well, though not quite as well as a BigYo or Fiesta due to the material being rubber instead of a hard plastic. Regens work very well, but due to the yoyos thinner gap, I found snags could occur more often if you aren’t careful.
For horizontal 4A tricks, the Go-Big stays on the correct plane very well thanks to its rim weight.

Final Thoughts:

YoYoJam obviously has most of the market for 4A, and the Go Big is another great yoyo for them to add to the list of successful 4A throws. I do wish that the Go Big had a bit more kickback, but with time, I found myself being able to adjust. All in all, this is a great 4A throw, and one that I can see many players using in competition. And the things that this yoyo is capable of, Ben easily shows it off.
Awesome yoyo, for a great price.

~$30 available at almost every Online Yo-Yo Store listed on the right hand side bar.


Chris "Dr. Yo-Yo" Allen is the creator and founder of YoYoSkills.com. He has been yoyoing for over 25 years and has a passion for the industry.

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  1. January 18, 2013 @ 9:40 am Joe Hanks

    It works with Lateral Caps too.


  2. November 11, 2011 @ 5:13 pm Koenigseggfire

    I tried to get into 4a but it never world out for me. I just couldn’t get past whips and rolls.


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