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It seems that yoyos are constantly changing as the years go on. Shapes and weight distribution, gap width, and response types are always changing, and companies are always striving to bring out the best new throw for the players. Yoyojam has been consistently creating 4A yoyos that cater to all the 4A players of today, and they have a long history of great products that have used throughout the years.
The Yoyojam Fiesta had been the replacement for the Aquarius, and was met with great reception by the community. But Yoyojam decided to take this yoyo a step further into the even more modern 4A throw, with the creation of the new Fiesta XX.
Is this new generation of the Fiesta another win for Yoyojam and their long history of 4A throws? Is the new XX a significant improvement to the original?
I was happy to put this new yoyo to the test.

First Impressions:

I received the XX in the signature clear plastic Yoyojam box which I am quite glad they went back to using. I noticed that from the front, the yoyo looks very much like the original fiesta minus the nub that sticks out from the center. Solid color, with plastic mirror caps, relatively simple design. Upon viewing the yoyo from the side however, I noticed a distinct difference. The shape of the XX has some significant differences than that of the original.
There is a much greater step from the outer rim area into the central hub area. I imagined that this would be a nice finger grind zone.
I also noticed that the XX has a bit of a flat rim where as the original fiesta had a somewhat sharper rim. I actually prefer the flat rim look myself so I consider that a good choice.

Comfort and Tech:

Weight-80.9 grams
Width-50.24 mm
Diameter-77 mm

I immediately noticed how much heavier the XX felt in the hand compared to the original.
The original weighs about 69 grams while the new XX weighs in at a quite heavier weight of 80 grams making it a bit over a 10 gram difference. For any yoyoer, you know how much of a difference that is for a yoyo.
The feel of the XX in the hand is quite nice. Doesn’t feel awkward like some larger size 4A yoyos can feel. The finish on this yoyo is quite smooth with an almost “satin finish” sort of feel to it. For those that have held the original fiesta in the hand, I can honestly tell you the the XX feels MUCH more solid than the original. And its not just the extra weight. The build of the yoyo feels much more durable which one could easily determine immediately

On a Throw:

I had an issue with the bearing that came with the XX. I gave the XX a throw and attempted to bind, but the string just slipped out of the gap. I tried a double wrap and still the same result. I noticed that a standard C size bearing was installed so I decided to swap it out for a thin c size bearing and giving it another throw. Thats where the magic was. Nice tight binds, but not so tight that it didn’t throw out well following the bind. I often talk about a 4A yoyos amount of “kickback” when I do my 4A reviews (which is the amount a yoyo will travel toward you after the throw) and I am very particular in my preferences. The XX has a great kickback level that travels ever so slightly forward but not so much it feels uncomfortable to catch. “Railing” tricks where the yoyo swings in a flow along a string work very well as the gap isn’t so thin that it could cause any snagging. Regens and re-catches took a little while to get used to as the gap is a bit thin. This results in you having to be quite careful to not get too much string bunched up on the re-catch. Bounces are superb on the XX I found. The material is just right for a good bounce that wont send the yoyo rocketing at high speeds away from you during a drop. The XX stays at just about the same location for a good 2 bounces which is great for when freestyling on stage as you often find yourself having to try to re-catch a yoyo after a drop. Smart choice on the material there.
Grinds as I had suspected, ended up being perfect. The finish proves to be a great grinding surface that will allow you to pull off some very difficult grinds that just weren’t possible on the original fiesta. Obviously, the extra weight in the rims also plays a big role in that element.

Final Thoughts:

I had originally questioned if Yoyojam really needed to be creating another fiesta. And after throwing this thing for a few weeks, I can honestly say that this was the right choice. Much improved from the original, this throw plays as well as some of the higher priced delrin 4A throws out on the market today, and I am sure that many a 4A player will agree. Great design at a great price. Its easy to see why Bryan Figueroa tears it up with this awesome throw.

Written by Josh Yee

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  1. January 8, 2012 @ 10:50 am Bryan

    The Fiesta XX is made especially for 4A.


  2. January 8, 2012 @ 3:42 am Robert

    I want one of these so bad. I’ve been looking for a good throw to learn 4A on and I have a flying panda and a Hyabusa, but I’m looking for something a little more 4A oriented(like entirely)


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