Three big mergers in the Yo-Yo world!

Monkeyfinger and Yoyojam will be merging.  The new company name will be FingerJam. YoYo Zeekio has announced they will be merging with Caribou Lodge.  The new company will be called, Zeek-a-Bou. Duncan and Yomega will be merging, their new company will be called, Yoncan.  Their flagship yo-yo will be the ButterBrain. Got any suggested mergers? …


YYJ Prototype #yoyoskills

From the YoYoJam Facebook page: “Just got a chance to test out Bryan’s prototype… and wow, I am really amazed with the work he put into this! More to come. Sorry for the tease, I am just really excited for this one! – Ben” Well I think its safe to say this will be an…