Doc’s Review | Zeekio Quasar

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Machined delrin is one of those luxury materials that everyone says they want, but once a yo-yo comes out the requesters balk at the price tag.  I have seen many machined delrin yoyos, both good and bad over the last few years.   The Milk by Crucial is one of the best yoyos of all time, and the DBYY Gung Fu is a classic favorite of mine.  On the other hand, the Lucha Libra by Throw Down was a disaster that ultimately destroyed the brand.  While it is cheaper to use a mold and celcon, it just doesn’t have the same feel as a truly machined derin.  The problem is that delrin is a fickle product to work with and the result is usually an expensive yo-yo leading to yo-yo buyers to drop Grandma’s birthday check on a new metal instead.  Enter Zeekio, a mid-budget brand from the people behind  Zeekio has been working on an affordable mid-budget machined delrin with metal weight rings to fulfill the delrin gap in the sub $50 yo-yo market, and the Quasar seems to be just that.


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No Limit YoYo – Polish yo-yo company

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Details are scarce, but it appears that there is a new yo-yo company in Poland called No Limit. Their first yo-yo is called the Starter which looks like a re-capped YoYoFactory One. Mateuz “Gacek” Ganc and a few other familiar YoYoFactory faces seem to be linked to the team, so it may be a marketing drive geared towards the Polish market. Regardless, the videos are gorgeous. The first video appears to be instructional, while the second is more promotional.