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3Yo3, making a 4a yoyo?

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I saw this come across Yoyoexpert.  Landon has made an offsting yoyo out of delrin.  It looks interesting.

-Diameter: 73.45 mm
-Width: 48.82 mm
-Weight: 91.00 grams
-Bearing Size: C
-Gap Width: 3.00 mm
-Response: General-Yo thin Hat Pads (also accepts flowable silicone)

Mr. J Review: 3Yo3 Ti5

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Well it is time for another review. However, I’m kinda stepping out of my element by reviewing an actual production yoyo opposed to a modification. So a few weeks ago I was reading some responses on a forum about the new 3Yo3 Ti5. I thought to myself, “that would be cool to review.” So I got in touch with Landon and voila it showed up in the mail week later. This yoyo has a cool back story. Landon threw the idea around the community about possibly taking a stab at a titanium yoyo. Landon is one of the best mechanist out there. So naturally this idea caught fire. Landon came up with several designs and asked the community to vote for their favorite. The result of this Code 1 like process was a full size, titanium yoyo.
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3YO3 Titanium – First Photos

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Landon Balk from 3YO3 has posted the first photos of their new titanium yo-yo.

So the Titanium’s finally underway!! Should have all of them back from the machine shop next week.  Here’s some shots of the first one off the lathe!

You can see the rest of the photos here.

Slithering Hippo – The Paperweight

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Andrew Donnelly, owner / proprietor of the new yo-yo design company “Slithering Hippo” sent me a picture of their prototype “Paper Weight” yoyo. if the design looks a bit familiar, it should. Landon Balk of 3yo3 was signed to do the machine work for Slithering Hippo. With that kind of machine work wizardry, we should expect some good product.

The Paper Weight (Working Title)

Diameter – 50mm
Width – 38mm
Weight – 40 Grams

Wow, this is a light one. Looks to be a really unique and fun throw! Full size diameter, a tad thin, and really light. Count me in!

X-Cube inspired 3YO3?(update)

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This was pointed out to me by erricrice. Images found on facebook.





I’m going to see if I can get some info from Landon.

Here is what Landon had to say.

Right now the specs are a little off, at 62 grams, and a tiny bit narrower, but the production ones I’ll be shooting for the same specs as the originaly Steamroller. The only real difference is the gap width & bearing size, since I’m using C bearings its just a tad thinner. Look for these to be very limited & dropping in the next couple months!

PRODUCT REVIEW | The Omnicron X by 3yo3

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Landon Balk is a wizard. I can imagine his surprise when his invitation from Yogwarts, School of Yo-Yo Wizardry arrived that fateful day. The joy he must have felt when assigned to Modffindor must have been a delight to witness. The story of his victory over Jugglemort (the evil lord of magical juggling) is the stuff of legends….. Alright, I think I stretched that out long enough. Bottom line is that Landon Balk does amazing work and his recent first place win in the Modding contest at Worlds is a testament to that. His latest release is the Omnicron X, a metal anodized variation of the acrylic Omnicron. The Omnicron X is a co-design between Landon Balk and 3yo3 team member CJ Atkinson. It is CJ’s signature yo-yo.
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Teflon Yo-Yo – 3yo3 Grind King

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Landon Balk, always thinking.

This thing is a GRIND KING!!! 720 degree thumb grinds ALL DAY LONG. I made this throw with 2 goals: long long spins, and un-real grinds.

Teflon.  Complete, pure, unaltered Teflon.  Not Delrin, TEFLON.

Diameter: 49.20 mm
Width: 39.55 mm
Weight: 68.1 grams
Bearing: C size
Response: Recessed Hat Pads
Gap Width: 4.08 mm

Product Review – The Volume by 3yo3

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Turn it up. Lean in close. I have a secret I want to share with you. You ready? Are you sure? Here it comes…. *whispers* Landon Balk knows his stuff. OH YEAH, I said it. Landon Balk, 3yo3 running, hand yo-yo turning, Mello Yello drinking basket of pure yo-yo creation talent, knows exactly what he is doing. When it comes down to unique yo-yo creations that surpass all expectations, Landon is a master. Landon’s latest indy creation is a delrin beauty called the Volume. Crank up your computer speakers to your favorite SteroMood.com channel, grab a frosty carbonated beverage, and join me as I run the 3yo3 Volume through the review gauntlet.
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3yo3 reveals the CMA

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From LandonBalk.com

After playing nothing but a Ceephax and Collabricon for a few months, I had to come up with a new concept. I wanted the full size diameter of the Collabricon, but with a wider gap, like the Ceephax. The CMA is the result. I took all the dimensions of the Ceephax, and scaled them up to a full size. It’s an absolute blast to play with, and is my new go-to throw. It definitely plays “like a metal”, and flaunts a huge IRG that’s hard not to hit.

The CMA is available in a few different options of colors and finishes. The Rainbow finish is my favorite. 3yo3 continues to impress me with Landon’s designs and machining ability.
>> LandonBalk.com

: Captured : – 3yo3 Cosmo

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New ongoing feature here on YoYoSkills.  I think I have expressed how much I am getting  into Photography recently so I thought that a new ongoing segment focusing on Yo-Yos in Photography might fit here on YoYoSkills.com

To start us off, here are some of my recent shots with the 3yo3 Cosmo by Landon Balk.

YoYoSkills.com Birthday Contest – REVAMPED! SEVEN PRIZE PACKAGES? Announcement #4

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