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3Yo3, making a 4a yoyo?

I saw this come across Yoyoexpert.  Landon has made an offsting yoyo out of delrin.  It looks interesting. Specs; -Diameter: 73.45 mm -Width: 48.82 mm -Weight: 91.00 grams -Bearing Size: C -Gap Width: 3.00 mm -Response: General-Yo thin Hat Pads (also accepts flowable silicone)

Mr. J Review: 3Yo3 Ti5

Well it is time for another review. However, I’m kinda stepping out of my element by reviewing an actual production yoyo opposed to a modification. So a few weeks ago I was reading some responses on a forum about the new 3Yo3 Ti5. I thought to myself, “that would be cool to review.” So I…


ILOVEYOYO and 3YO3 are collaborating on an acrylic version of an ILOVEYOYO yo-yo. Here is the first prototype. Have a look at the first acryllic prototype of our 3YO3 collaboration. It’s a Falcon. A mighty beauty. We’re still looking for the best suited model of our line up for this material. Exciting!

Slithering Hippo – The Paperweight

Andrew Donnelly, owner / proprietor of the new yo-yo design company “Slithering Hippo” sent me a picture of their prototype “Paper Weight” yoyo. if the design looks a bit familiar, it should. Landon Balk of 3yo3 was signed to do the machine work for Slithering Hippo. With that kind of machine work wizardry, we should…

3YO3 Titanium!(update)

That’s right, Landon is tinkering with the idea of producing a titanium yoyo.   I found this over on Theyo.com; http://theyo.com/yoyo/showthread.php?t=67506 I spoke with Landon via email and he told me that there was more to come. Ideally I want a good number, maybe 10, & then have people vote on which they like most….

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