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#WYYC2013 1a, AP and 5a results WITH video! #wyyc

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Fresh off the presses, your new 5a, AP, and 1A Champions of the WORLD!!!!!

Video courtesy of Duncan Toys and YoYoFactory

1st place:
János Karancz

2nd place:
Christopher Chia

3rd place:
Luis Enrique

1st place:
Takeshi Matsuura

2nd place:
Tyler Severance

3rd place:
Samm Scott

1st place:

2nd place:
Tuan Chih-Min

3rd place:
Chang Tsu-Wei

Full division breakdowns will be posted once pictures get online

ILYY Nile – First Look

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I got an email from Frank this morning linking me to a blog post about the newest yo-yo called the “Nile”.

  • Diameter: 56.00mm
  • Width: 44.00mm
  • Weight: 66.20g
  • Gap: 4.20mm
  • Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
  • Bearing: ILYY KMK metric

The Nile is ILYY entrance into the “center weight” design world. As for the name…

I took some inspiration for the name from one of my favorite metal bands – Nile. I was listening to their music while designing the yoyo. The name also serves as great basis for an awesome engraving that has yet to be created. The Egyptian mythological theme will be realized by a certain coating or color way.

You can read the entire design story over at ILYY.de

Darnell 5Airston

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Darnell Hairston is a member of the Cleveland Yo-Yo Club and is the protege of Steve Brown. Kids got some serious skill. Video shot and edited by Brandon Jackson

Diamond Noir pulls in the 5a Patent

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Diamond Noir is a new yo-yo manufacture out of Singapore. They also have the privilege of being the second company to license the Duncan 5a Patent for their product releases. Diamond Noir’s models to include counterweights are the “Celestial” and “Celestial Deuxieme”. Both models will come with a counterweight. Word it that the counterweight has a system that allows the player to customize the weight.

Diamond Noir

Product Review – The YoYoJam Destiny & Bearing 5a Dice

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I used to be obsessed with comics. I would hit up the comic book store every Wednesday after school and drop my hard earned pizza money on stacks and stacks of comic books featuring Green Lantern, Captain America, Superman, Spiderman and of course the X-Men. I was all about the X-Men. There was one character that always seemed to cameo in big stories that I could not stand. Destiny. Destiny was a mutant that could see the future, which is cool and all, except she NEVER TOLD ANYONE about it. There would be some huge reveal like, Prof X finding out he had a non-mutant son who was running for the senate on an anti-mutant campaign and they would visit Destiny and she would not be there but her journal or notes would be left behind conveniently detailing everything that just happened. Having the ability to see the future is cool. Having the ability to see the future and refusing to help out your friends just makes you a jerk.
Unlike the Marvel mutant, this Destiny looks pretty cool. The YoYoJam Destiny is the signature yo-yo of the three time 5a champion Takeshi Matsuura. It is also the flagship model of the YoYoJam 5a line and features their new ball bearing counterweight.

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YoYoJam Destiny and YYJ’s CW(?)

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Takeshi’s signature yo-yo looks about ready for production but what is really interesting is the YYJ counterweight in that picture. I have been waiting to see what YoYoJam does with the Duncan Counterweight license and this… this looks interesting.

YoYoJam Licenses the Duncan 5a/Counterweight patent

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Image from YoYoJam.com
Remember that licensing agreement for Counterweight “style of play” Duncan has been working on? Well YoYoJam is the first to get a license for it.

With this agreement, YoYoJam becomes the first official licensee of this style of counterweight play within the yo-yo market.

“On the heels of a successful World Yo-Yo Competition where YoYoJam team member Takeshi Matsuura placed first in the counterweight division, it made perfect sense to partner with Duncan to launch YoYoJam counterweight play yo-yos”

–Valerie Aaron, YoYoJam’s Vice President.

Duncan holds US Patent 6,371,824 titled “Yo-Yo and Method for Using a Yo-Yo”. This method of yo-yo play created in 1999 by National Yo-Yo Master Steve Brown is performed by attaching a counterweight to the end of a yo-yo string allowing the player to perform tricks without the yo-yo attached to the finger. It has revolutionized yo-yo play and has grown to become one of the most exciting divisions (5A) in national and world competition.

“We at Duncan, are proud to have YoYoJam as our first licensee of the counterweight patent and look forward to working with them to continue to grow what has become the 5A style of competition yo-yo play. YoYoJam’s reputation for innovative, high quality yo-yos will provide more choices for players to experience Duncan’s patented style of play”

–Mike Burke, Duncan’s National Sales and Marketing Manager.

So, what kind of counterweights do you think YoYoJam will sell?

Source :
>> Yo-Yo.com
>> YoYoJam.com

PRESS RELEASE : Duncan Announces Counterweight Licensing Agreement and Official 5A FAQ

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Recently there has been a large amount of uncertainty in the yo-yo community and industry about what is and isn’t allowed regarding counterweights, counterweight play, and other companies using counterweight play in their marketing. We here at YoYoSkills.com collected and drafted what we feel are the most important questions regarding counterweights, and counterweight play and submitted them to Duncan. Flambeau Inc’s (Duncan’s parent company) Senior Vice President Jeff Bush took the time to respond with an official FAQ, as well as a letter to the community.

If you have any questions, or are interested in licensing info please contact them at info@yo-yo.com

At Duncan Toys and Flambeau Inc’s request, I have not quoted any of the press release so there is zero question of authenticity. I encourage everyone to read the letter from Flambeau Inc’s Senior Vice President Jeff Bush and the official FAQ.

The Official Letter and FAQ can be downloaded in PDF Form HERE

REVIEW – The New Breed by YoYoJam

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Somewhere a mad scientist is crying with joy. The Frankenstien creation that defied popular design is out, and is undeniably one of the most interesting throws currently available. A new design, a new hybrid, a new look on full sized yo-yos that says, “Fat yoyos need loving too”. The New Breed takes the much loved celcon body material of the Lyn Fury and Lecacy, and injects the rabid fan demanding metal rims of a Dark Magic. Could the New Breed designed by National Champion Eric Koloski be the sleeper hit of the 2009/10 season? I had to try it, and it delivered. The New Breed by YoYoJam.

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Did YYF slip what Miggys new Signature Yo-Yo will be?

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Over at the treasure trove of posts at the YYF Countdown blog, they cover Tyler getting ready for worlds, and the return of Jessie Garcia! BUT, if you look closely at Tylers picture below, you can see what might be Miggys new yo-yo.


Tyler has also been pulling support from others in the YoYofactory Team with his music a suggestion of John Ando and his yo-yo of choice Miguel Correa’s yet to be released signature throw.


Also, YYF is having a contest. They want to know what you are doing to prepare for Worlds. Me, I am preparing my two giant pillows to cry my giant head into because I wish I was there…. That, and trying to perfect teleportation.
Hit the YYF Countdown blog for more info.