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Anti-Yo Bapezilla2

One note, this is essentially a Vizilla with a classic Bape colorway. Which is still amazing… Quoted from Anti-Yo Founder Kiya Babzani directly: “We’ve made a total of 250 of this yoyo.” The color is “Half Grass Green / Half Candy Blue”.

Anti-Yo Viszilla

Remember the Anti-Yo BPZL, the modernized Bapezilla? It will be getting a wider release under the new name Viszilla. From Anti-Yo’s Twitter: The Viszilla will be Type III Hard Coat anodized in Hot Black and Cool Gray. . . should be in all stores March 28th!

First look at the Anti-Yo DRI-YWET

This Picture was just posted a few hours ago on the Anti-Yo’s twitter page. This is what I was told about the Dri-YWET. The DRI-YWET comes out February 1st at all stores. It’s a YWET that’s been dual-copper coated, weighs about 3 grams more, and comes with flat inner rings. Plays like a completely different…


I found this on Anti-yos twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Anti_Yo Finishing up details on the DRI-YWET, hitting all stores December 23rd. I did not post it because I wanted to get some more info on it first. I did not have much luck until today with this was posted on twitter; First I love the fact that they…

Anti-Yo YWET

Sonny (and Ed Haponik) just posted this up on his Instagram account. The YWET is the long awaited unicorn from Anti-Yo and it looks like we are rapidly approaching a real honest to goodness release pretty soon. THIS IS NOT A BZPL, this is the new version of the YWET.

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