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Anti-Yo Bapezilla2

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Photo Courtesy of Eric Thatcher

One note, this is essentially a Vizilla with a classic Bape colorway. Which is still amazing…

Quoted from Anti-Yo Founder Kiya Babzani directly: “We’ve made a total of 250 of this yoyo.” The color is “Half Grass Green / Half Candy Blue”.

First look at the Anti-Yo DRI-YWET

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This Picture was just posted a few hours ago on the Anti-Yo’s twitter page. This is what I was told about the Dri-YWET.

The DRI-YWET comes out February 1st at all stores.
It’s a YWET that’s been dual-copper coated, weighs about 3 grams more, and comes with flat inner rings. Plays like a completely different yoyo due to the coating/weight.

I love the way it looks. I really like the red hubs with the copper coating. Officially on my want list.


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I found this on Anti-yos twitter http://twitter.com/#!/Anti_Yo

Finishing up details on the DRI-YWET, hitting all stores December 23rd.

I did not post it because I wanted to get some more info on it first. I did not have much luck until today with this was posted on twitter;

First I love the fact that they brought back the old Ant-Yo look to the side effects and second I love that color red. It should have dropped yesterday, but I have not found anything yet.

Anti-Yo YWET

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Sonny (and Ed Haponik) just posted this up on his Instagram account. The YWET is the long awaited unicorn from Anti-Yo and it looks like we are rapidly approaching a real honest to goodness release pretty soon. THIS IS NOT A BZPL, this is the new version of the YWET.

Anti-Yo is Back! For Realz!

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Picture from Sonny’s Instagram (or is it Ed’s Instagram?)

Anti-Yo is back, and this time it’s for reals.

The yoyos we’re about to release are not collaborations with any other company, the halves are machined by One Drop’s machining studio. The rest of the yoyo (design, concept, anodizing, lasering, bearing, packaging, pads, & assembly) is all done in-house by Sonny and I, just like the old days.
We are not going to have a team like we did years ago, but Jake will be involved in the very near future.
Both Sonny and I are extremely excited about all this, more yoyos and news very soon!

Very exciting news from Anti-Yo!

Last Day for the Platinum Plated Bape and Business #calstateyoyo

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Today is the end of the auctions for the Anti-Yo Platinum Plated Bape and Business.
All proceeds go to the California State Yo-Yo Championship prize pool (Thats right, Cash Prizes).
Ebay Auction Links >> BAPE - BUSINESS
If you will allow me to geek out a bit here, BIG thanks to Sonny and Anti-Yo for this sponsorship. These yoyos came from Sonny’s personal collection and I have to say that I am both sad and happy to see them go. I am sad because they are beautiful and so incredibly unique, but I am happy that I can raise this money to make the California State Yo-Yo Championship bigger than last year.
Speaking of which, I have a nice announcement regarding Cal States coming sometime this week.

:Captured: Platinum Anti-Yo Auction – #CalStateYoYo

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Please sir, clean up your drool

Many of you have been waiting for my big Anti-Yo news. Anti-Yo Is sponsoring Cal States. This likely indicates that they plan to return to the yo-yo industry this year. Many thought it was a new release and while that is still likely down the road, right now we have two items extremely rare items that will be auctioned off as Anti-Yo’s sponsorship of the California State Yo-Yo Championship.

Images may be used for blogs/news provided they refer back to this article.

First is a 1 of 2 Platinum Plated Ended Bapezilla

  • The Bape was ended, then polished, then Nickel plated, then Platinum Plated
  • Second is a 1 of 10 Platinum Plated Business

  • The Business was polished, then Nickel plated, then Platinum Plated
  • These are Anti-yo
    This is a platinum ended Bape
    This is a platinum Business

    Auctions will go up once the yo-yo’s are appraised at raw material value (price reserve) and all funds go to the California State Yo-Yo Championship.
    Thank you Sonny, Kiya, and Anti-Yo for sponsoring the California State Yo-Yo Championship!

    What’s up with Anti-Yo?

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    UPDATE: As of 2100pst, the front page is still down, and I did not see any drops.  Looks like I fooled myself.  aww shucks.

    Noticed something this morning….. The Anti-Yo Website is all black.

    We all know how much Anti-yo loves special calendar days, and today is April 1st…..

    Here is a screen Grab at 0714 PST

    Anyone feeling a bit ywetish today?

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