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Product Video Review: Aoda Immortal Star / Eternal Star

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Thought I would mix it up a bit. This week I wanted to try a video review and considering the attributes of the Aoda Imortal / Eternal Star, it seemed like the perfect chance. Warning, the video is long and I babble, but it should take just as long as if you were reading a three page essay from me about the yo-yo as it would to just sit back and listen. For those that actually watch it, there are some jokes in there for you.
Constructive Feedback very welcome, Trolls need not apply.


  • Weight as a Ball/Top – 80.9 gr
  • Weight as a Yoyo (no stacks) – 59.4 gr
  • Weight as a Yoyo (stacks) – 79.5 gr
  • Width – 40.42mm
  • Diameter – 51.9mm
  • Bearing – C Size
  • Response – Silicone Pads


One thing I forgot to mention was how awesome the packaging was. Check the pictures below.


Aoda Little

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Since Aoda products are starting to show up here in the U.S., its time I start reporting on them (the non bootleg ones)

Seen on Facebook.  Specs when I get them


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Not fat, just big boned

I had previously reported that the Aoda Miracle was re-branded as a YYF SUPERWIDE. I was basing this of reports from the field and what I thought was a conformation statement on Facebook. After having the Miracle for a day I no longer think so. It felt to heavy and made me investigate more…..

The Miracle I have from Aoda is:

  • WIDTH – (2 3/8) inches = 60.3 mm
  • DIAMETER – (2 1/16) inches = 52.3 mm
  • Weight – 72.3 Grams

Anyone want to check my math?

The YYF Superwide is:

  • WIDTH –  56.6 mm
  • DIAMETER – 52.9 mm
  • Weight – 67.9 Grams

If anything, the Superwide is a Miracle who hit the treadmill and slimmed up.

So it looks like the SUPERWIDE (which was  a Chinese yo-yo developed for YYF) and the Aoda Miracle are not the same yo-yo.  They look very similar and the SUPERWIDE is “likely” made by the same people as the Miracle, but is not the exact same yo-yo.  I don’t know for sure, so this is pure speculation, but I am willing to bet that Aoda reworked the weight for YYF before licensing (optioning) it to YoYoFactory.

Too Long: Didn’t Read? – Those picking up a Aoda Miracle overseas expecting it to be a YYF SUPERWIDE are going to be disappointed.

:Captured: – The Aoda Immortal / Eternal Star

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I have heard this yo-yo called both the Immortal Star and the Eternal Star. Whatever it is, it is now :captured:
I also learned that it is not a spintop. It just… transforms.
Extremely early feedback. It plays better without the metal stacks. The Stacks are held on with screws, which means you need a tool to attach and detach them. As a ball it is essentially a giant keychain.
– Scheduled for a review in March

YoYoFactory SUPERWide/Monster (Aoda?!?!?)

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Interesting bit of news today from YoYoFactory…

They announced two super wide yo-yos, one called the SUPERWide with another similar design called the Monster.

What you see are two different YoYoFactory yoyos. The SuperWide (left) made in China, and the Monster which was made in the US. They have similar looks but feature different alloys, finishes, and slightly different specs. The Monster is bigger in diameter and a bit wider.

Here is the more interesting part of this:
This gold yo-yo to the left is the Aoda “super wide” yo-yo I and the SyBlog reported on a few months ago. The YoYoFactory SuperWide details state that it was made in China.

YoYoFactory Blog

SUPERwide was designed and produced in China for YoYoFactory. Final assembly testing and QC occurring at YoYoFactory USA.
Economy grade alloy, rubber response pads, SPEC bearing. Ready to perform, at an attractive price.

MONSTER was designed produced and assembled by YoYoFactory USA.
6061 grade alloy, CBC response pads, Center Trac Bearing. The ultimate in wide performance.

So is this the same yo-yo?  Does this mean that YoYoFactory purchased the license for the Aoda design and re-branded it? I don’t think there is anything wrong with this mind you.  There are a lot of companies doing this. I just find it interesting. I am curious to know if we should expect to see other Aoda designs with the YYF logo coming this year. (Again, nothing necessarily wrong with this. Alot of the Aoda designs are pretty cool and we never see them in the U.S.)
Needless to say, with the new attention to super wide designs these yo-yos are very interesting and should be on market very very soon.
>Source – YoYoFactory Blog

UPDATE: Ben has confirmed that the SuperWide is in fact a licensed and re-branded Aoda Miracle.