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Magic Bus Visits Augie at the Chico Toy Museum

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Augie Fash is my Hero.  Honestly, you could not create a more approachable, likable guy with mad yoyo skills if you genetically engineered one in a clean lab.  This video is from an ongoing web series in which a “Magic Bus” visits locations around the states and gives cigarettes to hobo’s (no really).

It is nice to see Augie get more exposure.

Review – YoYoFactory’s The Boss

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Writing reviews, Like a BAAWWS! Posting pictures, Like BAAWWS! Stopping joke now, Like a BAAWWS! Okay, that is out of my system… for now. If you did not get that joke, then you need to do a YouTube search on “Like a Boss.” Kids, get parents permission, it is pretty in your face. This review however, is something that is safe for everyone. You know what is also safe for everyone? Augie Fash. That guy is a walking, talking, awesome machine. When he yo-yos, you can just tell he is having the time of his life. Whether he is surrounded with kids at the Chico Club or eating Jelly Beans in your home office, he is a grateful and honest person that you just love to be around. His last signature yo-yo was the G5+, the parental figure to the Superstar (compare them, you’ll see). His new signature yo-yo is smaller, slimmer, and speedier (Kinda like Augie himself, congrats on the weight loss bro!) You saw pictures of it here first at YoYoSkills.com, and now we have a review. I present to you, one of YoYoFactory’s latest and Augie’s new signature yo-yo, The Boss!

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Augie’s new Signature YYF Unveiled

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The Boss

This ladies and gentlemen is how a yo-yo is meant to play.

Stack-less, post-less, as center weight-less as possible performance machine. Take an eight8eight. Turn up the volume in the rim thickness and you have the right idea. Smooth like it should be.

YoYofactory BOSS


42mm wide

51mm dia

Expected retail $75-80* (limited editions may cost more, stores set their own price)

This looks FANTASTIC.  Can’t wait to try it out.  I love the look, and it is pretty much exactly the size and weight I look for.   Way to go YoYoFactory, and Congrats Augie!
NOTE: I notices something right away, something truly unique.  did you catch it?
Look at this….

Does that look like a bearing seat insert to anyone else?


People in the know are telling me that it is the result of masking the bearing seat before the 2nd anno.

Fair enough.  Just piqued my “Dr. Yo-Yo” senses

Boyd vs Augie – Second Chance for Late Adopters

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Oh man, someone is going to be happy.  A few months ago Augie Fash and Boyd Seth collaberated on a new set of yo-yos and a DVD.  Augie sold them directly, but he also sent Pat a handful to sell.  Well they are finaly dropping.

By the way – they only have 9 BvMs and 21 GM2s (colors no disclosed at this time)!!!
Link, and Promo Video, More Pics and Art after the jump.

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Top Ten Innovations That Changed Yo-Yoing

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How did we go from this:

To this:

The yo-yo is the second oldest toy in the world with a documented history that dates back to 500bc.  To a novice eye, the yo-yo has changed very little. Two discs and a string, what’s to change? To Yo-Yo professionals and enthusiasts such as myself, that statement could not be further from the truth. A Lot has changed.  This is not your daddy’s yo-yo. YoYoSkills.com present the “Top Ten Innovations That Changed Yo-Yo’s”, a retrospective, opinionated look at the physical changes to the worlds second oldest toy.

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Interview – Augie Fash: Gong Show Champion and YoYo Deity

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Name: Augie Fash
Experience: 10 Years
Specialty: Teaching Classes, Performance Awesomeness, Collecting Nectar.

Adding a new title under his belt at the 2008 California State Championship, Augie Fash has quite a large title list. 2004 National Champion, Countless Regional Championships, Gong Show Champion, the new 2008 California State Championship, and to the yo-yoing world, he is the Peoples Champion. He was kind enough to slow down to human speeds to talk to me.

DrYoYo: How do you possible move so quickly and keep your precision? Were you bitten by a radioactive Hummingbird
Augie :No, I just eat radioactive hummingbirds. I slowly digest them over a 12 day cycle while watching the Rocky movies for competitive inspiration.
In reality, much of precision and speed can be attributed to muscle memory. Some of it can also be attributed to trick design though. Tricks that flow naturally are automatically easier to do faster, because they require less sudden halts or changes in the yoyos direction.

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