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Throw: The Yo-Yo Card Game EXPANSION ft. Art by AUGIE FASH

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I am SUPER EXCITED to announce that the one and only Augie Fash will be proving the art for the first ever Throw: The Yo-Yo Card Game Expansion!  This pack of 15 cards can be added to the core set to bring in a more diverse card library and some extremely wacky effects.  Oh you don’t have the Core set yet?  Well get on it already!  This yet to be named expansion will be released next spring JUST in time for a demo table at the California State Yo-Yo Championship in March, and then online shortly after that.

Buy the CORE set HERE, or HERE and soon at Slusny.net for those overseas

Cal States 2012 1a Video Package

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2a is a few posts below
3a, 4a, 5a, and 1a Prelim Finals are still in the editing queue.
The source material really limited the quality of the video, mostly due to the problems described in the 2a post and the fact that the sun had gone down.
Again, we take this, and plan for the future.

The “I LOVE AUGIE FASH” Contest!

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There is one universal truth on the yo-yo community. Everyone loves Augie Fash. You can try to deny it if you like and you can even lie about it, but you know it’s true. Augie is simply awesome personified. To celebrate this universal truth, YoYoFactory sent me a new CATALYST and other goodies to give away in an online contest.

  • 1st Place – A YoYoFactory CATALYST
  • 2nd Place – A YoYoFactory Whip
  • 3rd Place – a YoYoFactory Multitool

Here is how you can win.
Augie is over in Turkey right now was just in Turkey spreading the love of yo-yo so lets all spread our love for him!
Submit a photo or video expressing how much you love Augie Fash. If you do a Photo, it needs to be an original photo that you took and must include the words “I LOVE AUGIE FASH” in the photograph somewhere. If you submit a video – you must express verbally or visually “I LOVE AUGIE FASH”. SHOUT out on a busy street corner. Hold a sign on a street corner. Arrange your Alpha-Bits Cereal, Sky-write, whatever. The more outlandish and insane the better but one requirement: It must be real. YoYoSkills, YoYoFactory, and Augie are not responsible for you getting injured, arrested, or maimed during your participation in this contest. Be spontaneous, but don’t get hurt or break any laws.

Like this, only real


  • All entries must be PG rated. That means no inappropriate body parts.
  • Photo/Video must be original, real, and made for this contest.
  • Upload photos to this Flickr group. Bonus points if you upload also to Facebook and tag Augie Fash.
  • Videos must be uploaded to YouTube with “I LOVE AUGIE FASH” in the title.
  • All entries must be in by August 1st.
  • Image must have a watermark with your name on it
  • Enter as many times as you like

The first week of August, Augie and I will pick the best three entries based on how they react to a sonic screwdriver (we will pick the ones we like).

Here is a live feed of the Flikr group to see current entries.