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Cal States ’13 Prize Pool

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Some exciting news I just posted over on the CalStateYoYo.com website about prize amounts this year.  It is a number I want to see to UP and give away MORE prize money, but to do that I need to sell some of the goodies the Cal States sponsors sent me to help raise funds.

Head over to CalStateYoYo.com to learn HOW TO WIN SOME FREE GOODIES before prior to Cal States, and also help get the contest prize pool even higher!


Also, I don’t know if you saw it, but the Ladder Division this year?  They get a killer Lenovo Tablet .  

Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

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Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

This may not seem like a huge deal but I felt a real sense of accomplishment with how far it has come. I have been messing around with game creation for a while now and not really getting anywhere. I have always wanted to get into game design. I have dabbled a bit here and there but never really got serious. The last few days I dove deep again and started teaching myself the basics and this is the result. It is very very basic and just a teaser at this point, but someday I hope to make it an actual yo-yo themed adventure game.
Who better to be the Hero in our YoYoSkills adventure than 8-bit Humphrey the 2011 Cal States mascot!

Music by Doc Pop
Amazon link for Doc Pop’s Album

Cal States Video Packages

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Early in the morning on Saturday at Cal States, everything was going perfectly, and then all the sudden it wasn’t. My wireless stone refused to connect 4g, Registration was a mess, and the Video production team’s video handler crashed the bed. They scrambled to get it back up but was not able to get it up in 720 as we had hoped. The result is great footage but at 480i, and some iffy sound spots. BUT WE WORK WITH WHAT WE GOT. AMIRITE? Over the next week I will be cranking away at the Cal States footage and compiling video packages based on Division. 2a was my guinea pig and I am happy with the results. More to come soon.

California State Yo-Yo Championship LIVE COVERAGE

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When Saturday Morning rolls around and the MySyTv Video Production team arrive on scene, You will be able to watch LIVE coverage in high definition. Expected time to go live is 10:00 AM PST. The video will play below.
Watch live video from mysytv on www.justin.tv

Also, you can track news directly from the floor on Twitter. Feed is below!
YoYoSkills.com will have the live twitter feed for any tweets using the #CALSTATEYOYO hashtag.

Cal State YoYo Facebook - DrYoYo Facebook

Cal States 2012 – Sponsor Auctions (Batch 1 ends tomorrow night)

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With the success of last years Anti-Yo auctions, I decided that part of what sponsors sent in could be auction product.  This is the first batch, set to go up went on ebay tonight.

All items will start STARTED at $20.12 and be up for 5 days, (except for the Raiders, which will start at 9.95) then a new batch will go up.
Some highlights are the very rare Tom Kuhn No Jives. These only appear once in a great while.

One Drop Dang – Green
One Drop Cafe Racer – Green
c3yoyodesign Halo – Green
c3yoyodesign Winning Bird – Purple with Silver splash
c3yoyodesign Darkstar – Pink with Gold splash
Tom Kuhn No Jive – Starburst Worlds 1999 (Very Rare)
Tom Kuhn No Jive Starburst Vintage – (Very VERY Rare)
Tom Kuhn No Jive – Metallic Green
Tom Kuhn No Jive – Metallic Red Special (Rare)
Tom Kuhn No Jive – Metallic Dark Blue
Tom Kuhn Mini – Stained (Rare)
Tom Kuhn RD1 – Yellow Red
Tom Kuhn Laminated Sleep Machine – Yellos
Yomega Raiders
Yomega Raiders Ex

Cal States – Limited Edition PRE-Contest T-Shirt

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Many of you have noticed that the uber talented Jason Week is doing the art for the 2012 California State Yo-Yo Championship. I want to make sure he gets paid what I think his work is worth so I am releasing the Sketch Variant of his Cal State YoYoKid for a limited time. This is the only chance to get this art in the amazing sketch form on a shirt.

$25 plus shipping. – Half the profits go to Jason the other half is a fund raiser for Cal States. This year I hope to give away an incredible amount of money in the contest prizes.

You can purchase them HERE and if you order two you can get free shipping by using the coupon code FREESHIPUS Coupon Expired… sorry

They will be UN-AVAILABLE on March 4th the day after the California State Yo-Yo Championship.

Want to see more of Jason’s work? Check out his weekly web comic.

Okay here is me wearing the shirt. This is a XXL and a bit baggy on me but you get the point. Don’t not buy it because I am a terrible model.

Due to popular demand, we are also releasing a version of this shirt without type on the back.

California State Yo-Yo Championship Livestream!

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Live Videos by Ustream

Cal States 2011 Sponsors

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A BIG HUGE thank you to all the sponsors that came out of the woodwork for this years Cal States.  Thank you to everyone who has gotten involved and spread the word about the contest.  With a number of World Champions already confirmed for the event, and over $2000 in cash prizes at stake, this years Cal States looks to be even bigger and better than last year. We are also going to have GREAT vendor tables. BombSquadSF – YoYoUniversity – Learning Express Roseville – Crucial Threads – Old City Kites – General Yo – YoYoSkills.com – CYYC and maybe a few more! This event is going to be big!

>> Cal State Yo-Yo Website
>> Cal State Yo-Yo Facebook
>> Cal State Yo-Yo Twitter

Darrell Mitchell’s Signature yoyo by Crucial

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Pictures by Crucial

Pictures by Crucial

SOURCE >> Crucial

Product Review – YoYoFactory California v2 (2010ed)

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I loved the first California. I have a special affection for full sized throws.  The first edition of the YoYoFactory California took the body of the 401k, reworked the bearing response setup, added hub stacks, and labeled it the California. I loved it. Full size and full of personality. I nearly wept when YoYoFactory announced that they were discontinuing it. The DNA was a good full sized replacement, but I always felt that the California got the short end of the production stick. About a week before the California State Yo-Yo Championship, Ben at YoYoFactory dropped me an instant message. “The NEW California will debut at Cal States.” I was pretty much ecstatic. So much had already suddenly got right when it came to setting up Cal States, and this was just a cherry on top. When the pictures were leaked and I saw that little California license plate with a March sticker, I was stoked. I had to have one.  YoYoFactory was kind enough to send one to me.

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Bionic Cal States 2010 by Sector-Y

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Click Me for Sector-Y

When Gabe told me that he wanted to setup a camera and catch footage for a clip video, I imagined that I looked like a kid walking out on Christmas Morning and seeing a Cherry Red bike.

Are you kidding me?  How many languages can I say yes in?  (only one)

Sector-Y is basically the architect for what all yo-yo blogs were, are, and will ever be.  It is an honor to work with Gabe and from now on, to the right, you will see an RSS feed for Sector-Y on YoYoSkills.com.

Respect your origins, compliment your influences, and strive for more.

Click the picture or this LINK to see Sector-Y’s clip footage of the California State Yo-Yo Championship, 2010.