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:Captured: – The Aoda Immortal / Eternal Star

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I have heard this yo-yo called both the Immortal Star and the Eternal Star. Whatever it is, it is now :captured:
I also learned that it is not a spintop. It just… transforms.
Extremely early feedback. It plays better without the metal stacks. The Stacks are held on with screws, which means you need a tool to attach and detach them. As a ball it is essentially a giant keychain.
– Scheduled for a review in March

Nostalgia edition : Captured : – The Stuntman (Now with Video)

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This was the signature yo-yo that almost was….

I was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on my old SNES this week and started feeling nostalgic. I decided to dig out my protos of “The Yo-Yo that almost was”. Back in 1999, I was managing a yo-yo store in southern California and was also working with a machinist to design my own yo-yo. Even back then, I had wild and crazy ideas. Back then, most yo-yos were slim lines that offered a mixture of looping and string tricks. I had the machinist work out two designs. The plan was to approach Yomega, Custom and Playmaxx with the two prototypes to see if they were interested. The yo-yo was called the StuntMan. The idea was that the yo-yoer could land the string on the swappable “StuntPegs” instead of the axle. There were only two sets of StuntPegs created but we had a handful of ideas for shorter, longer, sharper and thinner StuntPegs. It added an interesting element to yo-yoing that, at the time, I thought was pretty unique. Before we could get anywhere with the three companies we were approaching, the market died down (stupid Pokemon) and interest in yoyos had dried up. It was nearly 12 years ago, and the closest I ever came to having one of my design get produced.
Thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing them.

Alright guys, Since you asked so nicely…

Vimeo Link in case YouTube freaks out again
This yo-yo was never designed with the current playstyle in mind, so these are Stunt peg versions of old tricks. I hope you like it.
Gyro Stunt didn’t have a name until recently. Gyro was not a common trick then (if at all) so I didn’t know that is what I was doing. Baby Knievel, is a fun twist on rock the baby, but most of all I loved Lode Runner. Thanks to the fixed peg, the yo-yo climbs the string like a top trick.

: Captured : General-Yo Magnum

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I photographed the General-Yo Magnum with some vintage class vacuum TV/Radio Tubes and electrical manuals because I felt the Magnum had a very vintage feel to it. It plays like a modern precision trick monument, but has this classic vintage feel to it.

: Captured : OneDrop Y-Factor – Jurassic Edition

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This shot is a combination of three shots from an arm grind stitched together.

I wanted a 4th inbetween but the Y-Factor climbed to quickly.

It took me about an hour to capture and about an hour to edit.

As we observe the Jurassic Y-Factor in its natural element, we can see how quickly it climbs to safety away from the cameraman....

High Res >> LINK

: Captured : – 3yo3 Cosmo

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New ongoing feature here on YoYoSkills.  I think I have expressed how much I am getting  into Photography recently so I thought that a new ongoing segment focusing on Yo-Yos in Photography might fit here on YoYoSkills.com

To start us off, here are some of my recent shots with the 3yo3 Cosmo by Landon Balk.