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So you want to enter a contest…

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So you want to enter a contest.

It may be your first contest, it may be your fiftieth.  Either way, the prep is the same.  Everyone has a different learning style, so by all means, embrace what works for you.  Here are a few tips that may help.

1. Song choice.  This drives your performance.  Know the rules of your contest so you know how much
choreography you need to worry about. Don’t just pick your favourite song, as it may not be the best for
your style.  Choose a song that has a beat that is a little slower than your fastest yo-yoing.  When you
get up on stage the stress and nerves will make you rush and make mistakes; choosing the right song
will keep you to a speed where you can land tricks with few errors.

2. Trick choice.  Don’t use your newest trick.  Use the ones you can land Every Single Time.  Mistakes
cost you double, the negative point and the point you didn’t get.  Chose tricks that flow well together as
the smoothness of your routine counts (do your tricks start and end nicely? Are the pauses or
unexpected stops? etc).  If you can, include some variety (some front style, some side style, horizontal,
under the leg, behind the back), but work within what you have mastered.

3. Choreography.  Don’t go overboard.  If its prelim, pick a couple points where starting or finishing a trick
in time to the music works.  If it’s a final, work in some movement, more timing points, try to have at
least one or two tricks where you can make eye contact with the audience.  Again, missed tricks cost
you more than they choreography was worth, so make sure you can land the trick while doing whatever
else you are doing.  I yoyo while walking to work, so I can move and yoyo at the same time.

4. Professionalism.  Find space to acknowledge your audience. If you can be wearing an outfit that
matches the music, all the better.  Those few pauses to indicate the audience should cheer count.  Just
keep them short.

When you practice, make time to run your routine start to finish multiple times every day.      Make mistakes and practice getting past the mistake to your next trick.  Have those spare yoyos ready and run the routine through yoyo changes so you are ready for if it happens on stage.  Practice your audience interaction and choreography, and if you can, do it in front of people.

When you do get up on stage, remember that it’s a contest, one moment in time.  You are there for the love of yo-yoing. Focus not on beating the other guy, but on landing your tricks and sharing what you have created; don’t worry if you make mistakes.  Everyone makes mistakes at contests, and we all have a laugh and smile afterwards and move on to improving for next time.  Please don’t forget to have fun!


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Word from the 44Clash contest organizers is that they are putting the contest on hold.

Regarding holding 44CLASH


We have decided not to hold 44CLASH this year.

We would like to apologize to everyone who was looking forward to attending, and we appreciate your understanding in this matter.

June 2013
44CLASH staffs


This is sad news for 44Clash Japan fans.  44Clash is a very exclusive contest that attracts the best players in the world.  With the success of 44Clash Moscow, I think this is the last thing anyone expected.

Source – 44CLASH


YYJ SURGE | Video Contest – WIN $300

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YoYoExpert and YoYoJam are putting up some cash in an online contest. Check this out:

• Use YoYoJam Surge only.
• Video not longer then 90 seconds.
• 1A style only
• Contest open to everyone and anyone
• One entry per person
• Video must contain a YoYoJam logo and YoYoExpert logo anywhere in the video
• Video must be uploaded on YouTube:
• YouTube video must contain the follow tags YoYoExpert, YoYoJam, Surge
• Submit video on entry page.

Deadline for entries is Friday, July 5th

Judging will be based out of a score of 100 and the top 3 will receive ‘quotes’ from Team YoYoJam:

• Tricks (Ben Conde)
– Technicality 1-10
– Originality 1-10

• Video (Biser Lukich)
– Creativity 1-10
– Editing 1-10

• Overall (Grant Johnson) 1-60

Let’s talk about PRIZES:
1st Place – $300 CASH
2nd Place – NEXT LEVEL Yo-Yo – Acid Wash
3rd Place – Inspire Yo-Yo

Most Views on YouTube – $100 Gift Certificate to YoYoExpert.

While you do need to use a Surge yo-yo, it is a bargain at only $16. You should really have this fantastic plastic in your collection already so this is just another reason.


10 hours of Cal States, time lapsed into under 4 minutes

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For those who have not heard yet, I have stepped down as event organizer and host of the California State Yo-Yo Championship. The 2013 Cal State championship was my fourth and final state contest (for now) as I go back and focus on my masters degree. Cal States is a huge job, and requires planning up to 8 months in advance. I have been putting off my masters degree for a few years as I let things align around me. Now that I have a job that supports it, and my family is ready, it is time. I had to make a grown up choice of which item of my life to put on hold. YoYoSkills is not done yet. There is too much I want to accomplish. Too much left I want to do. Cal States was, is, and has been a huge success for me and after 4 amazing contests I knew that I could let it go and be completely satisfied, happy, and proud of what was accomplished. Cal States is as important to me as one of my family members. The choice was hard to make, but it was the right one.

To name everyone I want to thank would be insane, so:

To my dedicated sponsors
To my esteemed colleges
To my best friends
To my multi-week phone call recipients
To my fellow journalists
To my competitors
To my critics
To my contestants
To my wife and daughter
To my community

It has been an honor to serve as the California State Yo-Yo Championship host for the last 4 years.
With your help and support I have accomplished the goals I set 4 years ago and I am proud of what we have done.
Most importantly, I feel that I can step back, satisfied, and knowing that the future of Cal States is safe.

I am truly going out on a high point

Starting with the 2014 contest, Cal States will be in the hands of the very talented JD Steel.

Signed – Chris Allen
– YoYoSkills.com

SoCal Yo-Yo Championship Results

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This last weekend, the YoYoFactory West Coast tour culminated into the Southern California Yo-Yo Championship run by Tyler Severance. Check out the top three in both divisions, the winning freestyles, and a note from Tyler.

1a Division:

1 – Paolo Bueno
2 – Joshua Ray
3 – Michael Nakamura

1 – Patrick Borgerding
2 – Alex Hattori *
3 – Elliot Ogawa

“I would also like to post a huge apology to Alex and Linda Hattori. Alex Hattori did an incredible
job doing a 3A freestyle in the Open division, but unfortunately there was a mistake made while
calculating scores, and Alex’s 1A Prelim score was used instead of his much higher 3A score. He
didn’t recieve his earned 2nd place title and instead was calulated as 7th. Alex and Linda (his mother)
very kindly asked to see his raw scores and remained persistant during a busy time of the contest.
Showing us a mistake that would’ve other wise gone unnoticed. So I would again like to apologize
to Alex and his Mom, but also thank them for helping us fix our contest systems and try to improve
our accuracy for the future.”

-Tyler Severance

Having run CalStates for four years and assisted with a handful of smaller contests, I know exactly how easy it is to make a mistake like this. I applaud Tyler for what looked like an amazing event and also coming forward and making things right.

Full results after the jump.

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CONTEST: Want to win a free ZRO?

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Chico Yo-Yo Company is holding an offstring trick contest to win a ZRO, Zac Rubino’s signature delrin offstring yoyo.

Details from Chico Yo-Yo Company:

Okay everybody, Chico Yo-Yo Company is holding a trick contest called the Best Offstring Banger (B.O.B.) The rules are simple:
-One entry per person
-Any person may enter regardless of age or sponsorship
-Submit a video of your best “Banger”or “flashy” trick, no tech tricks
-Videos no longer than one minute
-No music may contain explicit content
-Must include the Chico Yoyo Company Logo at the beginning of video
-Email all submissions to chicoyoyocompany@gmail.com
-All entries must be submitted by February 28 at midnight PST
Winner gets a free ZRO!!! 
All entries will be uploaded to Chico YoYo Company so everyone can see your awesome banger!
Try to show off a cool new innovative banger that is unique and original. Good luck!

CONTEST – What can YOU do in 15 Seconds? #Tout UPDATE

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I have been hearing about this new media platform called Tout and it seemed like a lot of fun. It’s kind of like Twitter but for video. Since you can “tout” from almost any smart media device using the app, or your PC through the web, I thought it would be really cool to use this as a contest platform to give away some prizes.

So what am I giving away?
Remember this OneDrop 54?

The guys at OneDrop only made one of these bad boys with the race flags on it, and this is YOUR chance to own it now!

How to enter:
TOUT yourself doing a trick. You only have 15 seconds so be fast
ONE entry per TOUT account
Tag your tout with: #tout @yoyoskills and #yoyo (I know I didn’t mention it in my tout but do it anyway. This is how I will find your entry)
The five MOST IMPRESSIVE (to me) tricks that are “tout’ed will go up for a vote here on YoYoSkills.com

    IF YOU ALSO TWEET AND FACEBOOK YOUR TOUT (using #tout @yoyoskills and #yoyo ) and you are the chosen winner, I will add more goodies to the prize

Contest entries MUST BE Tout’ed by August 10th.

Since I was on Vacation, I was not able to promote this contest as much as I wanted to. I am extending the Tout contest for the one of a kind OneDrop 54 till the end of August.

Lio Contest!

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This was on ILYY’s website.


Here’s your chance to win a brand new 2012 Liopleurodon! All you have to do is make a little yoyo video. Full rules and guide lines can be found via the link at the top.

Third Perspective Review Contest – Win TERRARIA

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A while ago, I purchased a bunch of copies of my favorite game Terraria on Steam because I thought it would be fun to share my favorite game with you, my awesome readers. Also, the guy who created Terraria is a yoyoer so there is that.

How to Enter:
Write a review of a yoyo from a third party perspective. Not just referring to yourself in third person, but a review from the perspective something else, such as: a newborn baby, The ceiling fan, your neighbor’s cat, the aglet on your left shoe, your lonely video game console. ect.
Entries must be in by 5PM on January 13th (PST)
I will pick the ones I think are best and give a Steam Key for Terraria

To Qualify:

  • You must have a computer
  • Must be at least 300 words
  • Must be from the perspective and in character of a random object/thing (i.e. not you)
  • Must be on Steam : SteamPowered.com
  • Must post story in the comment section BELOW
  • and MUST be willing to High Five if we ever meet in person

X³ Video Contest

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 X³ contest

Play with an X³ yoyo, make a video and try to win one of our new yoyo! Pretty easy, no?

Vids should be 1 min 30 max, editing is accepted. Several throws, regens, it’s up to you!

We’re looking for originality, smoothness, skills, tricks , fun, X³ attitude, location,… Don’t fear, newbies, we will also take note of the overall skill level of each player.

Full rules and details can be found here;
Play with old stuff, Win new Stuff!!! Video Contest

YoYoSkills x Vulto Art Contest – LAST DAY

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UPDATE: Tomorrow is the last day to enter this contest!

Yoyo Illustration Contest

Do you have good skills with pens and paper? Show us what you got and create an outstanding yoyo illustration.

Vulto & YoyoSkills teamed up to help you promote your artistic side. You have 1 week to create an illustration and send us the link.

The images are going to be judged by Doc Pop (USA), Caie (Brazil) and Thomas (Hungary) and the top 3 are going to receive a Yoyo Art Pack from Vulto.
The pack has a notebook, customizable sidecaps, stickers, accessories, art supplies and a Vulto T-shirt.

Check this link to see some yoyo illustration references.

Feel free to create any kind of image, even if it’s abstract or surreal. The only rule is that it should be related to yoyoing.

Deadline is November 24th. The winner will be announced on the 25th.

– You can create an image with traditional media or your favorite software. 
– You can upload the images to any site (blogs, Flickr, Facebook, etc). Share the link to your illustration in the comment section below.
– Images should be at least 800 pixels wide.
– Every image should have the YoyoSkills and Vulto watermark. Click here to download the file.
– Offensive images will not be accepted.

McKenna Zentner – Last day to vote

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McKenna Zentner‘s school Morgan HS is is competing in the “We Are Utah” video contest. Her YoYoing (and other skills) video is up for vote right now. If she wins, her school gets $10,000! The contest is supposed to showcase unique talents but there are a lot of singing and dancing videos getting most of the attention.

Head over to the We Are Utah website, click the radio button above her video, and then click the Vote button at the bottom of the page.
You can vote multiple times and with any device that can load up the page. McKenna, YoYoSkills.com is rooting for you!

UPDATE: Today is the LAST DAY to vote to get McKenna to the next round

#NYYC2011 Results – Top 3 in Each Division

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First off, a HUGE congrats to Harold Owens who steamrolled Nationals with this incredible freestyle

Here are the results

1a Top 3
1st – Harold Owens III

2nd – Anthony Rojas
3rd – Gentry Stein

2a Top 3
1st – Joseph Harris

2nd – Grant Johnson
3rd – Yu Tsumara

3a Top 3
1st – Hank Freeman

2nd – Alex Hattori
3rd – Alex Curfman

4a Top 3

2nd – Ian Johnson
3rd – John Narum

5a Top 3
1st – Sam Scott

2nd – Tyler Severance
3rd – Miguel Correa

If you are in Southern California, you better be at BLC tomorrow #blcdxl

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BLC is happeneing in Costa Mesa California this weekend and they are combining the event with the DXL Showdown.  Details are on the BLC website.

If you are at the contest, please tweet txt’s and pictures from the event using the #blcdxl hashtag