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Review – Crucial: A La Mode

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Paul Yath is freaking amazing.  He is honestly one of my favorite people in the yo-yo community. The guy has proven that yo-yoing can be cool over and over again with his unique blend of fashion and skill.  I first met Paul at BAC a number of years ago, and was very impressed with the packaging and presentation of the Crucial line.  Over the years, Paul moved beyond delrin and started making metal throws.  Since Paul is such a heavy 3A player, most of his designs reflect that style.  One of his latest throws is the A La Mode.  The phrase in America usually refers to the Pie with Ice Cream desert and is a slight “tip to the hat” / *wink and nod* to the food based naming convention Crucial likes to use.   A La Mode though, is also French for “In the Style” which is a sly nod to Crucial’s business. Paul sent me an extra A La Mode during the 3(A)pril YoYoSkills promotion and I finally got a week to work it through the review.


  • Crucial Grooved Bearing
  • Amazingly styled bag
  • Poly String


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Crucial A.Y.C.E (All You Can Eat)

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Crucial AYCE

This is what Paul Yath had to say on Facebook about the A.Y.C.E.

The next yoyo I’m releasing from Crucial. I never did an official release of the Metal Tres Leches from 3 years ago and have gotten a lot of request from people to produce it since then. Similar shape, updated design, and new name. Introducing the A.Y.C.E., Kevin Eulalia’s signature yoyo. At $65 Retail, beginner metal is truly all you can eat.

Weight: 67.2 grams
Diameter: 53.48 mm
Width: 44.66 mm

Crucial and YoYoSkills.com present – The 3(A)pril Video Contest – Last Day

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Want to win a pair of brand new, special edition Crucial A La Mode’s valued at $200? Do you throw 3A? YoYoSkills.com and Crucial have joined forces to promote the 3A playstyle. Shoot a video 1-3 minutes long, edited, set to music (PG rated please) and you could win! Upload to Youtube or Video with the tag #3(A)pril by Midnight April 30th and link to your video in the comment section below. The winner will be chosen and awarded a pair of awesome 3A yoyos.


  • Play Style – 3A Only
  • Yo-Yos Used – Any brand you want
  • Video Length – 1-3 minutes
  • Music – No Profanity or Explicit Language
  • Title – Your Full Name: #3(A)pril
  • Logos – Put this in your intro
  • Upload – to Youtube or Vimeo
  • Post – In the comment section below
  • By – Midnight April 30th
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Crucial set to pioneer a change

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Purple color is Plastic, Grey is Aluminium

This is a pretty amazing idea. Paul Yath from Crucial sent me a picture of his new design. While it doesn’t officially have a name yet, it might as well be called the “Anything.” Check out the design above. This will be a series of yoyo shells set for a main metal body. Sitting on the axle from the bearing out the SPR, a plastic shell, and an metal body. The shells will come in a range of shape options.

This is amazing.

Sneak Peak of the Crucial MilkShake proto

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New offstring prototype from Crucial.

Here are some first looks of the prototype for the Milk Shake Offstring yoyo by Crucial. Still in testing phase. I still need to make some adjustments to the mass distribution to get perfect weight and feel. No set release date, but aiming for June. Keep checking back for updates.

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Darrell Mitchell’s Signature yoyo by Crucial

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Pictures by Crucial

Pictures by Crucial

SOURCE >> Crucial

Crucial Delicious preview

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Here are first looks at Crucial’s upcoming yoyo Delicious.  This is the follow up and redesign of the unreleased Metal Tres Leches.  I designed this yoyo with 3A style of play in mind.  The yoyo is heavily rim weighted for long sleep times and a stable throw.  It features a low wall for so there is less tilt when doing velvet style tricks and combos.  Weighing in at 68 grams, it’s more on the heavier side, just the way I like it for 3A:)  Don’t sweat though, this yoyo is fast and is great for single A.  Size specs coming soon.

>> Crucial Blog for Bigger Pictures

Crucial Jirorian

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Picture from Crucial Blog

From the Crucial Blog

Here is a first look at the new extremely large metal, Jirorian. At over 68 mm diameter, you can pretty much eat out of this thing. The yoyo next to it is the heavy cream for comparison. The concept and name of the Jirorian was derived from the mind of Moriki. The yoyo is named after a popular ramen restaurant in Japan called Jiro, where it is known not only for their quality of their ramen, but also the extremely large portions served. I’m definitely going to see what the hype is all about when I’m out there and hopefully become a Jirorian myself. The yoyo weighs in at 75.5 grams. I feel that this weight matches perfect with the diameter for a non floaty feel when doing tricks. It maybe a little heavy for some, so this yoyo isn’t for everyone. Only 50 will be available for it’s debut release at 44 Clash. Ano pics coming soon…

Full sized metal from Crucial? Where do I sign up?!

Crucial Heavy Cream drops… Tonight!

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Picture by uni4rm

Tonight, probably in the next few minutes, the Crucial Heavy Cream is going to drop at the new fashion and clothing web store  uni4rm.com. They are limited to 80 pieces and will include the Heavy Cream, some buttons, and a shirt (little PG-13 warning).

Price is 134.99, Dropping at midnight

Also, Paul is putting his Crucial Heavy Cream #0 (And Autographed) up on eBay.  All proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross to help the earthquake victims in Haiti.

eBay Link