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PRESS RELEASE : Duncan Announces Counterweight Licensing Agreement and Official 5A FAQ

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Recently there has been a large amount of uncertainty in the yo-yo community and industry about what is and isn’t allowed regarding counterweights, counterweight play, and other companies using counterweight play in their marketing. We here at YoYoSkills.com collected and drafted what we feel are the most important questions regarding counterweights, and counterweight play and submitted them to Duncan. Flambeau Inc’s (Duncan’s parent company) Senior Vice President Jeff Bush took the time to respond with an official FAQ, as well as a letter to the community.

If you have any questions, or are interested in licensing info please contact them at info@yo-yo.com

At Duncan Toys and Flambeau Inc’s request, I have not quoted any of the press release so there is zero question of authenticity. I encourage everyone to read the letter from Flambeau Inc’s Senior Vice President Jeff Bush and the official FAQ.

The Official Letter and FAQ can be downloaded in PDF Form HERE