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Chico Yo-Yo Company SpinTop

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Body and cap are machined out of delrin. Tip is stainless steel. Dual large (“C” size in the yo-yo world) bearings stabilize the tip and keep it spinning for a long time. One-way bearing insert will be available soon as well.

Simple hex screw keeps tip and bearings in place. The cap unscrews from the body for easy access to the internals as well as a convenient way to store your string and button.

Comes with string and wooden button.

Weight: 88.5g
Diameter: 57mm
Height with tip: 80mm

Note from Gunter:
I was up in Chico today and got to play around with one a bit. I am not hugely versed in spintops, but let me just say that this thing is a fantastic piece of craftsmanship. It won’t surprise me at all to see features from this spintop become standard in the future.


CONTEST: Want to win a free ZRO?

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Chico Yo-Yo Company is holding an offstring trick contest to win a ZRO, Zac Rubino’s signature delrin offstring yoyo.

Details from Chico Yo-Yo Company:

Okay everybody, Chico Yo-Yo Company is holding a trick contest called the Best Offstring Banger (B.O.B.) The rules are simple:
-One entry per person
-Any person may enter regardless of age or sponsorship
-Submit a video of your best “Banger”or “flashy” trick, no tech tricks
-Videos no longer than one minute
-No music may contain explicit content
-Must include the Chico Yoyo Company Logo at the beginning of video
-Email all submissions to chicoyoyocompany@gmail.com
-All entries must be submitted by February 28 at midnight PST
Winner gets a free ZRO!!! 
All entries will be uploaded to Chico YoYo Company so everyone can see your awesome banger!
Try to show off a cool new innovative banger that is unique and original. Good luck!

Chico Yoyo Company – Kestrel

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Chico Yo-Yo Company is proud to present the Kestrel!
Inspired by the lightweight raptor that can hover in nearly no wind, the Kestrel excels at horizontal play beyond your expectations of an undersized yo-yo.
A slightly undersized yo-yo with a simple profile and clean design. Don’t let the simplicity fool you…this one is a player… Ample rim weight for excellent stability and spin times, a tumbled finish for a smooth handfeel and excellent slip for grinds. The inner ring is slightly undercut to facilitate grinds as well.
Comes equipped with our high quality ABEC rated bearing and our custom silicone pads for response (compatible with flowable silicone and other popular pads on the market).

  • Diameter – 50.5mm
  • Width – 40.6mm
  • Trapeze width – 30mm
  • String gap width – 4.5mm
  • Weight – 64.5g
  • Bearing – Large (C size) ABEC rated stainless steel
  • Response – CYYC Silicone Pad

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Chico Yo-Yo Company ZRO (4a) and SUV

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Check these out – Chico Yo-Yo Company is finally releasing Zac Rubino’s signature 4a yo-yo the ZRO and Sam Ungerer’s new signature yo-yo the SUV. Both will eb at BAC for sale at one of the tables.

About the ZRO

78 grams
3 inch diameter
2.25 inch width
Bearing – Large/Size C, ABEC rated stainless
Response – CYYC silicone pads, compatible with flowable silicone and many other pads

Machined delrin body
Integrated mid-body inner ring undercut
And of course…a small spike for some fun…

The HH-SUV and the ZRO will both be available at BAC this weekend through the YoYoBestBuy table.


Chico Yo-Yo Company – Recurve

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Taking a new look at weight distribution and concepts, the Recurve reshapes your expectations. Reverse curve body shifts rim weight to allow for very fast axis manipulation with incredible stability and playability.

Inspiration for the shape comes from the design of recurve bows and recurve sea walls that are designed to transfer energy effectively. The Recurve directs rim weight toward the centerline of the yo-yo while maintaining minimal string contact. The reverse cut also has the unique characteristic of creating a pressure point that is incredibly effective and predictable for string rejections.

Tumbled, anodized finish is beautiful for grind style tricks, and a subtle undercut rim helps facilitate inner ring grinds.

General availability – March 23rd, 2012.

  • Weight: 67g
  • Diameter: 2.1” (53.3mm)
  • Width: 1.6” (40.6mm)
  • Trapeze Width: 1.45” (36.8mm)
  • String Gap: .18” (4.5mm)
  • Finish: Matte tumbled finish
  • Bearing: ABEC rated, large (C)
  • Response: Silicone pad
  • Run: 46 purple-silver, 2 silver-silver

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CYYC Titanium Bulldog

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Vital Specs:

Weight: 66.5g
Diameter: 1.99″ (50mm)
Width: 1.5″ (38mm)
Gap width: 4.5mm
Trapeze Width: 1.35″ (34mm)
Bearing: ABEC rated stainless steel 10-ball, lightly oiled
Response: Custom cut silicone pads (flowable silicone friendly)
Limited to 10 pieces. Each serial numbered. YoYoExpert.com will be the only place to nab these.

Official Release Date: March 8th, 2012

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Chico Yo-Yo Company – The Roller

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New yo-yo coming from Chico Yo-Yo Company. The Roller is the first of a new line from CYYC designed by CYYC but manufacturered overseas.

Chico Yo-Yo Company is proud to present our new Turnings line of yo-yos. Designed and assembled in Chico, CA but machined at guest machine shops elsewhere.

First up, the Roller.

Classic shape with a step off near the response pad for extra room during intricate tricks. Rounded profile maintains a comfortable and familiar feel. The finely bead blasted surface grinds beautifully. Lots of rim weight for great stability and spin times.

Vital Stats:

  • Diameter: 1.97″ (50mm)
  • Width: 1.6″ (40mm)
  • Gap Width: .18 ” (4.75mm)
  • Effective trapeze width: 1.45″ (37mm)
  • Weight: 65.5g
  • Bearing: Large (.25 x .5 x .1875″ or size C) ABEC rated stainless steel, 10-ball
  • Response: CYYC Silicone Pads – also accepts flowable, YYJ and YYF pads as well

Available at YoYoExpert for a fairly low $65
I have tried this one. I was presently surprised!

Review – The Flyer by Chico Yo-Yo Company

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When I was a kid, I used to get really weird and scary dreams about movies. The weird part is that these movies were not the type that would normally scare someone. A perfect example was Flight of the Navigator. That movie scarred the bejebus out of me. Kid plays in woods, falls down, wakes up 8 years later and finds out he was actually abducted by aliens who sound like PeeWee Herman. This is the stuff of nightmares. Or Neverending Story, when the kid has to walk in between giant SheSpinxes statues who determine if the traveler is able to “feel his own worth”. Most ridiculously, the movie The Wiz had a scene in the Yellow Brick Subway with a crazy puppeteer, demented trash can monsters that would piranha frenzy you and then there are the column monsters… The freaking subway support columns broke away from the mountings and chase you down, live wire sparks and all. To this day that scene from the Wiz haunts me.
For my birthday last August, my good friends at Chico Yo-Yo Company gave me a brand spanking new Flyer. I had played the proto up in Chico a few months prior and remembered likening it. That night I had a dream that was most likely the combination of exhaustion, too many burgers, and the second slice of cake. I was testing the Flyer, but every time I went to throw, something went wrong. The phone rang, a knock at the door, my daughter crying for help, the power going out, the Flyer bearing teach and biting me. At one point I was convinced that my hands were missing. It was an anxiety cluster dream that woke me up in a cold sweat. 2am, I walk into my home office, take the Flyer off my “To be Reviewed” shelf and give it a throw. I had to make sure. Ever since, the Flyer has made me sweat just a bit everytime I look at it.
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:captured: – Chico Anything Kits by CYYC #NYYC2011

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I have been waiting for this.  Thad tossed me a few pairs of these kits over two months ago and I have been waiting ever so impatiently to post them up.

The are Chico Anything Kits or CAK (cake) for short.

It is the axle and bearing seat for a yo-yo that can easily be installed in pretty much anything (as seen above)

CYYC will have these for sale at Nationals at Bird in Hand
Update – There will be TWO kits. One with Bearing and pads ($15) and another without bearings and pads ($TBD)

Product Review | The XL by CYYC

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When I was a kid I loved pro wrestling. The over the top story lines, dramatized rivalries, and oversold falls were like bread and butter to me. I loved the fierceness of Macho Man Randy Savage, the All American Hulk Hogan, the insanity of the Ultimate Warrior, and the villainy of Ted Debiase. The luchadoresque high flyers were always entertaining to watch but for me the real show happened when the giants hit the ring. Monsters like King Kong Bundy, Andre the Giant, and Yokozuna would never cease to make my jaw drop in awe. Bigger was better. The bigger the monster was, the more entertaining it was to see him squash mid-carders and then get knocked down by the hero. My 7 year old self loved every bit of the product being piped to me though my 19 inch rabbit ear tv set. Now my 32 year old self still finds himself falling for the “bigger is better” mindet. I don’t want a Whopper, I want a Double Whopper. I want my TV to be a Big Screen TV. I want my upcoming heart attack to be a BIG Heart attack. While the mentality does not cross all boundaries of space and time for me, I can see where it is creeping in to the hobbies I love. Lately the yo-yo industry has also been finding itself swarmed with giant, superwide, and oversized throws. One of the latest examples is by Chico YoYo Company and is simple named “XL.”
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Product Review – The MANimal by Chico Yo-Yo Company

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Back in the early 80’s there was a short lived TV Show called The Manimal. The hero of the show had the ability to shapeshift into animals and fight crime. For some reason, he shapeshifted into a black cougar and a hawk in every episode which is cool and all but the show took place in New York. Sometimes there would be a third animal, but every episode it was the cougar and the hawk. Perhaps a pigeon and a sewer rat would have been more appropriate. I think I would notice a 300 pound freaking cougar running through the streets. If you are going for pure power with no care to the environment, then why not a Silverback Gorilla and a Pterodactyl? Apparently the viewers thought the same thing because the show didn’t even make it through a full season. The show did have one thing doing for it that has brought it to nearly cult status. The opening montage and theme song were awesome. It was like Miami Vice hit David Bowie into a zoo during feeding time. The opening featured not one, not two, but FIVE cougar growls. The special effects were also pretty advanced at the time and when the show returned in syndication in the 90’s, it actually did pretty well… overseas. So what does this have to do with CYYC’s new yo-yo that shares the name? Nothing, except Bob, Thad, and Richey were huge Manimal fans (I can’t actually back that statement up.)
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The Chico Flyer (CYYC)

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Chico Yo-Yo Company has a new budget yo-yo out.

This is our first foray into the more price-conscious world of metal yo-yos and you will be excited! We went back to the fundamentals and rethought the machining processes, finishing, and then some. Slightly undersized at 50.3mm in diameter, The FLYER fits into a very popular market at a great price.

Source – Bird in Hand

Chico Yo-Yo Co. XL

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Not just large, this one is Xtra-Large! For 2011 we present the XL.

The XL started as an amusing variation of the Manimal and then took on a life of its own. The XL is ‘square’, meaning it is exactly the same width and diameter. Wide, flat rims and a gently sloping U-shaped center region make this super comfortable in-hand. The 73g weight matches the wide profile of the XL nicely. A slight undercut on the lip assists with inner-ring grinds while the matte finish and incredible stability allow for amazingly long finger and arm grinds.

Ridiculously stable, and dead smooth, the XL is a blast to play. And for the over 21 crowd, it works quite nicely as a shot glass too!


Weight: 73g
Width: 2.1″ or 53.3mm
Diameter: 2.1″ or 53.3mm
Gap: 4.25mm
Bearing: Large/Size C – lightly oiled and ABEC rated
Response: CYYC silicone pads

Source >> CYYC Website

Chico Yo-Yo Company – The Manimal

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Chico Yo-Yo Company has been churning out some real cool stuff recently that hasn’t even made it to the interwebs.  This is one of their yoyos they have been sitting on. It is called the Manimal.  They also have the XL and Gullwing but pictures have not been released yet.

>>Source CYYC

Top Shark

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The finished set, created by Richy from the Chico Yo-Yo Company. These are NOT for sale, but really displays Richy’s skill and craft.

“My name is Spencer and I am 8 years old” – A YoYoSkills Video

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Spencer is an extremely talented 8 year old sponsored by the Chico Yo-Yo Company. I am always impressed with what he brings to the table trick and personality wise. He is not only a cool kid to hang out with, he is 100% all about the yo-yo. Saturday I went up to Chico with cameras in hand to capture some of his talent.
Here is the future of this industry.

>> Spencer’s Fan Page >> Chico Yo-Yo Company

Looks like this video is getting some attention. This would be a GREAT video to be spread around. Here are some social links that are currently carrying it. If your a member of these sites, vote it up. I am hoping to get Spencer and this video some real attention.
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>> Reddit

Some appearances around the web:
>> Petersburg Y108 Radio
>> Brian Littlefield (NY Times Best Selling Author)
>> Cleavland Mix106.5
>> Videogum.com (really big deal)
>> ICanHasCheezeburger

Product Review: The Heavy Hitter by Chico YoYo Company

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It has been about a year since I reviewed the Bulldog, nine months since I reviewed the Route 66 and six months or so since I reviewed the Del Toro. I have liked them all very much. CYYC is one of those rare companies that I can honestly in my opinion say has not released a bomb. When you get a group of guys with combined century of yo-yo experience together to make yoyos, you should expect great products to be produced. The Chico Yo-Yo Company has done just that. Both the Del Toro and the Bulldog are well loved throws. When Thad pulled me aside at Nationals and handed me a Heavy Hitter, I knew I was in for a treat. This is the fourth release for the Chico Yo-Yo Company. In the cleanup position, the Heavy Hitter.
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