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Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

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Yo-Yo Adventure Teaser ft. 8-bit Humphrey

This may not seem like a huge deal but I felt a real sense of accomplishment with how far it has come. I have been messing around with game creation for a while now and not really getting anywhere. I have always wanted to get into game design. I have dabbled a bit here and there but never really got serious. The last few days I dove deep again and started teaching myself the basics and this is the result. It is very very basic and just a teaser at this point, but someday I hope to make it an actual yo-yo themed adventure game.
Who better to be the Hero in our YoYoSkills adventure than 8-bit Humphrey the 2011 Cal States mascot!

Music by Doc Pop
Amazon link for Doc Pop’s Album

RecordSetter Book of World Records – Page 91

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I think this is pretty cool –

The Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo ( Version 2 is current record and featured in the book) almost landed me a spot on David Lettermen, but they decided last minute that they wanted the string to be 50 feet and there was just no way to do it. Bummer. About 6 months ago I got a call from the Workman Publishing book where they interviewed me for the RecordSetter Book of World Records. I pretty much forgot about it until recently they called again for my address. I didn’t know to what extent I would be covered and was very surprised that I landed on the first page of Sports and Games and that they also plugged YoYoSkills.com.

Video of the current record for those that haven’t seen it yet

Thanks to RecordSetter and the Publishing Company. The book is currently available for Amazon.com and at Barnes and Nobles

Many Happy Returns, Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen

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Splugen here, editor at large bound and determined to poke fun at Chris on his 32nd birthday

Sure, he’s getting older, but here’s a semi-embarrassing picture of him before he was older!

Chris at 11 years old

Say it with me now, D’AAAWWWWWWW

Hey, it’s your birthday! Good job! Thanks for the whole yoyo website and all that!

Alright, now everyone tell Chris how ADORABLE he is and embarrass him greatly. GO!

Nostalgia edition : Captured : – The Stuntman (Now with Video)

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This was the signature yo-yo that almost was….

I was playing Super Mario Bros 3 on my old SNES this week and started feeling nostalgic. I decided to dig out my protos of “The Yo-Yo that almost was”. Back in 1999, I was managing a yo-yo store in southern California and was also working with a machinist to design my own yo-yo. Even back then, I had wild and crazy ideas. Back then, most yo-yos were slim lines that offered a mixture of looping and string tricks. I had the machinist work out two designs. The plan was to approach Yomega, Custom and Playmaxx with the two prototypes to see if they were interested. The yo-yo was called the StuntMan. The idea was that the yo-yoer could land the string on the swappable “StuntPegs” instead of the axle. There were only two sets of StuntPegs created but we had a handful of ideas for shorter, longer, sharper and thinner StuntPegs. It added an interesting element to yo-yoing that, at the time, I thought was pretty unique. Before we could get anywhere with the three companies we were approaching, the market died down (stupid Pokemon) and interest in yoyos had dried up. It was nearly 12 years ago, and the closest I ever came to having one of my design get produced.
Thought you guys might get a kick out of seeing them.

Alright guys, Since you asked so nicely…

Vimeo Link in case YouTube freaks out again
This yo-yo was never designed with the current playstyle in mind, so these are Stunt peg versions of old tricks. I hope you like it.
Gyro Stunt didn’t have a name until recently. Gyro was not a common trick then (if at all) so I didn’t know that is what I was doing. Baby Knievel, is a fun twist on rock the baby, but most of all I loved Lode Runner. Thanks to the fixed peg, the yo-yo climbs the string like a top trick.

Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo (v2.0)

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Dramatically reduced the Gap
Increased the weight
Added weight rings
Thanks to the Lincoln Fire Department for letting me use the Training Tower.

There is no way throw a yo-yo this size and weight hard enough to get it to return all the way back to the hand, so My goal was to get it to return at least 70%. I think I accomplished that (and a little bit more).
I think if I was on a Crane and didn’t have to try to keep the yo-yo from hitting the side of the structure, it might have come up farther.
This is the final version.
Worlds Largest Handheld Yo-Yo (v2.0)

Artist: Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP
Song: We No Speak Americano

Go-Go Glow Nasty

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The ONLY light source in the room for this shot was the Yo-Yo

What to do when you have to stay up all night anyway? How about play with the Glow in the Dark DieNasty by YoYoFactory.

This puppy is bright!

These retail for $25 and are currently ONLY available through Steve Brown.

Music is Glow Worm by Bleepie

UPDATE:  Clearing up any confusion and a few questions.  For the video, I used a Black Light to make the string show up better.  On the still photos in the video, the only light source was the yo-yo itself.  Yeah, its that bright.

The iPhone 4 and you (the yoyoer)

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Alright, I am in a bit of a hurry so the trick segment is not that great, but you get the idea.  As an “On the Fly” camera, the new iPhone records very well at 720p HD and takes great pictures at 5mp.  The close up focus is pretty darn good.

Here is parts of the video edited in the new iMovie App.

Being able to edit HD video on my phone is pretty amazing, but there are some issues that stand in my way of using this application more than just for sporadic novelty.
#1: Trimming a clip is brutal. You fingers are not the most precise instrument and you cant zoom in on the film strip to get more accurate.
#2: You have to use a theme. I used the only one that did not force me into frames
#3: You can’t put text anywhere. Only in Pre Approved theme boxes. Oh, and no text on still photos
#4: No Ken Burns effects on video. No zoom on video. No speed adjustment.
#5: Each theme has three transition options: None, Fade, or Theme.
#6: No ability to trim the audio. I hope you really like the beginning of that song your using.

I don’t really care about the Transitions or Themes, just let me edit with more control…

It is not going to replace your full size HD video camera or your SLR, but in a pinch, it is not a bad choice.
If you don’t mind the AT&T contract shenanigans, than its a good phone that has some pretty good functions that yoyoers would care about:  a good Camera, and a good video camera.
The iMovie App leaves a bit to be desired. Hopefully Apple punches it up a bit.

How the YoYoFactory Loop 900 works

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There is some confusion to how the Loop 900 works. It does not move the spacer, it moved the axle nut which makes the gap thinner or wider.
What really matters is that YoYoFactory has delivered on one of the most genius axle systems I have ever seen. This is the culmination of adjustable gap. The Loop 900 is amazing. It is exactly what I have been looking for in a 2a yo-yo and is the tool I need to work on my 2a skills.
Thank you YoYoFactory

YoYo Experiments Episode 3 – Paint by Yo-Yo

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Inspired by OkGo, Jackson Pollock, and pizza that was one day too old.
This yo-yo experiment has had me buzzing for the last 2 weeks.
A HUGE thank you to YoYoGuy.com who donated 4 Clear FHZ’s and Mariano Blaco who sent me 2.
6 Clear FHZ’s, Paint, Canvas, and FINALLY a day without wind or rain.

Paint by YoYo – Yo-Yo Experiments – Episode 3

And the Stills if you are interested:

YoYoSkills.com Tutorial – “c-cow-b”

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There have been a few requests for a Tut for this trick.

I created this trick a few months ago.

c-cow-b stands for Crazy Corkscrew Opens Wine Bottle, which was the name that my editor on YoYoSkills.com gave it when I showed him.

Ed Haponik helped be shorten it to c-cow-b.

Have fun.

Chris “Dr. Yo-Yo” Allen

Yo-Yo Experiments – Episode 2 – Pre-Washed

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Doctor Popular is an insanely inspirational guy. His trick style “Washing Machine” is one of my favorites. In my Idea Notebook is a note I scrawled at 3am about two month ago that says “Pre-Washed String” sitting on a page all by itself.

I kept the page empty because when I woke up, I had no idea what it meant.  About three weeks ago I was drinking some Diet Dr. Pepper and playing Dig-Dug on my stand up arcade and suddenly the meaning of “Pre-Washed String” rushed back to me.  About six or seven attempts at making the string, and a few days of practice, and the Pre-Washed idea came to fruition.

I took a spool of pre-twisted cotton/poly blend, tied a three inch loop in the end, and then twisted it like you would a regular yo-yo string.

Here is the result.

The Dr. Yo-Yo Theme Song…

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Do you know what Fiverr is?  Fiverr is a website that where you can hire someone to do a job for five bucks.  I was purusing it and found two deals that I thought sounded fun.  After sleep deprived night, I placed an order for someone to draw me a comic book page of me in the Dr. Yo-Yo “Mad Scientist” stage regalia that I sometimes use when doing a show, and also a theme song.  Both items were kinda for a Gag effect.  I have always wanted a comic book page of myself, just to hang in my office.  The Theme song I just thought would be funny and “perhaps” I could use it for entrance music when I do a show or as a ringtone, but mostly it was just a way to burn 5 bucks.  I thought something in the spirit of the Speed Racer theme would be exactly enough camp.

The Dryoyo Theme

I am still waiting on the comic, but I got the music today.

It is… well, exactly worth 5 dollars…  It kinda wraps all the way back around to good, but for all the wrong reasons.

He got his info from an old “Chris ‘Dr, Yo-Yo’ Allen” wiki entry, including the epic Pokemon vs YoYo battle of ’99.

Yo-Yo Experiments – Point of View

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I get these crazy ideas. I keep a notebook on my nightstand, and with me most of the time because I never know what will inspire a random idea.
About 6 months ago, I wondered what it would be like see the world as a yo-yo does. I started to look for small, wireless, battery driven cameras.
As I was searching, I was formulating in my head how I would attach the camera to a yo-yo. It would have to move independently, so I would need hubstacks. I would have to balance it by matching the weight on the opposite side to prevent to much tilting. I would most likely have to pull start, and frequently stabilize the camera.
Two weeks ago I found a killer deal in Hong Kong for a spycam housed inside a pen. I jumped at it. It came in the mail today, and this video, a yo-yo experiment, was the result.

How to deal with Yuggles

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Ahh, Yuggles.  You all have met one.  They come in many shapes, sizes, ages, and in many different variations.  You’re yoyoing in the mall, and a late 20’s guy walks up and demands you walk the dog, insists there must be “some kind of motor” in there, and tells you that ball bearings are cheating.  A child stares at you in amazement while the mother pulls him trying hard not to look.  A lurker watches you from afar, too afraid to come up and ask you questions.  There are good Yuggles and bad Yuggles out there, and with the interest in yoyoing steadily building, yoyoing in the public is sure to bring you an encounter.  On the forums, there are a lot of threads talking about encounters, and how to deal with them.  Having yo-yo’ed for 12 years in public, performing and doing demo’s, these are the best ways I have found to deal with some of the more common Yuggles with the purpose of bringing them into the world of yoyoing.

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Birthday Wrap-Up – The California State Fair

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Got a lot of very nice emails, phone calls, and well wishes today as I celebrated by 30th year.  Thank you everyone for all the kind words.  Check out this art that Fajar did for me. He said it took less than 5 minutes.

That is awesome.
Today was great, I spent the day at the state fair.
I ate a lot of really unhealthy but delicious food (I can have Wheat again… YAY)
I learned that you don’t mess with pregnant pigs…

I also met a few stage acts, and traded performance experiance stories. My wife is such a good sport, she hung out and really acted like she was interested. The fire dancers were awesome, but one performance mixed in perfect comedy timing  and magic with diabolo work into a show. After trading a few stories after his show, he asked me to open the next show with some yoyo tricks for him.
His name was Will Roya, and he is hilarious.

Check him out at http://www.willroya.com/

At the end of the day, I took my daughter on the ferris wheel for the first time. I think that was my favorite moment.

Great 30th birthday.