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End of an Era #yoyoskills

A quote from Duncan’s facebook page: “This weekend, we made some big changes to Duncan Crew Worldwide, reducing the team to a core group of players across the globe. It is a difficult change. We have had the great pleasure to work with not only some of the world’s best players, but we feel, some…


YYJ Prototype #yoyoskills

From the YoYoJam Facebook page: “Just got a chance to test out Bryan’s prototype… and wow, I am really amazed with the work he put into this! More to come. Sorry for the tease, I am just really excited for this one! – Ben” Well I think its safe to say this will be an…

Duncan Magnetude FINALLY coming to market

More than three long years in the making.  The Duncan Magnetude, designed by robotics engineer Zachary Lytle, features magnetic spinning sides (think hub stack ish) and in the prototypes I have seen, a magnetic counterweight.  Check out the video below to see the prototype in action. Considering BAC is this weekend, I would guess that…

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