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Duncan Magnetude FINALLY coming to market

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More than three long years in the making.  The Duncan Magnetude, designed by robotics engineer Zachary Lytle, features magnetic spinning sides (think hub stack ish) and in the prototypes I have seen, a magnetic counterweight.  Check out the video below to see the prototype in action.

Considering BAC is this weekend, I would guess that the Magnetude will make its retail appearance.

The Duncan Yo-Tility Holster

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String Cutter
Bearing Removal tool

very very nice. Functional utility I already carry two of. I have a bearing tool and a string cutter, and I use a clip yo-yo sling. I think I may have to get a few of these. That said… Yo-Tility? ohh, Utility… got it.

Marvel x DC x Duncan CROSSOVER!

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When I was heavy into comics, you cold always count on crossovers bringing tons of big fist flying entertainment. Duncan has has many licenses in the past, and this December will feature both Marvel and DC characters on the modern classic, the ProYo

Alright Duncan, get me an Aquaman Barracuda, the Avengers Avenger, A Fantastic Four FHZ and a Superman Metropolis and we are all set!

N-Mart Review-Echo by Duncan

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HERE IS THE REVIEW OF THE DUNCAN ECHO… here is the review of the Duncan Echo… Duncan Echo… Echo…

Do you see what I did there?

I reviewed the Duncan Metropolis a few weeks back. And like the Metropolis, the Duncan Echo is another one of Duncan’s affordable all metals. The aim, it appears, is to offer a modern unresponsive throw at a fraction of the cost. Mission complete!

There were many good qualities to the Metropolis, but I didn’t absolutely love the Metropolis, maybe it’ll be different with the Echo. It sure looks promising! Let’s take a look!


  • White poly string
  • Instructions on binding and such
  • Clear optional caps

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N-Mart Review – Duncan Metropolis

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Do you know what comes up when you Google the word “metropolis?” Go ahead, take a second and do that.

The first search item that came up for me was the 1927 German science-fiction film Metropolis. I won’t bore you with a summary, though if you’re a big movie buff you should probably watch it. The main thing you need to know is that the movie Metropolis is set in the future, in the year 2026 (a much more distant future then), in a dystopian world.

Now, I’m pretty sure Duncan didn’t name this yoyo after this old film. But, being that the classic film in placed in the distant future, I must ask: Is this the beginning of the future for Duncan? I believe it is.

Duncan is well known, even to non-yoyoers, as the company who gave us the imperial and the butterfly. Duncan is now showing us what they have to offer for the modern thrower. They’re stepping up their game, offering modern throwers what they are demanding, things like C size bearings and recessed response systems that can take flowable silicone if desired. Duncan, as usual, is also doing all this at an affordable price point.

So let’s test the Metropolis and see what Duncan has made for us, the modern thrower!


  • white poly string
  • instructions on binding and so on

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Duncan Barracuda

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Introducing…Barracuda! Signature model of Rafael Matsunaga (2003 World Yo-Yo Champion, National Yo-Yo Master & leader of Duncan Crew Brazil)! Recently used to win the Triple Crown of YoYo by Hank Freeman, and Isaac Sams Barracuda is tested and proven. Barracuda is the newest addition to Duncan’s Screaming Eagle series of products and will be available at the 2012 World Yo-Yo Contest in limited quantities with a price of $120. Shipping soon to your favorite yo-yo retailer!


Diamond Noir pulls in the 5a Patent

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Diamond Noir is a new yo-yo manufacture out of Singapore. They also have the privilege of being the second company to license the Duncan 5a Patent for their product releases. Diamond Noir’s models to include counterweights are the “Celestial” and “Celestial Deuxieme”. Both models will come with a counterweight. Word it that the counterweight has a system that allows the player to customize the weight.

Diamond Noir

365 YoYo Tricks is Expanding the Team

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As you all should hopefully know by now, the legendary Steve Brown has been guiding us through an entire year, offering us a new trick every single day. I’m sure I’m not alone here, but I look forward to seeing the new video Steve has uploaded for the day. Well, Unkle Steve’s almost done for this year, and he’s announced he’s adding some people to the 365 yoyo tricks team to help him out on this tremendous project for next year.

Here’s what he has to say in his own words.

I started this project in January 2011 as a personal challenge: could I keep up with filming and posting an original trick every day for a year?
Three hundred and forty nine days later the project has not missed a single day and I was awarded the Trick Innovator of the Year award by the National Yo-Yo Museum and Contest for my work on the site. How could I top that? Answer: More players!

Representing YoYo Factory will be David Ung and Steve Brown himself. Representing Duncan will be Drew Tetz. And representing SPYY will be Ed Haponik, Nate Sutter, and… oh, Sebastian Brock. You read that right, Sebastian Brock is now on team SPYY. Cool.

This is one killer team!