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EYYC Day 2 Results!

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First, check out this Demo that Mickey did

And now the results. Still waiting on a few of the first place videos

1a Division
1st – János Karancz

2nd – Grzegorz Wojcik
3rd – Maxim Gruzintzev

3A Division
1st – Michal Jasko

2nd – Lorenzo Sabatini
3rd – Stephen Langley

5A Division
1st – Ján Hlinka
2nd – Daniel Budai
3rd – Maciek Cwynar

AP Division
InMotion! (Switzerland)

1A International Division
1st – Kohta Watanabe
2nd – Tyler Severance
3rd – Ricardo Marechal

EYYC Day 1 Results

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1a Prelims are complete, as are the 2A and 4A divisions.

1st place – Dave Geigle

2nd place – Jan Schmutz
3rd place – Jan Bubak

1st place – Lorenzo Sabatini

2nd place – David Molnar
3rd place – Quentin Godet

1a Prelims – Advancing to finals
Link Here (Thanks YoYoFactory)

Day 2 starts at 5am EST (2am PST), the Livestream will be up and rockin here at YoYoSkills.

European Yo-Yo Championship 2012 – Tweetfeed / Live Stream #eyyc

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Contest Home Page – http://eyyc12.cya.cz/

I can’t embed the live stream, you can watch it HERE.
The EYYC starts at 11PM (PST) / 2AM (EST) – The Live Stream should start at 3AM (PST) / 6AM (EST)

Note: if you are on a Mac, and can’t get the feed to work, try downloading VLC (its free) and put this address: into Media / Open Network Stream.

H-Spin’s New Releases for 2010

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Want to see what H-Spin is planning for 2010?
Gorylla 411:

Axle & Response system 2.0 (plastic-steel hybrid low friction bearing, 4mm gap, slim stickers, siliconable recess) and adjusted weight slightly.

Weight: ~66g
Width: 40.5mm
Diameter: 52mm
Price: Sub $100
Release: EYYC?


“Core Series” yoyos. The BeySick is one of the current favorites of the our players since our meeting in London in November 2009.

Weight:~ 65g
Diameter: 52mm
Width: 41.5mm
Price: 59 (WHAT!!!!!)
Release: EYYC

Pictures to be released

Magl33to has tested the “ICON” extensively over Xmas and New Year and is very happy with it. Design work is in progress. Expect this one in April/May this year, will be a Core Series yoyo and be available for USD 79.

Weight: ~65g
Width: 40mm
Diameter: 54mm
Price: 79

European Yo-Yo Championship 2010 – Live Coverage Coming

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Some cool news.

YoYoSkills.com received some info from Korda, Head of the EYYC organization board, and  it looks like YoYoSkills.com will be streaming the entire 2010 European Yo-Yo Championship here on the site!

The contest is on the 30th – 31st of January.

I am told that you can register and read some history of the contest at http://eyyc.eu/.
It also looks like they will have a featured guest, Don Robertson, who was the Face of Duncan Europe and the 1953 European Championship.
On or around the 29th, I will put up a new post with the live feed embedded and setup.

It looks to be a great contest, and I really wish I could go.