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EYYC Day 2 Results!

First, check out this Demo that Mickey did And now the results. Still waiting on a few of the first place videos 1a Division 1st – János Karancz 2nd – Grzegorz Wojcik 3rd – Maxim Gruzintzev 3A Division 1st – Michal Jasko 2nd – Lorenzo Sabatini 3rd – Stephen Langley 5A Division 1st – Ján…

EYYC Day 1 Results

1a Prelims are complete, as are the 2A and 4A divisions. 2a: 1st place – Dave Geigle 2nd place – Jan Schmutz 3rd place – Jan Bubak 4a: 1st place – Lorenzo Sabatini 2nd place – David Molnar 3rd place – Quentin Godet 1a Prelims – Advancing to finals Link Here (Thanks YoYoFactory) Day 2…

EYYC 2011

Tomorrow marks the start of the European Yo-Yo Championship taking place at the Archa Theatre in Prauge. This is always a big contest with some great competitors so keep an eye out on the yoyo blogs for contest results. . . . . . . . Watch live video from czechyoyo2 on Justin.tv