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Jayyo Review | YoYoJam Fiesta

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It seems that yoyos are constantly changing as the years go on. Shapes and weight distribution, gap width, and response types are always changing, and companies are always striving to bring out the best new throw for the players. Yoyojam has been consistently creating 4A yoyos that cater to all the 4A players of today, and they have a long history of great products that have used throughout the years.
The Yoyojam Fiesta had been the replacement for the Aquarius, and was met with great reception by the community. But Yoyojam decided to take this yoyo a step further into the even more modern 4A throw, with the creation of the new Fiesta XX.
Is this new generation of the Fiesta another win for Yoyojam and their long history of 4A throws? Is the new XX a significant improvement to the original?
I was happy to put this new yoyo to the test.
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YoYoJam Fiesta XX

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YoYoJam and Brian have remodeled the Fiesta. The Fiesta XX will have a lage C-Size bearing, more weight and feature the YoYoJam Solid Spin axle. Below is an early image release of the new offstring.