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Gator Floss Strings hangs up the threads

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Sad Sad Sad news.  Gator Floss are one of my favorite strings.

Guys and Gals, (Yes, I actually seen a lady post on here once.)

I am sad to say that I will no longer be making Gator Floss strings. I’ve had an amazing amount of support and because of that I have sold over 5000 strings in the last few months. If I had them I could sell another 5000 tomorrow; that just amazes me. The world really does consume a lot of yoyo strings.

Unfortunately, I just don’t have the time to make strings anymore. I am in a combined degree program which will allow me to take some graduate level courses and have them count toward both my BSEE and MSEE. In order for me to start grad school next year to take these upper-level courses I need to maintain a GPA no less than 3.6 (currently 3.9). Needless to say, I am spending many, many hours studying and not enough time with my family (or yo-yoing). My free time really belongs to my wife and children.

So as much as I love experimenting with strings and tweaking out my rig, I just can’t do it right now. Perhaps, in the future things will slow down and I can resume selling.

Paul Launier

Very honorable reasons, but I am sad to see the strings go.  The tragic part is, I am almost out.. *sob*

Thanks for all the great string Paul.  We here at YoYoSkills hope to see Gator Floss again in the future.