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Doc’s Review | KLR by General-Yo

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Whew!  What a week!  This weeks review session seemed like it was at least a month long! (life happens).  On a positive note, we have more reviewers on staff here at YoYoSkills so you have N-Mart, Melford, Mr. J, and Francis to fill in when I get slammed with life, work, and lifework.

I think it is safe at this point to just assume that Ernie at General-Yo knows what he is doing.  This guy has consistently pumped out killer design after killer design, and has even experimented in the precious metals realm that is always hit or miss.  His big wins make up a list of names that reads like a champion horse pedigree.  To this day, I still consider the Torrent, Ernie’s introductory design to the General-Yo brand, to be one of the best yoyos I have ever thrown.  One of the latest General-Yo designs landed on my porch.  The KLR.  Did I let this killer into my home?  Yes, yes I did.



  • Sticker
  • Poly String

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Review | The General-Yo Entheos

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If you have been paying attention to the yoyo scene in the last few years, you know about General-Yo. You know the tale of an Aeronautical Engineer turned Yo-Yo Manufacturer and you have no doubt tried, or even owned some of his much sought over releases. His latest release has been no different. With under 150 made and released, the Entheos has been flying off the e-shelves and has been very scarce in online BST’s. This is not uncommon for a General-Yo release. En-Theos is a Greek word for In God. Not surprisingly, General-Yo has used a symbol called the kotinos as the Entheos logo. The kotinos is a symbol of abundance, glory, and peace.
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General-Yo “Entheos” – UPDATED

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Ernie sent me a picture of his new Prototype the Entheos, which means literally means ‘in God’ in Greek. Ernie stated that this is a fast model aimed at todays modern tricks.

Knowing Ernie, I would guess that he would have a few more polished and ready by Nationals.

  • 67 grams
  • 50.3 diameter
  • 41.35 wide
  • 4.24 gap

General-Yo – Torrent II

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Ernie emailed me this today. He plans to be bringing some to Cal States.

Naturally I was pumped because I loved the Torrent more than a hyper kid loves breaking stuff.  I loved the Torrent.  It is an amazing throw, and I can’t wait until Cal States when I will be able to try the Torrent II.

Specs when I get them.

How it Was by Glenn Godsey

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Picture Courtesy of General-Yo

A while ago I asked Glenn Godsey to write up some of his history and memories of yoyos. He was kind enough to oblige.
I was born in 1937 and after World War II ended in 1945, Filipino Duncan professionals started coming to town annually every spring to give demonstrations and hold contests. Those old Filipino guys were amazing…a one piece maple yo-yo with a 1/16″ slot and a bare maple axle ….try doing a split-the-atom on one of those. Most of the Duncan Tournaments wouldn’t spin over 10 seconds! We got a bit more from them by waxing the string and sanding the slot (you couldn’t call it a gap). The string would saw through the axle after a few months of playing and the yo-yo would split in two.

I won a bunch of the Duncan contest badges and a sweater with a badge that says “Junior Instructor”.

I immediately fell in love with yo-yoing and I am still at it at age 73.

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: Captured : General-Yo Magnum

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I photographed the General-Yo Magnum with some vintage class vacuum TV/Radio Tubes and electrical manuals because I felt the Magnum had a very vintage feel to it. It plays like a modern precision trick monument, but has this classic vintage feel to it.

General-Yo Magnum drops in Limited Numbers

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Picture by YoYoz.co.uk

The General-Yo Magnum just dropped at YoYoz.co.uk, which means other stores should be posting it soon also.

Weight – 67.4 gr
Diameter – 53.34 mm
Width – 41.40 mm

– £200.00 (apx $308)


UPDATE: They JUST sold out

If you see them in stock somewhere, drop a note in the comments.

UPDATE: OneDrop HAD them for a few minutes…

The General-Yo Magnum

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This is the Magnum.  It is a magnesium full sized yo-yo made by General Yo.

Estimated Retail price – $300

VERY very limited run,


  • Weight: 67.4 gr
  • Diameter: 53.34 mm
  • Width: 41.40 mm
  • Gap: 4.2 mm

Confirmed retailers:

  • YoYoExpert.com
  • YoYoNation.com

Product Review – General Yo – Mini-Star

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Happy Birthday America!  This week I had the privilege to play test a General Yo Mini-Star.  General Yo has had three killer releases, all of which were quick sell out and highly demanded.  Ernie has been working on this release for a few months.  When he told me he was making an mini yo-yo, I could not wait to try it.  Pictures of the polished raw model surfaced and the yo-yo community did what it usually does when great products get previewed and drooled collectively. High fives were exchanged.  The National Debt immediatly balanced and America won the World Cup!  Alright, maybe not, but people were excited.  Today on the Fourth of July, I present to you the YoYoSkills.com review of the General Yo Mini-Star.

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General-Yo Team Rank and File

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This weekend the General-Yo MiniStar finishes up the YoYoSkills.com review treatment, so I thought it would be fitting to give General-Yo a nod.
The Ministar should drop at a new stores very very soon. I know for a fact that YoYoExpert.com and YoYoNation are slotted to get them. Spain already has them
Two nice tags for the General-Yo Team.
Glenn Godsey was interviewed at MWR last week. Glen has the honor of being the Oldest yoyoer still competing (or at least sponsored by a team).
>> Minnesota Star Tribute
And also, Samad has turned out another great video. This kid is getting scary good.