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Henrys all metal yo-yo

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It is currently labeled “Yo-Yo M1″ which will probably have to change because there is already a yo-yo called the M1, but it is cool to see Henrys do an all metal yoyo.

Diameter – 55mm
Width – 42mm
Weight 65 grams
Colors: silver, red, green, blue, black
Price – €54.00 (~$68)

Thanks Bo Söderlind for the new tip

Product Review – Henrys Python

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After nearly a month of playing the new Henrys line, I can say I am very excited with what Henry’s is bringing to the table. Between the modernized design of the classic Viper, the side stacked Flux, and the spec shattering Viper XL, Henrys has shown that it is leaning forward into the modern yo-yoing market. Along with the new Viper line that Henrys sent me was the yo-yo some could call the child of the Cobra Snake. Staying with the snake named theme, the Henrys Python was up for review this week.
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Product Review: Henrys Viper Flux

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I never knew how big of a skill toy company Henrys was until they sent me their catalog. It is at least one hundred pages thick and covers nearly every skill toy I could imagine. The Henrys catalog has yoyos, poi, fire tricks, stunt unicycles, and juggle-ready newborn kittens (I can’t back up that last one). They are a huge toy company in Germany, and after thumbing through their catalog, I seriously wonder why they don’t have a bigger presence here in the U.S.
Along with the catalog and plethora of yoyos Henrys sent me was the Viper Flux. I had originally intended to review the Flux at the same time as the Neo, but after comparing the axle system of the two yoyos, it became clear very quickly that the flux was a completely different breed.
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Product Review: Henrys Viper Neo

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Henry’s Viper Neo


Back in 99, offstring was a fairly new concept. Duncan Professionals were doing offstring as a novelty act in school yards for a while, but to have a yo-yo designed with offstring in mind was a fairly new concept. The first time I saw the Henrys Viper was back in ’99 while I was at yoyo club on the Huntington Beach pier. The kid who had it boasted that he had something no one else did. He let everyone feel the rims but not throw it and then proceeded to stand up on the pier bench to make sure he could be seen. He launched the Viper up, missed the landing, and scrambled shouting “NO NO NO!” as the Viper rolled off the end of the pier into the water.
A bit later, I actually acquired one in a trade and knew that it was special. It was a crossover that let people go from traditional string trick play to whatever this new concept was that cost the kid his Viper to the Pacific water. The Viper was a huge hit. Since then, Henrys has had a few yoyos that seemed to fail at catching the interest of yoyoers. Then, just last August, the pictures of the entire new line of Henrys yoyos were released. I dropped a line to Henrys through a friend and Henrys got in contact with me about a review. I thought they were going to send me one or two yoyos, but the massive box that arrived had the ENTIRE new line. Henrys also hooked me up with a stack of packaged accessories. For the next four weeks, I have four new Henrys yoyos to review. First up, the Viper Neo.
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Henrys new “Bind YoYos” – Python, Viper Neo, Viper Flux

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Henrys, makers of extraordinary Diabolo’s, used to be a huge deal in the yoyo world.  Back in the late 90’s, the Viper was a completely breakout yo-yo that was unlike anything else available at the time.  They have stuck around and had a few other models, but nothing ever achieved the same level of breakout play like the Viper did.

Well it looks like Henrys has woken up and recognized the changing market in a new line they have dubbed “Bind Yo-Yo’s” because they require a bind to return them to your hand.  Henrys has two new Viper designs and a new design called the Python.

From The Henrys Download site: http://www.henrys-online.de/Downloads/index.htm

Henrys Viper Flux (has hub stacks)

Henrys Viper Neo
Henrys Python

Thanks Alex!


Here is the new Axle System.  Pay special attention to what the Bearing is sitting on…