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Nile Prototype v2 | ILYY.de

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Looks like ILYY is tweaking their upcoming release “The Nile”…

Here are the changes:

0.7g heavier
thicker outter rim
4.0mm gap
matt finish
longer horn
New specs:
Diameter: 56.00mm
Width: 44.00mm
Weight: 66.90g
Gap: 4.00mm
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK Metric
Coating: Soda Blast (Black/Gold Splash)
Material: 6062 Aluminum
Limitation: 18

Source – ILYY

ILYY + One Drop = Sakura SE

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Amazingly incredible beautiful and other adjectives… That ILYY x OneDrop sneak looked familier and now I know why. It is a Sakura, which is one of my favorite ILYY yoyos. Check out the announcement below (SOURCE)



We are proud to announce a collaboration with I Love YoYo that has been in the works for quite a while. We decided to make a Side Effect version of the ILYY Sakura. You can see the original Sakura here

We added Side Effects to this beautiful 52mm diameter curvy H-shaped yoyo by ILYY. The Side Effects are the same shape as the hub in the original.



This collaboration is similar to when we did the Wooly MarkMont with CLYW in that we are only releasing a limited number and then will not make any more. There will be about 200 available in 6 different colorways sold direct from the One Drop online store on Monday February 25th at 11am PST. We will be offering discounted international shipping to help make it possible for everyone across the world to get one if they want. Price will be $110 US.

This Saturday at Pacific Northwest Regionals there will be a small amount of them available at the Yoyobestbuy table.

If you visit the OneDrop Forums you will see how many of each colorway are going to be released.

OneDrop x ILYY Love

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I love this collab.  ILYY makes great yoyos, and so does OneDrop.  That inner cup looks familier..   I can’t place it, but that inner cup combined with the flat walls…..  I want the specs.

ILYY Nile – First Look

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I got an email from Frank this morning linking me to a blog post about the newest yo-yo called the “Nile”.

  • Diameter: 56.00mm
  • Width: 44.00mm
  • Weight: 66.20g
  • Gap: 4.20mm
  • Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
  • Bearing: ILYY KMK metric

The Nile is ILYY entrance into the “center weight” design world. As for the name…

I took some inspiration for the name from one of my favorite metal bands – Nile. I was listening to their music while designing the yoyo. The name also serves as great basis for an awesome engraving that has yet to be created. The Egyptian mythological theme will be realized by a certain coating or color way.

You can read the entire design story over at ILYY.de

Doc’s Re-review | The Liopleurodon 2012 by ILYY

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Like all yo-yo companies, ILYY takes their popular releases and tweaks the specs to modernize the design.  When I look at these new releases, I like to highlight the differences between the two models.  I loved the first Liopleurodon.  It was large and full bodied, and perfect for a mixture of play styles.  That being said, there were a few things I would change now in retrospect.  This won’t be as in depth as a full review since the differences between the 2009 model and the 2012 model are very few, but are very important.


  • ILYY Red Velvet bag
  • ILYY Button
  • Poly String

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New ILYY releases

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The Fury 2012

This 2012 variant is 3g lighter than the original which gives it a lot more floaty goodness. Stability is not affected. This thing flies like on rails. Oh, and it’s limited. Crazy limited. Only 15 made, exclusively for YoYoExpert.

The Enigma 2012

Also featuring our new IRG design, the brand new 2012 Enigma. A total of 25.
Available soon at YYE, YYSR and Yo-Shop!

I am super excited to see ILYY now branding their yo-yos with killer laser engraving.

Review | 2WEI by ILYY

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Years ago ILYY released their first  yo-yo, the E1NS.  The yo-yo was ahead of its time in engineering and attention to detail, and brought many yo-yoers into the ILYY fan camp.  Over the years, the E1NS has seen a few tweaks here and there, but nothing major.  This last winter, ILYY released the 2WEI, the follow up to the E1NS.  The 2WEI takes the best of all the E1NS releases and tweaks it further.
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REVIEW | The Greyhound by ILYY

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I love dogs, but there are certain breeds that I can’t ever own.  I once owned a Pit Lab mix.  This dog was lovable, energetic, and dumb as a brick.  This dog literally pulled the outer panels off my back yard wall.  This dog smashed his face into the drywall, and then proceeded to eat the drywall.  Luckily, we found a farm home for Baily to chew on tractor tires.  I can’t ever own a pit or a lab again.  My wife wants a Chinese Crested, but I think the Chinese Crested looks like Alf if he were a dog and on heroin.  They just sit there and shiver.  I also don’t think I could own a greyhound.  I think while running, the greyhound breed is elegant and beautiful but standing still, the dogs are a sideways glance away from the dogs in Resident Evil, and I have an irrational phobia of zombies.  Naming a yo-yo Greyhound is a cool idea but you have to embody the image that the name implies.  I think that ILYY, a manufacturer known for incredible designs and releases can do just that.


  • ILYY Red Velvet bag
  • ILYY  half inch pin
  • Poly String

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Lio Contest!

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This was on ILYY’s website.


Here’s your chance to win a brand new 2012 Liopleurodon! All you have to do is make a little yoyo video. Full rules and guide lines can be found via the link at the top.

Review | ILYY Valve

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The first week I purchased my new house, my shower tried to kill me. Before I get into the intro story that rarely has anything to do with the actual review, I should point out a few things here. #1 – I am an idiot. #2 – I don’t know anything about plumbing. #3 – I should really hire someone for stuff like this. When I moved into my new house, the hot and cold water on my shower was reversed. On a two valve shower setup this would not be a problem, just an annoyance, but our shower was a one valve system. I decided to take care of it myself because… yaknowImamanandstuff. So I remove the handle and take a look inside. Not seeing any shut off valve, I remove the coverplate thinking it may be in there. Did I mention that I am an idiot? After removing the coverplate, I was able to see what the problem was. The water regulator was upside down. I was in the middle of patting myself on the back for my mandyness when the regulator finally succumbed to the pressure of water built up behind it, shot out with fire hose force, and hit me dead center in the chest. I was all backsides and elbows. After about 30 seconds of shock, I found my composure and ran across the house soaking wet from head to toe, slipping and sliding all over my slate tile floor, out the front door to the main shut off water valve. I would never forget the valve again which leads me into my painful and clumsy segue: This was my first memory when I unpacked the box from ILYY and saw the new yo-yo they had released called the Valve.
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ILYY V- Series

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ILYY has two new budget line yoyos set to see a release soon:

The – Valve and Verve.
Both feature a similar shape and guts but two different sizes

The Valve being the full size entry at nice 54mm diameter.
And the Verve being the smaller brother at 50mm diameter.

Check out the ILYY Blog for more information

Product re-Review – The Void (2011) by ILYY

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A little over a year ago I had a chance to review the ILYY Void. I was highly impressed with the construction but did not feel I could really get a good feel for the play because it had a nasty vibration due to damage in transit. This year, ILYY re-released the Void. This new version has only a few minor differences than the first. This review will be a bit different. I don’t normally re-review a yo-yo but considering the initial review was incomplete, I think it is appropriate here. I only plan to talk about the differences between the two releases and then the throw experience. Please feel free to refer back to the original review.
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Product Review – The ILYY Falcon

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I think that Frank and Dominik are chained to computer desks, equipped with a bowl of water and a gross of lunchtime snackables. I imagine a mysterious overlord constantly cracking a whip over their heads to keep the designs flowing. ILYY has released so many yoyos over the last two years that it almost seems unnatural. The company isn’t that big, but has seen a very large number of releases and designs. The 2011 Falcon came out earlier this year. I had been hoping to get to review it since I loved the Rocket, which I think was ILYY’s prototype of the Falcon. It also helps that almost everything that ILYY has released has had me hitting the imaginary +1 / Like button. This week, I carried the Falcon through my daily experiences and put it through the review process.
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Product Review – The ILYY Lynx

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When I was a kid, long before the public access internet, I used to get Wildlife Explorer fact cards that came via mail order. You can still get them today in fact. Usually you would get a handful for free in the mail and they would offer more cards and a binder to keep them in. These things were great. They had a big picture on the front and the cliff-notes version of history and facts about the animal or science subject on the front. When I was a kid, I was all about these things. I subscribed to the Wild Animals line, the Earth Sciences line, and pretty much any other subject I could get ahold of. My favorite animal card was the Iberian Lynx; endangered, awesome powerful, and Wolverine like mutton chops. The Iberian Lynx was pushed into near extinction due to how awesome they looked after coming from the taxidermy office. One look into the eyes of a Lynx and you knew you were looking at raw awesome. I felt the same way when I looked at the photos of the ILYY Lynx earlier this year.
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This is apparently the second pre-production run of the 2WEI by ILYY. I completely missed the first.  The 2WEI is an update to the classic E1NS.

They will be dropping at YoYoExpert soon.

Diameter: 56.15mm
Width: 46.30mm
Weight: 68.80g
Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
Bearing: ILYY KMK 6×13x5mm
Coating: ILYY CandyBlast (Purple/Silver)
Material: 6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum

ILYY tells the TRVTH

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This is a cool story.  The guys at ILYY love the classic SB2 by Tom Kuhn so much that they designed a yo-yo to pay tribute to it.

Dominik loves his SB2 so much, so we decided to work on a classic shape yoyo, a tribute to Tom Kuhn’s classic. We finally came up with nothing but the Trvth.

At this point, there have been two iterations. The first prototype featured an absolutely straight gap profile. But we found it very hard to play with it, cause of the tiny catch zone. So, to increase the playablity just a bit by maintaining an uncompromising design, at least by today’s standards regarding 1A yoyos, we decided to make the profile slightly wing-shaped.

So the result was the TRVTH

The final release will also be black candodized, just like the prototypes. The engraving is not final at this point, we might tweak it a bit here and there. As a goodie, the final version will come with a special Graou string made just for us.
We are aiming for a release during second half of 2011.


  • Diameter: 55.40mm
  • Width: 28.50mm
  • Weight: 66.60g
  • Response: Hot Red SILYYcone
  • Bearing: ILYY KMK 6x13x5mm
  • Coating: ILYY Candodize (Black)
  • Material: 6082 AlMgSi1 Aluminum
  • Limitation: -tba-

Full story and more pictures HERE on the ILYY blog