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Interview with Christian Encomienda, A.K.A. Kitchyo Mods!

Interview with Christian Encomienda, A.K.A. Kitchyo Mods! Today I have a very special interview lined up for us. I will be speaking with Kitchy, a rising star in the yoyo world, quickly becoming famous through his amazing anodizing jobs. Q: So Kitchy, tell us, how did you get started with Yoyoing? Kitchy: Let’s see lol…..

Interview – Save Deth's Seth Peterson

Seth Peterson Save Deth has changed the way Yo-Yoers think about style.  DVDs, T-Shirts, Yo-yos, Save Deth is a huge influence to the entire yo-yo community.  One half of the award winning team, Seth Peterson,  has joined YoYoSkills.com for an interview session.  YoYoSkills.com is proud to present our interview with this amazing yo-yoer and artist,…

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