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This week on YoYoRadio, Jensen Kimmitt

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This week on YoYoRadio, Joe, AJ, and Tom will be joined by the one and only Jensen Kimmitt who will answer once and for all if he plans to compete in the 2013 yo-yo season. It is also worth mentioning that YoYoRadio, thanks to KillerDuckDecals has a phone number to call during the show – if you’d like to talk to them during our live show, you no longer need Skype – you can call them at that’s (302)319-YOYO! (302-319-9696) If you want to listen to the show LIVE, it airs (almost) every Friday night at 9:30pm EST. If you a in a computer, click this link HERE. If you on an iPhone, click this link HERE, and if you have an android phone, download “Just Playlists” and click HERE and select”Just Playlists” as the application.

Easy as that!
YoYoRadio Facebook is also good for some socialocity.

Jensen’s New Concept

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String attached right above his Right Elbow

Remember that video Jensen put up recently called “Just Chillin?”  He was using this extra long string that he wrapped above his elbow.

Well Jensen has put out another video explaining how to make such a setup so you can experiment with is extended 1a (x1a division?) new concept.

Tuesday Video Round-up

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Tuesday Video Roundup

Welcome to our regular bi-weekly feature called “Yo-Yo Video Roundup ” where great yo-yo video’s thoughout the week will be collected and shown in one big post.

Tuesdays Video Roundup

After the Jump

  • Jensen Kimmitt – Just Chillin
  • GriffinWing Promo – by Ji-Hwan
  • New Spirit – Graeme Stellar
  • Steamroller grinds Spain (Xcube)
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    Jensen’s winning BAC Free Style to air on ABC on Saturday

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    ABC/ESPN is watching our Yo-Yo Videos. A month ago, I was contacted over YouTube about the airing of my “Paint by Yo-Yo” video on ESPN’s Sports Nation. The same contact got a hold of Gabe from Sector-Y about Jensen’s winning Bay Area Classics freestyle video. It has been conformed that the freestyle recorded by Gabe will air this Saturday on “ESPN Sports Saturday” on your local ABC network. Check your local listings for a Time, but here on the West Coast, it air at 2pm.

    Awesome. Here is that freestyle.

    CLYW Dishes the Dirt on The Campfire

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    Thank goodness for Twitter!

    Head over to the Caribou Blog for the details on the origin of the Campfire, the new budget minded yo-yo coming soon from CLYW.  I love the background, it involves Jensen, Higby, and a game of Zombie Dominies (I can’t back that up).

    1.90″ (48.3mm) Diameter

    1.39″ (35.2mm) Width

    Large Bearing

    Silicone Response

    Proto #1 is 62.5g sans string


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    APRIL 27th UPDATE:

    Recently I got the throw a Sebby edition Peak.  It had zero (ZERO) problems and played wonderfully.



    I’ve got a problem. I am completely addicted to Purple and Green yo-yo’s. When I do performances and shows, I wear Purple and Green Shoes. I have 2 Freehands, a G5, an M1, and a Project, with the Purple and Green color combo. Naturally, when the “Hulk Smash” Peak was announced, I had to get a mop to clean up my drool. I was lucky enough to get one just a few seconds after the launch, and for the next 4 days, was perched at my window eagerly awaiting the mail man like a 5 year old waits for Santa. I was excited. Despite the decade plus I have been yo-yoing and my growing yo-yo collection, this would be my first Peak.

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