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CLYW GOLDMINE ft. Jensen Kimmitt and Charles Haycock

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The freestyle everyone is talking about

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I have talked to a few people who were at Worlds, and one thing comes up again and again.  Jensen’s Freestyle.

This is the video.  Some context for you.  Jensen was virtually unseen up until this point of the contest.  The announcer had just called him to stage and stated that “Jensen requests complete and total silence for his freestyle”

Thanks to YoYoFactory for capturing this

Added this version for a reference on “Jensen’s Request”

Requesting compete silence, and then only throwing for 2 min 30 seconds. From my on scene informants, the entire crowd was glued to the edge of the seat. Every eye was on stage and people were holding their breath. At the Worlds (lil) party at my house, the room was silent except me banging away at the keyboard. Even the Chat room slowed down, it was quite a sight. At one point, I think Jensen starts whistling along with the song. The effect of silence and flow was almost hypnotic.

Jensen may have cost himself the Championship by cutting the routine short but I don’t think he we there to win it. Jensen was making a statement. He used an unconventional song, requested silence, threw none of the high scoring Vertax tricks that we all know he can do, and ended early. If you kept track, once he got going he only had one throw and a string of extremely smooth regens. My guess is that Jensen was saying he is doing this his way only. Not a freestyle designed to rack up points or speed combo, just pure showmanship.

This the equivalent in yoyoing to (in my opinion) Babe Ruth calling his shot. At the time it was apparent that Babe could show up and destroy any pitcher he wanted. When the Yankees came up against the Cubs, Babe Ruth pointed out to over the center field wall and then proceed to knock the ball over the same wall. Ruth set his own terms and did exactly what he intended to do. It was ballsy, unheard of, inspiring, and has lived on as a legend.

Now I am not comparing Jensen to Babe Ruth nor am I calling Jensen the Babe Ruth of yoyoing, I am talking about the action here. Jensen called his own shot by asking for complete silence. He then went on to deliver an artistic, poetic, inspiring, nail-biting performance that never intended to take first place. It was only two and a half minutes, but it was two and a half minutes no one in that room will likely forget. It had champion level yoyoers glued to the edge of the seat. Love it or hate it, I would not be surprised if yoyoers talk about this freestyle and “Jensen’s Request” for a very long time.

– Editorial by Chris Allen

I Quit YoYoFactory – by Jensen Kimmitt

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[Note: Jensen contacted me about posting up his statement of departure from YoYoFactory. As a journalist, player, and fan of Jensen’s, I am happy to give him a public podium. -Chris]

I went to YoYoFactory with self-promotion in mind. I knew that making the switch from CLYW to YYF would make a big splash for 2010 and I needed all the help I could get if I was going to win worlds. In the end, YoYoFactory did a great job promoting me, but I was starting to feel detached from the fun of just yo-yoing. I got caught up in winning contests and looking cool or something. That’s not me. I’m just a guy who likes to yo-yo and make people laugh. So, I’m gonna go do that.
– Jensen

Friday – After the Jump Video’s

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After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos

Welcome to our regular bi-weekly feature called “After the Jump Yo-Yo Videos ” where great yo-yo video’s thoughout the week will be collected and shown in one big post.

After the Jump:

  • Bedsheets and Christmas Lights
  • Tracks by Joe Wilson
  • Jensen Kimmitt – The Pirate Boat Freestyle (LANGUAGE WARNING)
  • Maru / Woodz from YYF&SHAQLER – Loop900 Video
  • Through my eyes, by Xela X³
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    2010 – The Season of Jensen Kimmitt

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    Jensen switched sponsors in March from CLYW based in Canada to the Arizona based company YoYoFactory

    Written by Chris Allen

    Jensen Kittmitt won the 2010 World Yo-Yo Contest.  This is news that everyone already knows.  There is something more amazing that just Jensen’s World Yo-Yo Contest win.  A fact that I don’t think enough people either don’t know or just are not talking about.  Here it is:

    Jensen Kimmitt had a “Perfect Year”

    In the 2010 season (Which starts after WYYC in August),  Jensen competed in 7 contests all over the world.  From giant invitation only contests like 44 Clash competition in Japan, to the smaller California State Yo-Yo Championship in Sacramento, Jensen competed in 7 championship level contests and took every single one of them.

    So what does this mean?  Basically, the Canadian citizen Jensen Kimmitt is the simply the Undisputed 2010 Yo-Yo Champion.  Every contest he attended he conquered.   You would think that a champion of this magnitude would be cocky or arrogant, but having met Jensen on multiple occasions, shared talks of industry directions over pizza, and exchanged correspondence helping him promote his Canadian Web Store ModernYoYoing.com, I can say without a doubt that Jensen is one of the most humble, easy going, and approachable yoyo professionals currently in the competition circuit.

    I have collected all of Jensen’s freestyles from the 2010 season, most in High Definition, for your viewing pleasure after the jump.

    Professional competitive World Champion Yo-Yoer, self starter business man, part time illustrator, bogarder of Parmesan cheese…..  and heck of a nice guy, here is a look back at Jensen Kimmitts 2010 “Perfect Season”

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    Thrown: The Art Of Yo-Yos Exibit opens TONIGHT!

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    Press Release from Shoparooni.  If I was anywhere in the Cleavland area, this would be an immediate itinerary priority.  Many advanced congratulations to Steve on this awesome and significant contribution to promoting the art of yoyoing.  Head over to the Thrown YoYo Blog to see a preview of what to expect at the exibit.

    THROWN – Friday July 31

    Thrown! Curated By: Steve Brown

    July 31 – August 29

    Opening reception July 31, 7-10pm

    “Thrown” is an exhibit of yo-yo related artwork, created entirely by yo-yo players!

    Ink drawings, paintings, airbrush, silkscreen, customized yo-yos, and plenty more from a motley assemblage of yo-yo players young and old will take over the Shoparooni Annex.

    Yo-Yos are a creative endeavour that is generally abandoned with youth. Through this assemblage of works from adults and young adults who never stopped playing, we hope to present the art of yo-yo play as seen through the eyes of the people who never gave it up. Also, there will be beer.

    Participating artists include: Seth Peterson (IA), Mark McBride (CA), John Higby (MA), Krisgoat (OR), Steve Brown (OH), Sonny Patrick (CA), Drew Tetz (MO), Jensen Kimmitt (Canada), Doc Pop (CA), Paul Escolar (CA), Eric Carlson (WV), Mark Hayward (PA)

    For those who cannot attend, all works will be available online after the opening athttp://www.shoparooni.com/store!