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Studio Sessions with Tyler and Miggy

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Studio Sessions:  Independent of their employers, Tyler and Miggy have started a premium development team focusing on “On the Edge” play styles and pushing the limits of yo-yo trick agility. Tyler and Miggy will be joined by the occasional special guest.
This week, from 1975, is Danny Severance sporting a mustache that defies time and space.

>> Studio Sessions

Did YYF slip what Miggys new Signature Yo-Yo will be?

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Over at the treasure trove of posts at the YYF Countdown blog, they cover Tyler getting ready for worlds, and the return of Jessie Garcia! BUT, if you look closely at Tylers picture below, you can see what might be Miggys new yo-yo.


Tyler has also been pulling support from others in the YoYofactory Team with his music a suggestion of John Ando and his yo-yo of choice Miguel Correa’s yet to be released signature throw.


Also, YYF is having a contest. They want to know what you are doing to prepare for Worlds. Me, I am preparing my two giant pillows to cry my giant head into because I wish I was there…. That, and trying to perfect teleportation.
Hit the YYF Countdown blog for more info.

YoYoFactory Undeniable DvD

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From the YoYoFactory Worlds Countdown Blog

YoYoFactory Undeniable DvD

Making its debut at the World YoYocontest will be YoYoFactorys’ 1st full length DvD.

45minutes of the best players using the best products and playing at the highest level.

YoYoFactory Undeniable is scheduled for limited release at the World Yo-yo Contest with Broader Distribution this FALL.