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One Drop Chik

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One Drop Yo-Yos has officially announced their newest yo-yo, the Chik!

Source: One Drop’s Facebook page

We are proud to announce the signature yoyo of Igor Korzhev: the Chik!

When we asked Igor what he wanted for his signature yoyo, he gave us
the following criteria:

*Similar to the Burnside
*Add Side Effects and ship with spikes
*Make it lighter
*Add some Projection Profile grooves
*Competition ready

This is now our largest diameter Side Effect yoyo. The Projection
Profile was placed in the middle facet of the catch zone – just in the
correct spot for finger grinds. The play is stable and smooth.

Base Weight (two halves, response pad, bearing): 62.8 grams
Weight with aluminum Spike Side Effects: 66 grams
Width: 41.7mm
Diameter: 56.8mm

Releasing soon.

ILYY + One Drop = Sakura SE

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Amazingly incredible beautiful and other adjectives… That ILYY x OneDrop sneak looked familier and now I know why. It is a Sakura, which is one of my favorite ILYY yoyos. Check out the announcement below (SOURCE)



We are proud to announce a collaboration with I Love YoYo that has been in the works for quite a while. We decided to make a Side Effect version of the ILYY Sakura. You can see the original Sakura here

We added Side Effects to this beautiful 52mm diameter curvy H-shaped yoyo by ILYY. The Side Effects are the same shape as the hub in the original.



This collaboration is similar to when we did the Wooly MarkMont with CLYW in that we are only releasing a limited number and then will not make any more. There will be about 200 available in 6 different colorways sold direct from the One Drop online store on Monday February 25th at 11am PST. We will be offering discounted international shipping to help make it possible for everyone across the world to get one if they want. Price will be $110 US.

This Saturday at Pacific Northwest Regionals there will be a small amount of them available at the Yoyobestbuy table.

If you visit the OneDrop Forums you will see how many of each colorway are going to be released.

N-Mart Review-One Drop Cascade

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One of my favorite bands, Horsefeathers, has a song called “Cascades.” It’s really not pertinent to this review of One Drop’s yoyo the Cascade, I just figured you’d all like to know that.

This is a yoyo that I have anticipated for some time. I had the opportunity to play a prototype (the black one that you may have seen floating around). It was nice, but it wasn’t great. A little too much center weight for my personal taste. For a wide throw, I expected something with a lot more rim weight and balance. But… when I found out that One Drop had decided to go back to the drawing board and make some minor adjustments, I was very excited to see what would emerge.

Here’s a little story about the Cascade, straight from the people at One Drop YoYos:

“It went through three different iterations. Version 1 was a source of contention here at the shop. Everyone disagreed about liking it and some vigorous debate took place. However, we did all agree that it needed changes but we were on the verge of scrapping it.

Justin “Vendetta” Lotempio was visiting us at the time and convinced us to at least try a revision. Version 2 was much improved and everyone agreed it was an awesome yo-yo that really felt and played different.

Mark Montgomery really liked it and suggested a couple of small tweaks which resulted in version 3. For this revision we smoothed out some areas of the cup and added a touch of rim weight. We went to production with version 3 and are really excited to get this beautiful yo-yo out into the world.”

In addition, the Cascade had a few objectives: wide, curvy/organic, mid-size (53 mm), and side effects.

Let’s put the Cascade to the test!


  • White poly string
  • Sticker

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N-Mart’s Review-CODE2 by One Drop

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Many of you out there already own, or have at least tried, a One Drop CODE2, otherwise known as the Nautilus. Community One Drop Experiment (C.O.D.E.). This project started with One Drop’s CODE1, a unique throw in which all the design specs were chosen by the yoyo community. What a great idea, right?! It’s a win-win for everyone! You got to choose the throw you wanted, and One Drop was able to receive awesome feedback from the community.

Now we have the CODE2 Nautilus. For this second experiment, One Drop decided to go a little different route. One Drop recognized the many talents the yoyo community has and realized that there are many out there, who can not only throw really well, but also design a throw. Held on the OD forum, any member could offer their design. The designs were then critiqued by the community, then one design was chosen through a vote. Jason (J-Rod) Rodriquez, a name familiar to many, held the winning design. After some minor tweaks by the machinist, we have the CODE2.

In his own words, here is what Jason wanted to achieve with his design:

“I’d like to see the One Drop boys put out something big and wide that’s all catch zone and geared specifically for performance, including 5a and horizontal play, but that’s still comfortable to hold, has a solid IRG; something that integrates the side effect technology and starts with a higher base weight than has thus far been available with side effect yoyos, putting as much of that added weight at the rims as possible.”

Let’s see if Jason and One Drop achieved what they were aiming for.


White Poly String

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This is the signature yo-yo of Paul Dang. The original Project, our first yo-yo, holds a special place in Paul’s heart. For his signature yo-yo he wanted to capture some of the OG Project in an oversize yo-yo with some elmements of the CODE1 in it along with Side Effects. It’s sort of like a Project with big rims and Side Effects.

It ships with Ultra light Side Effects to nail the perfect weight for Paul: 63.2 grams.

* Base Weight: 60.7 grams
* Shipping Weight: 63.2 grams (with Ultra Light Side Effects)
* Width: 41.3mm
* Diameter: 55.25mm
* Gap Width: 4.35mm
* Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
* Response: Flow Groove ™
* Finish: Pyramatte ™
* Axle System: Side Effects(tm)

This looks awesome. I have to say that I LOVE the logo. p + D overlapping over the side effect. It is such a clean look.

Source >> One Drop Forums

One Drop Community Designed Yo-Yo

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I don’t usually put up renders of yoyos that have yet to be released, but we have something special here. OneDrop selected the YoYoNation Community to vote on yo-yo options like shape, width, diameter, weight, axle, ect.  Over the last month and a half OneDrop has been building the rendered image of the community collaboration.

Here is the yo-yo as it stands now.

You can join the latest discussion on it HERE

One Drop Sovereign dropping…. FRIDAY

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We have been drooling long enough.  The titanium marvel by OneDrop is finally going to drop.  Here are the details.

Diameter – 50.8mm
Width – 38.4mm
Weight – 67.5 Grams
Gap – 4mm
Bearing – C Size 10 ball
Response – Flow Groove

Numbered 1-50

Price – $170

Only At OneDropYoYos.com at 11am.

Most important: It will be tomorrow (Friday January 8th) at 11am PST.

This first run is special for the following reasons:

1. It’s the first run :)
2. There are only 50
3. They will be numbered
4. They come in special packaging, custom yoyoGstring and a Novus

Only the first 50 will come this way. There WILL be more Sovereigns but they won’t have all the extras and it might be a couple of months before we have more.

More Pictures (From OneDrop) after the jump

RESULTS UPDATE – The Sovereign sold out in three minutes~!~

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