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OneDrop x ILYY Love

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I love this collab.  ILYY makes great yoyos, and so does OneDrop.  That inner cup looks familier..   I can’t place it, but that inner cup combined with the flat walls…..  I want the specs.

OneDrop Yelets – Sub $100 with Side Effects

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OneDrop has dropped the details about their new yoyo Yelets on the OneDrop forum.

We set out to create a Side Effect yoyo that was pocket friendly and budget friendly without sacrificing performance. The result is the Yelets.

The Yelets blends the modern aspects of Side Effects with the classic attributes of affordability, performance, and simplicity continuing the tradition established by the Project, M1, and CafeRacer. We want to take the lead in bringing back smaller yoyos and we felt that 52mm was the perfect diameter. It is bigger than what is traditionally thought of as “undersized” (for example, the M1 is 50mm) to retain the performance of a big yoyo but small enough to give you confidence with chop sticks or tight tech tricks.

Once we had the specs perfect, we came up with a crazy idea for the name. We decided to map the diameter and width to latitude and longitude by plugging the numbers into Google Maps to see where it would end up. The result was a small city in Russia called Yelets.

The suggested retail price is going to be $85 for solid colors making this the first Side Effect yoyo to cost less than a hundred dollars.


  • Base Weight (two halves, response pad, bearing): 61.5 grams
  • Weight with aluminum Ultra Light Side Effects: 64 grams
  • Width/Longitude: 38.4997mm
  • Diameter/Latitude: 52.6147mm
  • Stock Response: Flow Groove
  • Gap Width: 4.34mm
  • Bearing Size: Large (C) stainless steel (One Drop 10 Ball Bearing)
  • Finish: Pyramatte ™

Theyo forum and Theyostoretoo.com

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Well guys this is something that is near and dear to my heart.   Theyo forum is celebrating 10 years since YoMike started it and Theyostore, now Theyostoretoo.  Claudia Cuff (YoSis) and Randy Bird (YoCuz) have announced that in the up coming weeks, the product line is going to be updated and expanded.  Also as a special treat, Randy has worked it out with OneDrop to produce a special edition Cascade for Theyo’s tenth anniversary. More info can be found here.  Theyo was the first yoyo forum that I joined and was the only one I was a part of for a long while.  So this announcement is something that I am very happy about.  When Mike passed away, I was afraid that the forum and the store would be lost.  So let me take this time to put in a plug for both.  Theyo forum has taken a new lay out that is very clean and easy to navigate.  Theyo still has some very good members that frequent the forum.  The store may not have the same volume of items that some of the other sites have, but they still have some very nice yoyos that you would have a hard time finding anywhere else.  So take some time to check it out.

Review | The Burnside by OneDrop

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OneDrop has certainly come a long way. They started out in the yo-yo world with one design and goal. “Make good yoyos, have fun.” Over the last four years, OneDrop has released fifteen primary designs, an insane amount of special edition colorways, and a few incredible collaborations. OneDrop has done machine work for Anti-Yo, CLYW, and many other companies. It is no surprise that OneDrop has a growing fan base and a community excited about new releases. Recently, OneDrop released a “no frills, performance focused” yo-yo called the Burnside. Shawn and David were kind enough to send one my way and I have been carrying it for the last two weeks.
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OneDrop Burnside

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So I sat down to shoot the Burnside for this weeks Review. I wanted to do a spotlight artistic shot, and a few turned out pretty nice but its not right for the review. Take a look. The review will post tomorrow with appropriate pictures that highlight details on the yo-yo.

Full size for wallpapers if your interested Pic 1Pic 2Pic 3


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Graeme Steller has released a very mysterious video.


Quit3 myst3rious ind33d.

CODE1 Bearing Rim Caps Prototype

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3D printed on a MakerBot Thing-O-Matic, these bearing rim caps for the Onedrop CODE1 yoyo can perform cool gyroscopic tricks

I don’t think this is an official OneDrop project, just a cool home (shop) made thing
Cool! ProTip – keep the sound down

Product Review – The CafeRacer by OneDrop

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The OneDrop M1 was the first yo-yo that I reviewed on YoYoSkills. It was the launching point to the “One a Week” review schedule that I have worked hard to try and maintained over the last three years. When OneDrop retired the M1, a bit of me died that day. It was widely rumored that the Dingo was the M1 replacement. The Dingo was fun and all, but in my heart, it was no M1. The M1 had this quality to it that made it a far better player than the suggested price point. The M1 also seemed to be the catalyst of low cost metal solutions we now see in the retail scene. While there were other metal yoyos out there with really low price points, the M1 certainly captured the most attention. Recently OneDrop introduced the CafeRacer as a new affordable metal to replace the budget line slot left empty by the M1.
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Product Review – The Dietz by OneDrop

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Ahh, OneDrop. Oh, how I have missed you. It has been a few months since I have reviewed a OneDrop yoyo. OneDrop is one of those companies that put unadulterated joy into their work and I always enjoy trying out their product. They have increased their output quite a bit since the days of the Project and M1. From what I understand, OneDrop is now running three machines and can still just barely meet demand. Lately, OneDrop has been turning their attention to more player models. While Mark Montgomery has two (three if you count the CLYW collab) signature yo-yos, there are a handful of other team members on the OneDrop team. First out of the gate in what looks to be a string of new player models is the OneDrop Dietz for OneDrop Contest Team member Daniel Dietz.
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